href=”//” rel=”author” title=”C. Vernon Coleman II”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: December 4, 2021Jerritt Clark, Getty Images (2)

The fight between Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony during their recent Verzuz hits battle had the internet going nuts on Thursday night (Dec. 2). Now, people are saying Mafia member Gangsta Boo took it too far when she was talking about Bizzy Bone's mental state while commentating the scrap.

On Friday (Dec. 3), tweets started to roll in that chastised Boo for saying Bizzy's outburst, which led to the short brawl, was due to the Cleveland rapper not taking his meds. "Gangsta Boo is really gross as fuck for saying all that shit," one person tweeted. "Bizzy has been very transparent about the shit he endured as a child and it’s fucked up that she would throw it back in his face like this. She need her ass whooped."

The Memphis rapper caught wind of the post and responded. "Bitch please. We all have a sad story. Cry me a river," Boo replied.

Another Twitter user called out Boo's use of the term sissy when referring to Bizzy during the heat of the fight. "All Ima say is Gangsta Boo wrong for calling Bizzy Bone a sissy. That man was abused at a very young age. That shit is sad," the person posted.

Boo also rebutted this poster. "So was I!" the rapper shot back. "That's how we talk in MEMPHIS!! IM NOT STOPPING HOW I SPEAK FOR THE WEAK! DONT THROW ROCKS FROM A GLASS HOUSE. TTYL"

Boo also responded to a tweeter who questioned whether the "Where Dem Dollas At?" rapper should be canceled. "You live in internet land fr huh?" the Three 6 member replied.

She later added, "[Bizzy's] trauma was the last thing on my mind. Still is. I was thinking about the show being stopped over him being emo. My bad. I'm in my bag. Not feelings."

The anticipated Three 6 Mafia and Bone Verzuz hits battle was going off without a hitch until Bizzy appeared to get agitated by DJ Paul and Gangsta Boo slow dancing while Bone performed "Buddah Lovers" during the fourth round. "Before we even get started, you ugly muthafuckas not gon' be mocking me when I'm on this muthafuckin' stage," Bizzy snapped. "Like straight the fuck up."

Bizzy was starting to address Gangsta Boo when Juicy J shot back, "Nigga, suck my dick." Bizzy then threw a bottle of water in Gangsta Boo's direction, which sparked a short-lived fight between the crews in the middle of the stage. In the heat of the moment, Gangsta Boo yelled some nasty statements about Bizzy. "Bizzy Bone, you a hater. You must ain't take your pills," she blurted. "You weirdo ass nigga. Fuck is wrong with you? Bitch ass nigga. Bizzy Bone a hater. Sissy ass nigga."

Following a brief intermission, the groups returned to the stage to perform, sans Bizzy. Bizzy later returned to the stage and apologized for disrupting the function. The following day, he posted a lengthy apology on Instagram. "I feel as a man there is a time to apologize and be the bigger person," the Cleveland rapper began. "Even if you do not feel wrong. @melyssa_lp @triller @verzuztv thank you for everything. But when u a man you understand there is a time to be the bigger person. Mistakes will be made. This is Hip Hop , if we was posed to be perfect then we wouldn’t even be here – @therealswizzz (yes Swizz needed to be called and spoken to as well , even though he told me it was ok. Ol beautiful nigga.) When i got back on stage i meant what i said."

He continued: "I really hope you guys understand my passion for music and my seriousness about GOD. I really believe in what i say. Im a artist. I came back because i know a lot of people depended on me. It was not scripted but it ended perfect. A toast to Hip Hop. Sht gets a lil crazy sometimes. @juicyj @djpaulkom @missyeahoe @realcrunchyblack #ripkoopstanicca #riplordinfamous hopefully i gave you enough hell to know what HEAVEN can be like. You guys did a HECK of a job and embracing me after that took class as well. This is real. I am real. God bless you all."

Bizzy has been open about his struggles with overcoming suffering though a traumatic childhood in which he was kidnapped and sexually abused. The Bone member released his latest album, War of Roses……, in September.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”C. Vernon Coleman II”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: December 4, 2021Montanaof300 via YouTube

Montana of 300 announced he's suffering from a serious bout with COVID-19 exactly one month after putting up an anti-vax post on social media.

On Wednesday (Dec. 1), the Chicago rhymer, who previously made an Instagram post shaming people who yielded to pressure to get vaccinated, alerted his fans on social media about the sad situation he has found himself in. "Im fighting pneumonia and Covid rn," he tweeted. "I can’t be a father to my kids, I can’t train my sons in the gym, I can’t attend their games and support them, I can barely walk or talk. Im fighting for my life rn, so y’all bare with me and pray for me. #RapGod."

The following day (Dec. 2), he put up a follow-up post where he appears to stand on his anti-vax viewpoint. "Never made moves out of fear," he typed. "N never hid the truth. Remember that."

It was a exactly a month ago from the date of M3's recent announcement that he posted a strong stance against people who he felt yielded to outside pressures and got vaccinated. "A lot of y'all grown MFs got punked into taking that vaccine," he wrote on Instagram. "Some of y'all sounding just like a lying drug dealer in court…'I only did it for my family.' Nawwww you did it FOR SELF (scared for you)… or some of y'all got treated like a little kid when a parent says, 'Do what I tell you or I'm gonna take away your toys of video game (JOB) and yo ass got scared and obeyed your 'Earthly Master' as the Bible says #grownpunks."

While some people called Montana out under his recent announcement, pointing to his anti-vax stance, others are siding with the rapper and making the argument that the vaccine is not 100 percent effective.

After releasing his most recent album, Cold Day in Hell, in 2020, Montana was slated to drop his Rap God album on Dec. 2. The date has apparently been pushed back until the rapper is able to get well.

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After publicly owing money to both Drake and Lil Baby, YK Osiris claims he will be debt free starting next year.

On Friday (Dec. 3), YK hopped on social media to talk about his recent run of owing money to rappers and how that will no longer be the case next year. "All my debts are clear, OK," he said in the video. "All my debts are clear. Starting January 1."

The crooner also addressed recently giving Drake a personal performance of YK's hit single "Worth It" to pay back a $60,000 debt owed to Drizzy. "Y'all wish y'all could pay off a debt like that," YK added. "Oh my God, y'all wish y'all could do that. I know y'all wish…Y'all wish y'all could show y'all talent just to pay off a debt. Wow. I say, wow. Y'all really out your got damn mind if you think I won't gon' get my red ass up and sing my muthafuckin' song. Y'all really think that? You don't get it don't you?"

The Jacksonville, Fla. native has made the headlines a couple of times in the last month over unpaid debts. In November, Lil Baby pressed YK while both were shopping for bling at Icebox Diamonds & Watches in Atlanta due to a $5,000 debt. As previously mentioned, earlier this week, Drake made YK perform "Worth It" during a recent visit to Aubrey's mega mansion in order to clear a $60,000 IOU.

Despite these public instances, YK doesn't appear to be hurting for bread. Last month, he purchased a pair of $325,000 earrings. He is currently prepping the follow-up to his 2019 debut album, The Golden Child.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Kemet High”>Kemet HighPublished: December 3, 2021Dreamville Records / Interscope Records

You can always hear the hunger in Cozz’s voice. Since signing to J. Cole’s Dreamville Records in 2014, the South Central, L.A. seed has built a steady fan base that adores his raw, life commentary on wax and the magazine of flows he uses to unload it. The 28-year-old rapper stamped his arrival with 2014’s Cozz & Effect, and followed up with efforts like 2018’s Effected. Since then, he took a step back from releasing new solo projects to get his mind right. That doesn't mean he was sitting back. The Grammy award-nominated Revenge of the Dreamers III album he was on dropped in 2019. Now, he ends a three-year hiatus on his solo efforts with the release of his Fortunate EP.

In order to put his best foot forward, Cozz admits that his journey back to the booth couldn’t commence until he faced himself internally. “Mentally, I wasn't in a good space," he tells XXL. "So, once I did that self work, everything else just kind of came naturally. It's a never-ending thing, but I'm at a really good place.”

In October, the title track of the seven-song EP arrived. Over a string-dominant foundation, produced by the combination of Ced, J. Cole, Jay Kurzweil and T-Minus, Cozz is in his melodic bag, coming from the perspective of dodging death and avoiding being swallowed by the streets. “Know niggas who OD/Get high as the nosebleeds/And I'm so fortunate/I’m in the floor seats.” he roars.

The second single, “Addicted,” arrived in mid-November. Produced by Tedd Boyd and Coleman, it’s effectively coated with shrilling trumpets and misty melodies. On the mellow banger, Cozz pens a blunt message about his own vices while touching on that of others'. “Ditchin' my addiction is like switchin' my pigment/Shit, if you got any advice, I'm here to listen/We all got plenty vices, and mine no different/Unless we talkin' ’bout women who/Grew up without they fathers, so they addiction's attention,” he spits.

Both of those records set the pace for the artistic explosion that’s been squeezed into just 18-minutes on Fortunate. “Higher Power” and “Juice Bars” showcase the rhymer's skill set in the upper echelon of lyricism. The pockets he glides through and cadences he uses mold finely into the arresting production. But the EP is equipped with its lighter bangers as well, heard on “Control Problems” with the sole feature, YG.

“Before a session, we usually just drink coffee, chop shit, maybe sip a little something to get the blood flowing, and we started talking about our life stories,” Cozz says about the studio session for “Control Problems." “And I think we were just talking about women and how controlling men are. And how controlling I used to be as a man to women when I was in my younger 20s. And how we let that shit go…” That spark of inspiration and growth flowed through Cozz’s mouth as he laid the hook and verse down in nothing more than 15 minutes.

While looking for features, he knew that YG would slide on the song’s rousing pulse, laced by Matt Hines. “We're both from Compton, L.A. And we just used to rock and party with YG and them after the shows,” he says about how the two initially connected. “So I've been on YG for a couple of years. We got a really cool relationship.”

Fortunate is balanced with sounds that are fit for the flex and being in your feelings. The latter idea is most exemplified on the outro “Cry,” a poetic masterpiece crafted over the production prowess of Jay Kurzweil and Elite. “Everything I say in that song happened and formed the man I am today,” Cozz explains. “I just thought about my childhood traumas and spoke about it… I shed a little tear after making it. That's why it's called 'Cry.' In the hook, you'll hear it, it's about how they tell men not to cry and as an adult, I've been learning how to do so and release that. So yeah, very important joint right there I'd say.”

Fortunate is a sampled-sized offering of what’s yet to come. Ready to win gold in the rap Olympics with a refined headspace as his cheat code, Cozz has been busy recording at places like J. Cole’s artist compound in North Carolina as he readies another effort for the first half of 2022. “I think I got itright,” the Dreamville signee says of his formula. What other proof do you need other than this EP?

Listen to Cozz's Fortunate below.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Robby Seabrook III”>Robby Seabrook IIIPublished: December 3, 2021

Week in and week out, there are plenty of brand new rap songs, no matter the time of year. It can be really difficult to stay aware of what's out and also what's hot, so XXL decided to make things much easier for you. Instead of sorting out nearly everything that released this week, we've narrowed it down to strictly the best of the week, saving you plenty of time.

Expect to see selections from the established stars, the next wave of new talent, the up-and-comers and everyone else in between. If your song is fire enough to beat the competition, it'll take one of the weekly spots. You can trust us on this one; follow our lead and you'll never get laughed off of the aux cord again. Your friends will finally trust you with playlists; it'll be wonderful. In addition to that, you can check back every week for the latest and greatest tracks. You'll always have somewhere to turn to each week, being sure to find some songs you'll dig.

Enjoy this week's list, featuring new songs from Cordae ("Sinister" featuring Lil Wayne), Toosii ("Shallow"), Cozz ("Control Problems" featuring YG) and more. See you next week.

  • “Sinister”Cordae featuring Lil Wayne
  • “Shallow”Toosii
  • “Control Problems”Cozz featuring YG
  • “Start Up Again”Polo G featuring Moneybagg Yo
  • “Big Woos”Dusty Locane featuring Rah Swish
  • “Baby WYD?”Nardo Wick featuring Lakeyah
  • “Hitmaker”EST Gee
  • “Cautious”Cochise
  • “Meagan Good”Tierra Whack
  • “Pop That Trunk”Juicy J featuring Wiz Khalifa
  • “Wandered to LA”Juice WRLD featuring Justin Bieber
  • “I Ain’t Worried Bout It”Duke Deuce
  • “About You”Blxst

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: December 3, 2021Jerritt Clark via Getty Images

Shortly after Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony made history last night by causing the first-ever brawl during a Verzuz while duking it out against Three 6 Mafia, Bizzy expressed regret for his actions that could've ended the event.

Early Friday morning (Dec. 3), Bizzy penned a lengthy apology for his behavior that briefly put the nostalgic hip-hop moment on pause.

"I feel as a man there is a time to apologize and be the bigger person," the Cleveland rapper began. "Even if you do not feel wrong. @melyssa_lp @triller @verzuztv thank you for everything. But when u a man you understand there is a time to be the bigger person. Mistakes will be made. This is Hip Hop , if we was posed to be perfect then we wouldn’t even be here – @therealswizzz (yes Swizz needed to be called and spoken to as well , even though he told me it was ok. Ol beautiful nigga.) When i got back on stage i meant what i said."

He continued: "I really hope you guys understand my passion for music and my seriousness about GOD. I really believe in what i say. Im a artist. I came back because i know a lot of people depended on me. It was not scripted but it ended perfect. A toast to Hip Hop. Sht gets a lil crazy sometimes. @juicyj @djpaulkom @missyeahoe @realcrunchyblack #ripkoopstanicca #riplordinfamous hopefully i gave you enough hell to know what HEAVEN can be like. You guys did a HECK of a job and embracing me after that took class as well. This is real. I am real. God bless you all."

Bizzy Bone offered an initial apology last night (Dec. 2) after launching his microphone in Juicy J's direction because he felt disrespected at the hit-for-hit battle. After Bone Thugs performed "Buddah Lovers," Bizzy claimed he felt he was being mocked and his anger appeared to be aimed towards DJ Paul and Gangsta Boo, who were dancing during the performance.

"I wanna apologize to everybody the fuck out there—on both sides," he said. "I’m not trying to fuck this shit up. Pardon me. Let’s keep the muthafuckin’ party going."

Prior to the brawl transpiring, though, Bizzy exclaimed, "Before we even get started, you ugly muthafuckas not gon' be mocking me when I'm on this muthafuckin' stage. Like straight the fuck up."

Juicy J quipped back, "Nigga, suck my dick," which resulted in Bizzy throwing a mic at the Memphis-bred group. Members of both crews filled the stage and punches were thrown before the show came to a screeching halt, which lasted about 15 minutes.

The Verzuz battle commenced thereafter.

Before the event took place, Bizzy Bone had been calling out Three 6 Mafia for the meaning of their rap moniker, accusing them of being devil worshippers. He also challenged them to condemn Satan ahead of the performance.

Check out the full Verzuz battle below.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: December 3, 2021CMG/Warlike/Interscope / Interscope / The Phantom Ent./KeJaun Muchita & MNRK Records

Leave it up to some of your favorite rappers to deliver more new music as we cap off the work week. There's an EP from a Philadelphia rhymer, a rising MC from Louisville, Ky. with a follow-up to a solid introduction, a joint project from two hip-hop veterans from the New York, and much more.

Tierra Whack may have offered a few singles here and there over the last few years, but she's back with a new EP. Rap? comes three years after the Philly artist's lauded 15-minute-long project Whack World, which was comprised of one-minute vignettes, including the track "Hungry Hippo." Prior to Rap? hitting streaming platforms on Thursday (Dec. 2), the former 2019 XXL Freshman delivered the single "Walk the Beat."

EST Gee releases Bigger Than Life or Death Part 2, the sequel to his July effort, Bigger Than Life or Death. First announced on Tuesday (Nov. 30), the CMG Records signee revealed that this time there's no features, just solo street bars from EST Gee himself. The project contains eight songs, including the lead single, track No. 1 on the offering, "Lamborghini Geeski." Prior to his two projects arriving this year, EST Gee released Ion Feel Nun and I Still Don't Feel Nun in 2020.

If you're looking for straight bars over dope production, Styles P and Havoc have you covered this week. The Lox and Mobb Deep members, respectively, collab on the new project Wreckage Manner. The joint offering from the two New York veterans includes the lead single "Nightmares 2 Dreams," which was released last month. There are 10 tracks to bump through the weekend.

Listen to other new music from Polo G, rising Jacksonville Fla. rapper Nardo Wick, 2021 XXL Freshman Toosii, Dusty Locane and more below.

  • Rap?Tierra WhackInterscope Records
  • Bigger Than Life or Death Part 2EST GeeCMG / Interscope Records
  • Wreckage MannerStyles P and HavocThe Phanton Entertainment, Inc. / KeJuan Muchita, Inc. / MNRK Records LP
  • Pretty Girls Love ToosiiToosiiUMG Recordings / South Coast Music Group / Capitol Records
  • Who Is Nardo Wick?Nardo WickFlawless Ent.
  • UntamedDusty Locane95MM / EMPIRE
  • Hall of Fame 2.0Polo GColumbia Records
  • FortunateCozzDreamville / Interscope Records
  • Back to BRBoosie BadAzzBad Azz Music Syndicate
  • Dr TrapJoey TrapYoung Rich Squad LLC
  • Space BarYour Old DroogMongoloid Banks
  • GottiBernerBern One Entertainment
  • Wake Up LuckiLucki and F1lthyLucki / EMPIRE
  • High FashionLil Peep and Harry FraudLil Peep / AUTNMY
  • No Church in a WhileLecrae and 1K PhewReach Records
  • I’m the OneLPB PoodyInterscope Records

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”C. Vernon Coleman II”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: December 2, 2021Thriller via YouTube

A fight broke out between Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony during their Verzuz hits battle that nearly derailed the whole event.

The two groups went head-to-head on Thursday night (Dec. 2), live from the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, Calif. However, things got a little heated during the fourth round, resulting in a huge fight. The moment happened after Bone finished performing the rap weed medley "Buddah Lovers." Bizzy Bone appeared to be angered by DJ Paul and Gangsta Boo slow dancing during his group's performance in a mocking fashion. Following the song, he addressed Three 6 before letting them continue.

"Before we even get started, you ugly muthafuckas not gon' be mocking me when I'm on this muthafuckin' stage," Bizzy snapped. "Like straight the fuck up."

Juicy J responded, "Nigga, suck my dick," which prompted Bizzy to throw a mic at the group. Both crews then met at mid-stage and blows were thrown before they were separated and the show paused. Following the dust-up, the show was halted for about 15 minutes, while people in attendance and those watching live wondered if things would start back up. They eventually did, without Bizzy on stage. After a few more rounds, Bizzy returned and apologized for the disturbance.

It appears Bizzy may have come into the battle on edge. In the days leading up to the Verzuz, Bizzy had been calling Three 6 out on Instagram, accusing them of being devil worshipers and daring them to denounce Satan during the battle.

Check out the wild fight during the Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Verzuz hits battle below.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Trent Fitzgerald”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: December 2, 2021Prince Williams, Wireimage (2)

YK Osiris pays up.

Drake made YK perform inside his lavish home in Toronto to pay off his massive debt. On Thursday (Dec. 2), YK shared on his Instagram Story a video of himself making good on the debt. Apparently, the South Florida singer owed Drizzy a whopping $60,000.

In the clip, Drake demands that YK sings his 2019 track “Worth It” in order to wipe the debt clean. “You owe me sixty bands and you have to perform the song in the crib,” he tells him. I’m giving you an out.”

“I’m not Baby, I’m not Boosie. You don’t owe me two racks or five racks. You owe me sixty bands and I’m playing the song right now, you ready?” he continues.

YK was hesitant at first but agrees to sing the song after Drake tells him he won’t owe him any money if he performs the song.

When Drake plays the song, YK jumps up and begins to sing the first lines, “I would give you the world, nah, nah, nah/You just gotta be worth it, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” with every emotion in his body.

Drizzy and several other people are laughing hysterically in the video.

YK Osiris’s latest video comes after he shared some clips of Drake's rooms in the home last Tuesday (Nov. 30) on his IG Story. In one video, the 23-year-old artist was amazed by the OVO Sound leader’s trophy room, which featured his Grammy trophies, Billboard Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and more—all encased in clear and sealed containers.

"This is what you call fucking greatness," he said while filming the room. "It's crazy, man. This is what I look up to, I swear to God, on my life. On my son, I do. Oh my god. Wow. It's nasty, man. It's nasty in here. Shit gets real messy, man."

YK is not out of debt just yet. It’s unclear if he satisfied the outstanding $5,000 bill he owes to Lil Baby.

Watch YK Osiris perform in Drake’s house to pay off his $60,000 debt.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: December 2, 2021BleacherReport via Twitter

Drake might be one of the biggest rappers in the world, but older generations might not be as familiar with him or his music.

In true Drizzy fashion, the Toronto rapper sat court-side at the NBA's Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder basketball game on Wednesday night (Dec. 1) in Oklahoma City, Okla. Beside him sat an elderly couple who appeared to be clueless as to who the multiplatinum-selling, Grammy Award-winning rhymer is.

In a clip that began circulating online via Bleacher Report's Twitter last night, the 6 God was shown on the arena's jumbotron, but the older couple directly next to him didn't seem very enthusiastic when Drake appeared on the giant screen. According to TMZ this morning (Dec. 2), they possibly inquired if he's someone of importance. And of course, the lighthearted hit-maker shared a belly-grabbing laugh with the elderly man and his wife as he presumably introduced himself and likely informed the couple of why his appearance at the NBA game even mattered. You can watch it at the bottom of this post.

The Certified Lover Boy later shared a selfie on his Instagram Story of himself with the couple, jokingly referring to them as his "new parents."

On another Drake-related note, when he isn't sitting on the wood at NBA games, he's living in the lap of luxury back in Toronto. According to YK Osiris, not only does Aubrey have a toilet that is operated by a touch-screen keypad, he also has a trophy room filled with his awards displayed in glass casing and an NBA-sized basketball court.

Though this may be the first-time fans have seen Drake's bathroom, he did offer a tour of his ridiculous crib when he released his "Toosie Slide" video last April.

Check out the video of Drake and his "new parents" at the OKC and Rockets game below.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Trent Fitzgerald”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: December 2, 2021Jeff Kravitz, Getty Images

As lawsuits continue to pile on, Travis Scott has secured himself a high-powered attorney, who has noteworthy affiliations.

According to an article from the Houston Chronicle, published on Tuesday (Nov. 30), Travis has hired Daniel Petrocelli, the lawyer who once defended Donald Trump, to represent the rapper against his mounting Astroworld Festival lawsuits.

XXL confirmed this week that Petrocelli is Travis Scott's legal counsel for the lawsuits in connection to the mass casualty at Astroworld.

La Flame’s new attorney is head of litigation for the Los Angeles-based law firm O’Melveny & Myers and is known for representing high-profile clients. In 2016, Petrocelli was hired to defend then-presidential candidate Donald Trump against fraud lawsuits filed over the now-defunct Trump University real estate seminars. A $25 million settlement agreement was reached in that case.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Petrocelli sent out an email to the lawyers representing the families of the 10 deceased Astroworld victims on Travis Scott's behalf on Nov. 24, extending an offer to pay for the funeral costs of those individuals. The family of 9-year-old Ezra Blount, who was laid to rest on Nov. 23 in Texas, rejected the offer.

"Your client’s offer is declined. I have no doubt Mr. Scott feels remorse. His journey ahead will be painful. He must face and hopefully see that he bears some of the responsibility for this tragedy," wrote Bob Hilliard, the attorney representing Erza's family, in a legal document obtained by XXL.

Additionally, the families of 27-year-old Danish Baig and 14-year-old John Hilgert, who both died following the Astroworld Festival tragedy, also turned down Travis’ offer to cover their deceased loved one's burial costs.

According to a Billboard report on Wednesday (Dec. 1), over 250 lawsuits have been filed against Travis, Live Nation and other defendants affiliated with the 2021 Astroworld Festival and as of yesterday, the cases represent over 850 people. The total damages has reached an excess of $3 billion. The complaints accuse Travis, Live Nation and others of gross negligence by allegedly creating an environment that incited thousands of people to surge near the stage, which crushed concertgoers in front of them.

Travis Scott has reportedly hired Houston criminal defense attorney Kent Schaffer to represent him as well.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”XXL Staff”>XXL StaffPublished: December 2, 2021Getting Out Our Dreams II / Def Jam / 300 Entertainment / Atlantic Records / Maybach Music Group LLC / Warner Records / OVO / Republic Records / Columbia Records / Mass Appeal

If there's one thing that hip-hop artists did in 2021 it was make up for lost time. 2021 has been a solid year for rap releases. While 2020 lacked some star power, this year features the return of some of the biggest names in hip-hop. After not dropping an album since 2018’s KOD, J. Cole bounced back with his sixth solo album, The Off-Season, in May. Powered by a rollout that saw Cole actually sign to professional basketball team in Africa, Jermaine did not disappoint on the 12-song album, which features him breaking from his normal formula of no features and enlisting the likes of 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Morray and more.

Tyler, The Creator followed his Grammy-winning 2019 Igor album with Call Me If You Get Lost, in June, a bucket list project with DJ Drama. A love story at heart, Tyler delivers his most dynamic project to date with the likes of Lil Wayne, Lil Uzi Vert, YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Pharrell, among others, providing assistance on the impressive outing from the former Odd Future frontman.

Drake and Kanye West provided some drama at the end of the summer, which resulted in two of the biggest releases of the year. After multiple delays, Kanye West’s 10th album Donda was released in August to much fanfare. The vast 27-song is a solid inclusion into Ye’s classic body of work. A week later, Drake returned after a four-year album drought to release his sixth solo album, Certified Lover Boy, in September. The LP showcases Drizzy's typical sure-fire singles and highly repeatable anthems.

Nas' King's Disease II, Wale's Folarin II, Young Thug's Punk and plenty other respected vets and rap newcomers dropped celebrated albums.

With the year coming to a close, XXL highlights the best hip-hop projects of 2021, in no particular order. Take a look to see if your favorite project released in the last 12 months made the cut.—C. Vernon Coleman II

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: December 2, 2021LiveFree999 / Ahmed Klink for XXL

Juice Wrld's mother has penned a letter to her beloved son in honor of what would have been his 23rd birthday.

In celebration of the late Chicago rhymer's born-day, which is today (Dec. 2), Carmela Wallace, Juice's mom, commemorated her son, whom she refers to as Jarad, in an open letter.

"When you were born 23 years ago, I never expected that you would not be here today celebrating your birthday," Ms. Wallace said in the note, which comes nearly two years after Juice died of an accidental overdose back in 2019. "Although it has been nearly two years since you’ve been gone, I still think about you every day and losing you has changed my life forever. I’m glad that we always made sure that we said goodbye when we left each other because we didn’t know when we would see each other again."

She continued: "I remember when you found your birthday gift the year that you turned nine.  It was a white mp3 player that I hid in my closet. When you found it, you were too excited to hide the fact that you found it and proceeded to share with me how much you wanted a white mp3 player for your birthday. I thought about taking it back to the store and surprising you with something else, but I decided to give it to you anyway. As time passed and we talked about it, you realized that you would rather wait for the surprise than find your gifts early."

Carmela Wallace—who launched the website in honor of her son to bring awareness to challenges young individuals face surrounding mental health—also touched on the impact her son's music had on his fans and music listeners across the world.

"You touched the world through your music with honesty and transparency," she wrote. "You shared a message of healing and sincerely desired to make a difference in the lives of others. I still receive messages from fans saying how your music helped them with anxiety and depression. I promise to continue your message of healing and use Live Free 999 as an avenue to normalize the conversation around mental health and substance dependency and help those who suffer in silence."

Juice's mom closed out the letter, writing, "Happy 23rd Birthday Jarad, I love you dearly. I’m thankful for the time that we had and will forever cherish every moment that we shared."

Juice Wrld, whose second posthumous album, Fighting Demons, is set to arrive next Friday (Dec. 10), died on Dec. 8, 2019 after suffering a seizure while at Chicago's Midway International Airport. It was later confirmed by the Cook County Medical Examiner's Officer that Juice's cause of death was "a result of oxycodone and codeine toxicity," which presumably caused the seizure. He had just landed in his hometown after taking a private flight from California.

Happy 23rd Birthday, Juice Wrld.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Trent Fitzgerald”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: December 1, 2021Johnny Nunez, WireImage

DaBaby reportedly hasn’t followed up with a financial donation or any sort of partnership with three HIV/AIDS organizations since his meetup with them over the summer.

According to a report in The Daily Beast, published on Wednesday (Dec. 1), three HIV/AIDS organizations—Black AIDS InstituteThe Normal Anomaly Initiative and Positive Women’s Network—told the website that the North Carolina rapper hasn’t made a financial contribution to them since their off-the-record meeting in August. Their meetup was to discuss the homophobic remarks DaBaby made during his set at the 2021 Rolling Loud Miami Festival.

Pavni Guharoy, a communications consultant for the Black AIDS Institute, told The Daily Beast that while the meeting was productive, DaBaby hasn’t followed up with anything of substance.

"We have not received any outreach, partnership, or funding from DaBaby,” she wrote in an email to the outlet. “The onus is now on him, if he chooses to convert his misinformation into allyship by supporting the work of the Black AIDS Institute and other people of color-led HIV organizations.”

A rep for the Positive Women’s Network, who met with the 29-year-old MC at that time, told The Daily Beast they haven’t received any communication from him. Venita Ray, PWN's Co-Executive Director also said: "We felt that the original meeting was very positive and while we have not partnered with DaBaby on any activities beyond that, we welcome opportunities to speak with or partner with him in the future."

Ian L. Haddock, founder and executive director of the Normal Anomaly Initiative, shared a statement with XXL this afternoon, which read, "We at The Normal Anomaly Initiative want to confirm that we have not received any other communication from Da Baby. There has actually been no further communication to our organization since our meeting. We truly believed there would be action taken thereafter as the conversation was rich and find it disheartening that the conversation halted."

In August of this year, 11 HIV/AIDS organizations, including GLAAD and Black AIDS Institute, issued an open letter inviting DaBaby to a private meeting to explain to him why the anti-gay comments he uttered at the Rolling Loud Festival in July were damaging and hurtful.

If you recall, during DaBaby's RL set, he told the crowd: "If you didn't show up today with HIV, AIDS, any of them deadly sexual transmitted diseases that'll make you die in two to three weeks, put your cell phone light in the air. Ladies, if your pussy smells like water, put a cell phone light in the air. Fellas, if you ain't suckin' dick in the parking lot, put your cell phone lights in the air."

DaBaby initially tried to defend his comments and eventually offered an apology on his Twitter account, but it was too late. The Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment leader was hit with backlash by the music community and was dropped from several music festivals.

GLAAD announced in August that DaBaby sat down for an educational meeting with nine HIV and LGBTQ+ organizations, including the Black AIDS Institute, Positive Women's Network, Transinclusive Group, among others. Although DaBaby was "genuinely engaged" in their conversations, according to reports, he hasn’t reached out to any of the aforementioned HIV/AIDS organizations since their meeting.


Last month, it was announced that DaBaby would embark on a headlining tour backed by Rolling Loud, the same festival where he made those anti-gay remarks. The trek, titled The Live Show Killa tour, kicks off on Saturday (Dec. 4) in Atlanta. The tour will then hit several major cities beginning with Boston on Jan. 11, 2022.

XXL has reached out to Black AIDS Institute, Positive Women's Network, Normal Anomaly Initiative and a rep for the DaBaby for comment.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Trent Fitzgerald”>Trent FitzgeraldUpdated: December 1, 2021Prince Williams, Wireimage / Amy Sussman, Getty Images

YK Osiris traveled to Canada this week and made a pit stop at Drake’s luxurious mansion in Toronto.

On Tuesday (Nov. 30), the 2019 XXL Freshman filmed Drizzy's bathroom, trophy room and basketball court for his Instagram Story.

While using the bathroom, it appeared that YK didn't know how to work the toilet, which is operated by a touch panel. When he pushed a button to close the lid, he accidentally tapped the button to flush it.

"This shit is crazy," he said. When he pushed the close button, the lid slowly covered the toilet. "God-dang, what the fuck?" YK said in amazement. The South Florida native was also surprised that the toilet is also operable via Bluetooth.

But YK was even more impressed by Drake's trophy room. The spacious setup features the OVO Sound leader's Grammy trophies, Billboard Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards and more—all encased in special glass containers.

"This is what you call fucking greatness," he said while filming the room. "It's crazy, man. This is what I look up to, I swear to God, on my life. On my son, I do. Oh my God. Wow. It's nasty, man. It's nasty in here. Shit gets real messy, man."

YK also briefly showed off Drake's basketball court where he grabbed a ball and landed a trick shot from the gym's balcony straight into the hoop.

The "Worth It" singer ended his IG Story with a little joke, saying that he now owes Drizzy money as well.

"Damn now I owe drake money[.] Lol I'll pay him next year," YK wrote in a post along with laughing face emojis. "He will be alright lol[.] We'll start fresh[.]"

Obviously, YK Osiris’s joke is in reference to the $5,000 debt that he owes to Lil Baby.

Somewhere Lil Baby is giving him the side-eye.

Watch YK Osiris land an impressive trick shot at Drake’s basketball court below.

Wildly Expensive Hip-Hop Songs Based on Prices of Luxury Items MentionedXXL takes a look at the estimated price tags of the luxury items rappers like Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj and more mention on their songs.Filed Under: Drake, YK OsirisCategories: News

href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: December 1, 2021Kemosabe Records / RCA Records / Columbia Records

As the music chapter closes for 2021 in the next few weeks, Spotify has offered their year-end list of the most-streams songs for the last 12 months. And that list consists of a tracks released by several members of the hip-hop community, all of which can be found below.

Doja Cat, who demanded her respect as a rapper several months back, has had a stellar year. Following 2020, which was comprised of hit singles and controversy surrounding racism, for the Los Angeles rhymer, this year, she outdid herself. Doja has three songs on Spotify's most-streamed list: "Kiss Me More" featuring SZA, "Streets" and "Woman." While "Woman" is on her 2019 album, Hot Pink, two of aforementioned tracks—"Kiss Me More" and "Woman"—appear on Doja's Planet Her LP, which also snagged her a 2022 Grammy nomination for Album of the Year. In fact, the eccentric artist received eight nods altogether, outnumbering her rap peers with the most nominations. She could also potentially walk away with Best Melodic Rap Performance and Best Rap Song for her feature on Saweetie's "Best Friend."

Lil Nas X also appears on Spotify's most-streamed list more than once. His single "Montero (Call Me by Your Name)," released alongside a headline-making, satanic-inspired visual, is actually No. 2 on the streaming service's list. The record earned the Georgia rhymer a No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and he maintained his momentum with "Industry Baby" featuring former 2020 XXL Freshman Jack Harlow. The joint effort landed at the top spot on the Hot 100 in mid-October as well after holding down the second spot behind The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber's "Stay."

Speaking of The Kid Laroi, the Aussie artist has two records on the list as well. His top-charting cut "Stay" with Bieber and "Without You."

Other songs from rappers that were practically played non-stop this year were Polo G's "Rapstar," "Mood" by former 2020 XXL Freshman 24kGoldn and 2021 XXL Freshman Iann Dior, "Leave the Door Open" by the outstanding funk-rap duo Silk Sonic—comprised of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak—and much more.

Take a look below to see the most-streamed hip-hop songs on Spotify.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Robby Seabrook III”>Robby Seabrook IIIPublished: December 1, 2021Kevin Langlois

Seeing peers shine is inspiring, and can make an aspiring rapper think success is possible. While in juvenile detention in early 2020, Bronx rapper Kay Flock caught wind of fellow Boogie Down artists Lil Tjay and PnV Jay taking off. Kay felt inspired, but wasn't fully committed to music just yet. Once he was a free man in March of last year, he still wasn't really focused on music, but headed to the studio by the urging of his childhood friend B-Lovee, a rising Bronx drill rapper who is also buzzing now.

The first song Kay Flock ever dropped was "FTO" last May. The rap newcomer's distinctive voice and aggressive delivery over the instrumental for 22Gz's "Blixky Gang Freestyle" was a perfect fit for the drill movement. While Kay was just beginning to figure out how to make music, his talent was immediately recognized. He posted the song to the Triller app and Lil Tjay shared it, effectively opening the door for the young rhymer to pick up momentum around New York City and beyond.

Just a few months later, Kay dropped "Opp Spotter" with B-Lovee, and was already noticeably better at rapping. That video has 3.4 million views now, but the song that put him on the map was the release of "Brotherly Love" with B-Lovee and their close friend Dougie B this past March. All three artists shine on the track, and the video has garnered over 8 million views and nearly 3 million Spotify streams.

The success of "Brotherly Love" put the battery in Kay Flock's back, and he followed up with "PSA," "Being Honest" and the raucous "Is Ya Ready," his biggest song yet with over 9 million YouTube views and 3 million Spotify streams. All of these songs were released in the midst of Kay signing to Capitol Records this past July. He officially moved up to the big leagues.

Kay Flock just dropped his debut project, The D.O.A. Tape, in early November, and got G Herbo to jump on the remix of "Being Honest." In addition to that, he's featured on Lil Tjay's latest single, "Not In The Mood" featuring Fivio Foreign. The track climbed to No. 61 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking Kay's first time on the chart.

As all the stars continue to align for young Kay Flock, he sat down with XXL over Zoom to share a little more about himself for this week's The Break.

Age: 18

Hometown: Bronx, N.Y.

I grew up listening to: "Chief Keef, [Lil] Durk, other rappers like Biggie. My stepfather used to play a lot of Jeezy."

My style’s been compared to: "[King] Von. Niggas be saying my deep voice, I don't where they get that, Pop Smoke. My voice not that deep."

I’m going to blow up because: "Before I got the label [deal], I was doing it myself, dropping shit, and it got me here. So I know if it got me here, it's only gon' get better."

What’s your most slept-on song, and why?: "The first song I dropped, 'FTO.' That shit about to hit a mil, probably. That shit's slept-on. They should listen to that. It don't got the views that all the other ones got. It went from 300 [thousand] and the shit got almost a million views, I think they was looking."

My standout records to date have been: "'Not In The Mood' is one, 'Being Honest,' 'Is Ya Ready,' 'Brotherly Love.' I got some shit on the way, I promise you. Like three, four singles before the year end."

My standout moments to date have been: "MSG, Meek Mill. Shout-out Mill for bringing me out. And Rolling Loud. I wasn't even nervous though, I was happy more. I'm not gon' lie, I was nervous a little bit, but not to the point where I'm scared to perform. That was my first big show, but that shit felt good. I went out there, did what I had to do. They would turn up right with me."

Most people don’t know: "I'm a calm person. Everybody think I'm a mean person. I'm not a comfortable person. I don't like getting comfortable, I'll never get comfortable. The way I move, everything is different. You have to get to know me to really know I'm a calm person."

I’m going to be the next: "Hottest thing out, ever."

Follow Kay Flock on SoundCloud and Instagram.


Kay Flock, Dougie B and B-Lovee's "Brotherly Love"

"Is Ya Ready"

Lil Tjay's "Not In The Mood" featuring Fivio Foreign and Kay Flock

The D.O.A. Tape

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: December 1, 2021Rick Kern, Getty Images

The families of two more Astroworld Festival victims have turned down Travis Scott's offer to cover their deceased loved ones' funeral costs.

On Wednesday (Dec. 1), TMZ reported that the families of 27-year-old Danish Baig and 14-year-old John Hilgert chose not to accept Travis' gesture to pay for the homegoing services of Baig and Hilgert, both of which died following the Astroworld tragedy on Nov. 5.

Travis announced shortly after the mass casualty event—which took 10 lives and injured hundreds—that he'd cover victim's funeral costs and provide mental health assistance for those impacted by the catastrophic event.

Attorney Michael Lyons, legal counsel for the Baig family, who among many others have filed a lawsuit against the Houston rapper, told the gossip outlet, "We received a written offer from Travis Scott's attorney Dan Petrocelli indicating that he would pay $7,500 in funeral burial costs and my clients are rejecting that."

Lyons offered an explanation for the Baig family's decision to decline Travis Scott's help, saying that the family doesn't want La Flame involved with their relative's burial.

The attorney added: "[Y]ou can infer that when a parent has to bury their child that they're not really interested in people who may have contributed to that being involved."

Houston-based Mithoff law firm, who is representing the family of John Hilgert, says their clients denied Travis' offer as well. This was confirmed to XXL by a rep from Mithoff this morning. It's unclear if they were also offered $7,500 to cover John Hilgert's funeral arrangements. The Hilgert family has additionally filed a civil lawsuit against Travis Scott.

Yesterday (Nov. 30), it was reported that the family of 9-year-old Ezra Blount declined La Flame's help as wellBlount suffered severe damage to his brain and organs after falling from his father's shoulders at Astroworld and being trampled, resulting in him being placed in a medically-induced coma. He succumbed to his injuries on Nov. 15.

Dan Petrocelli, Travis Scott's attorney, reached out to Robert Hilliard and Ben Crump, the lawyers representing the Blount family, to extend an offer to cover funeral costs for Ezra Blount. The offer was reportedly made the day after Ezra was laid to rest.

XXL has reached out to attorneys for Danish Baig and John Hilgert's families, as well as Travis Scott's lawyer for a comment.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Robby Seabrook III”>Robby Seabrook IIIUpdated: December 1, 2021Age 101 Muisc / AWAL Recordings / Bread Gang / N-Less / Remble / Warner Records / Shareif Ziyadat / Prince Williams, WireImage (2) / Paras Griffin, Getty Images

It's been a long, strange year, with just as many lows as highs. Even as things inch closer towards the new normal, day-to-day life has been an adjustment for everyone following a global pandemic. Fortunately for rap fans, we have great music to hold us down—the soundtrack to better times and happiness. Hip-hop as a whole is gaining its rhythm back after artists went for more than a year without touring and being out in the streets to engage with their fans. With live performances back like they never left, and plenty of new albums dropping each week, the game's stars have returned, and the up-and-coming acts are also delivering. Throughout 2021, there were a lot of songs to sort through, so XXL highlights 100 of the best hip-hop songs that dropped this year, in no particular order, to put you on game.

This was a huge year for street rap from some newer names that reside all over the country. Louisville's own EST Gee, a signee to Yo Gotti's CMG label, has been making noise since last year, and spent 2021 coming into his own. His posse cut "5500 Degrees" featuring fellow CMG labelmate 42 Dugg, Lil Baby and Rylo Rodriguez is refreshing, with Gee shining next to three acts who have made names of their own. The same could be said for Big30, signed to Moneybagg Yo's BreadGang/N-Less Entertainment. He's a clever Memphis rapper who came up alongside his close friend, Pooh Shiesty. Big30 sounds comfortable next to any fellow rhymer, and that rings true on his song "Too Official," with aforementioned local legend Yo Gotti. Then, all the way across the map in San Pedro, Calif., Remble came out of seemingly nowhere with his uniquely paced, conversational flow. His off-center sense of humor and lyrical strength earned him millions of views quickly, and his song "Book Bag" featuring fellow Californians BlueBucksClan is one of his standouts.

The latter half of 2021 also had plenty of songs from the ladies of rap, who have been gaining more of a foothold in the genre every week. Doja Cat, an established hitmaker, released the soaring "Need To Know," displaying her her oft-overlooked dexterity and command of bars, especially on the last verse. Little Simz, a long-respected U.K. rapper who makes music within the socially aware side of things, has her track "Introvert" on this list. The song explores her inner feelings and reflects on the current state of the world. There's also lighter, more self-celebrating fare, like Rico Nasty's "Magic" and Lakeyah and DJ Drama's "In Person." There's also room for a woman just talking that talk, as KenTheMan does on "Damn Shame."

Check out the best hip-hop songs of 2021 and see if your favorites made the list.

  • “Too Official”Big30 featuring Yo Gotti
  • “5500 Degrees”EST Gee featuring Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, Rylo Rodriguez
  • “Introvert”Little Simz
  • “Book Bag”Remble featuring BlueBucksClan
  • “Damn Shame”KenTheMan
  • “Who Want Smoke??”Nardo Wick featuring 21 Savage, G Herbo and Lil Durk
  • “Gyalis”Capella Grey
  • “Wusyaname”Tyler, The Creator Featuring YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Ty Dolla $ign
  • “My . Life”J. Cole Featuring 21 Savage and Morray
  • “Hurricane”Kanye West featuring The Weeknd and Lil Baby
  • “Rapstar”Polo G
  • “Lemon Pepper Freestyle”Drake Featuring Rick Ross
  • “No More Parties (Remix)”Coi Leray Featuring Lil Durk
  • “Wockesha”Moneybagg Yo
  • “Every Chance I Get”DJ Khaled Featuring Lil Baby and Lil Durk
  • “Straightenin”Migos
  • “Calling My Phone”Lil Tjay Featuring 6lack
  • “Maybach”42 Dugg Featuring Future
  • “His & Hers”Internet Money Featuring Gunna, Don Toliver and Lil Uzi Vert
  • “Up”Cardi B
  • “Miss The Rage”Trippie Redd Featuring Playboi Carti
  • “Thot Shit”Megan Thee Stallion
  • “Tombstone”Rod Wave
  • “Eenie Meenie”Baby Tate
  • “Leave the Door Open”Silk Sonic
  • “Kiss Me More”Doja Cat featuring SZA
  • “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”Lil Nas X
  • “Headshots (4r Da Locals)”Isaiah Rashad
  • “Ski”Young Thug and Gunna
  • “Beat Box 3″SpotemGottem featuring DaBaby
  • “Who I Smoke”Yungeen Ace, Spinabenz, Whoppa Wit Da Choppa and FastMoney Goon
  • “Count On Me”BROCKHAMPTON featuring A$AP Rocky and SoGone SoFlexy
  • “Lucid Dreams (Remix)”Juice Wrld featuring Lil Uzi Vert
  • “Best Friend”Saweetie featuring Doja Cat
  • “5’5″Toosii featuring Latto
  • “Go Crazy (Remix)”Chris Brown and Young Thug featuring Future, Lil Durk and Latto
  • “Impatient”DDG and OG Parker featuring Coi Leray
  • “Twerkulator”City Girls
  • “Real As It Gets”Lil Baby featuring EST Gee
  • “Shoot My Shot”IDK and Offset
  • “Plug Talk” Featuring 2 ChainzBenny The Butcher and Harry Fraud
  • “Late At Night”Roddy Ricch
  • “I Like Dat”T-Pain and Kehlani
  • “Tell Em”Cochise featuring $NOT
  • “Perfect Timing”YG and Mozzy featuring Blxst
  • “Dr. Suess”Ski Mask The Slump God
  • “Wants and Needs”Drake featuring Lil Baby
  • “Never Left”Lil Tecca
  • “She Make It Clap”Soulja Boy
  • “Whole Lotta Money (Remix)”BIA featuring Nicki Minaj
  • “Trenches”Morray
  • “Pride Is The Devil”J. Cole featuring Lil Baby
  • “Ramen & OJ”Joyner Lucas and Lil Baby
  • “Sorry Not Sorry”DJ Khaled featuring Nas, Jay-Z, James Fauntleroy and Harmonies by The Hive
  • “I Believed It”DVSN and Ty Dolla $ign featuring Mac Miller
  • “Solid”Young Thug and Gunna featuring Drake
  • “Time Today”Moneybagg Yo
  • “Scatter Brain” Conway The Machine featuring J.I.D and Ludacris
  • “Stay”The Kid Laroi featuring Justin Bieber
  • “2055”Sleepy Hallow
  • “Way 2 Sexy”Drake featuring Future and Young Thug
  • “Need To Know”Doja Cat
  • “Sharing Locations”Meek Mill featuring Lil Baby and Lil Durk
  • “Bubbly” Young Thug featuring Drake and Travis Scott
  • “Family Ties”Baby Keem featuring Kendrick Lamar
  • “Industry Baby”Lil Nas X featuring Jack Harlow
  • “Big Persona”Maxo Kream featuring Tyler, The Creator
  • “Nevada”YoungBoy Never Broke Again
  • “Stiff Arm”Mick Jenkins featuring Ayinde Cartman
  • “Fair Trade”Drake featuring Travis Scott
  • “Too Easy”Gunna and Future
  • “Poke It Out”Wale featuring J. Cole
  • “Not In The Mood”Lil Tjay featuring Fivio Foreign and Kay Flock
  • “Ambition For Cash”Key Glock
  • “Dirty Money”Caleb Brown
  • “Charmander”Aminé
  • “Magic”Rico Nasty
  • “Pop Out”Blxst and Bino Rideaux
  • “Blu Boyz”Young Dolph, Key Glock and Snupe Bandz
  • “In Person”Lakeyah and DJ Drama featuring Tyga
  • “Super”Cordae
  • “Super Series”Curren$y and Harry Fraud featuring Larry June
  • “The One”Big Sean and Hit-Boy
  • “Is Ya Ready”Kay Flock
  • “Pushin The Pedal”Dee Watkins featuring Quail
  • “App Cap”SahBabii
  • “Queen”Fetty Wap
  • “Be Grateful”Ka
  • “No Time”Rucci, AzChike and Capolow
  • “Flying Spirit”The Alchemist featuring Bruiser Brigade
  • “Mudd Baby”Icewear Vezzo
  • “Tycoon”Mozzy
  • “Style & Fashion”Pa Salieu
  • “Blazin”ShooterGang Kony
  • “Mask Off (Feelings)”Duckwrth
  • “716 Mile”Westside Gunn featuring Boldy James
  • “Free Ric”42 Dugg featuring Lil Durk
  • “IYKYK”B-Lovee
  • “3rd Person”Boldy James and The Alchemist
  • “Beautiful Lies”Yung Bleu and Kehlani

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Trent Fitzgerald”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: November 30, 2021Paras Griffin, Getty Images / Cam Capone News via YouTube / Jason Mendez, Getty Images

Crunchy Black has responded to Soulja Boy for his disrespectful comments about Young Dolph before Dolph's untimely death.

In a video interview with Cam Capone News, which was published on Saturday (Nov. 27) on YouTube, Black, a former member of Three 6 Mafia, blasted Big Draco for disrespecting the late Memphis legend.

“He the first one to suck dick,” he said about Soulja. “Before everybody sucked dick, Souja Boy did it.”

“He the first one, nationwide, the first dick sucker,” he added while laughing uncontrollably.

Black continued insulting the Atlanta rapper.

"Fuck Soulja Boy," he said. "Fuck Soulja Boy. He ain’t talkin’ bout nothin’. Tell him to go make another video game and call it ‘I’m the first one to suck dick.’ Fuck Soulja Boy, I don’t wanna talk about Soulja Boy.”

Black’s crude remarks about Soulja Boy are in response to Draco's ill-timed beef with Young Dolph roughly a week before Dolph's passing on Nov. 17. It all started when Soulja saw Dolph's post on an Instagram blog earlier this month about the Paper Route Empire boss being an independent artist.

Soulja said that’s a lie. "That's big cap," SB wrote in the comment section. "They signed to @empire I'm really 100% Independent no cap."

After Dolph’s death, Soulja doubled down on his comments and claimed if the shoe was on the other foot, people would be happy he was dead.

"Let it would have been me," Soulja Boy stated. "It would have been a whole bunch of, 'Ha ha ha, Soulja Boy should have kept his mouth shut." He then added, "Niggas would have been laughing like a muthafucka. 'Soulja Boy thought he was tough.'"

Nevertheless, Soulja refused to offer any condolences for Young Dolph, claiming members of PRE's team were in his DMs threatening him just days before Dolph's death.

SB can now add Crunchy Black to his list of people he probably won’t do a feature with along with Lil Yachty and Stunna 4 Vegas.

Watch Crunchy Black’s interview with Cam Capone News below. Fast-forward to the 1:00-mark to watch him diss Soulja Boy.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Trent Fitzgerald”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: November 30, 2021Paras Griffin / Jerritt Clark, Getty Images (2) / Prince Williams, WireImage

Soulja Boy is livid and he’s not going to take it anymore.

On Monday (Nov. 29), Big Draco jumped on his Instagram Live and called out Lil Yachty and Stunna 4 Vegas for asking him to get on songs but then released them without him on the tracks.

In his heated rant, Soulja blasted Lil Boat for dropping him from the song without telling him.

“Lil Yachty, who the fuck you think you is, nigga?” he asked. “Lil Yachty think he Kanye, y’all,” he added, referring to Ye removing him from the song "Remote Control" on Yeezy's Donda album.

Soulja then proceeded to play a SSGKobe track featuring Yachty called “Fuk Em.” Apparently, Soulja was supposed to be featured on the song but he’s clearly not on it. He then played his version of the track, which sounds similar.

“I don’t know if you are tryin’ to use me for marketing, but y’all gon’ get the marketing all you want today,” he said.

Soulja then played Stunna 4 Vegas' new song “I’m Done,” which also doesn’t feature the “Crank That” rapper. Soulja then plays his version of the same track.

“Brooo! It’s the same song!” he yelled. “That’s three songs. Kanye West, Lil Yachty and Stunna 4 Vegas. Y’all got me fucked up!”

“This is a PSA—this is a Public Service Announcement—none of you rappers call my phone no more, please," Soulja said. "I’m begging, y’all. ’Cause this shit is a slap in the face.”

Soulja then went on to blame Kanye West for rappers taking him off of songs. “This shit is your fault, Kanye,” he seethed. "Before this Donda album shit, no one was trying Big Draco like that.”

Soulja is referring to Kanye removing him from the Donda album and later telling N.O.R.E. of the Drink Champs podcast that he omitted Big Draco because he felt that his verse for "Remote Control" was trash. Soulja caught wind of Ye’s remarks and blasted him in an epic rant on IG Live.

The two rappers have since reconciled and Kanye apologized to Soulja for being dishonest with him.

But now it looks like Soulja is finished with doing any new features for rappers.

Watch Soulja Boy call out Lil Yachty and Stunna 4 Vegas during his Instagram Live below. Fast-forward to the 4:20-mark where Big Draco goes in on Yachty and Stunna.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: November 30, 2021Erika Goldring, WireImage

Despite Travis Scott's announcement that he'd be covering funeral costs for the victims that died at his Astroworld Festival last month, the family of the 9-year-old who lost his life after sustaining severe injuries at the event has declined the rapper's offer.

According to a report from Rolling Stone on Monday (Nov. 29), the family of 9-year-old Ezra Blount, who was laid to rest on Nov. 23 in Texas, refused Travis Scott's gesture to pay for the young boy's burial. XXL obtained the legal documents from Travis Scott's attorney, which was a letter sent to the Blount family, as well as a response from Bob Hilliard, the attorney representing Erza's family. Hilliard responded with a letter to La Flame's attorney, Daniel Petrocelli, which read, "Your client’s offer is declined. I have no doubt Mr. Scott feels remorse. His journey ahead will be painful. He must face and hopefully see that he bears some of the responsibility for this tragedy."

The letter from Bob Hilliard reads in full:

Dear Mr. Petrocelli,


The loss of a child is like a faucet of unimaginable pain that has no off handle.   To lose a child  in the manner Treston lost Ezra compounds the pain—as a parent, Treston cannot help but agonize over the terrible idea that Ezra’s last minutes were filled with terror, suffering, suffocation and worst of all surrounded by strangers, his dad unconscious underneath the uncontrolled crowd.


I don’t know if you’re a father. I don’t know if your client is a father. If you are, then all you have to do is put your child at 9 years old  in Ezra’s place and  you both know what happens to your gut, at the most basic and instinctive level.


Your client’s offer is declined.  I have no doubt Mr. Scott feels remorse.  His journey ahead will be painful. He must face and hopefully see that he bears some of the responsibility for this tragedy. There may be, and I hope there is, redemption and growth for him on the other side of what this painful process will be—and perhaps one day, once time allows some healing for the victims and acceptance of responsibility by Mr. Scott and others, Treston and Mr. Scott might meet—as there is also healing in that. For now, Mr. Scott  must respect the fact that his pain and his devastation pale to Treston’s, Ezra’s mom, and the other victims.


I thank you for your note and I offer the above respectfully and directly so as to be sure we share an understanding of the path ahead.



Travis Scott's lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, sent the initial offer to cover Ezra Blount's funeral arrangements to Hilliard and his co-counsel, civil rights attorney Ben Crump, on Nov. 24, the day after Ezra was laid to rest.

"Travis is devastated by the tragedy that occurred at the Astroworld Festival and grieves for the families whose loved ones died or were injured," Petrocelli wrote to the Blount family's legal team. "Travis is committed to doing his part to help the families who have suffered and begin the long process of healing in the Houston community. Toward that end, Travis would like to pay for the funeral expenses for Mr. Blount’s son."

On Nov. 15, Ezra Blount died after being trampled at Astroworld Festival earlier this month. Blount, the youngest victim to lose their life following injuries sustained at the mass casualty event, is the 10th fatality from the concert. Blount suffered damage to his brain, liver and kidney and was placed in a medically-induced coma.

The family released a statement regarding the passing of their loved one: "The Blount family tonight is grieving the incomprehensible loss of their precious young son. This should not have been the outcome of taking their son to a concert, what should have been a joyful celebration. Ezra’s death is absolutely heartbreaking. We are committed to seeking answers and justice for the Blount family. But tonight we stand in solidarity with the family, in grief, and in prayer."

As previously reported, Travis Scott's annual Astroworld Festival, which took place at NRG Stadium in Houston on Nov. 5, ended with a deceased count of 10 people, hundreds of injuries and has resulted in hundreds of lawsuits amounting to nearly $3 billion.

During the 50,000-capacity show, a crowd surge transpired when Travis hit the stage. Fans then began compressing towards the front of the stage, causing people to be crushed, trampled and suffer cardiac arrest.

Travis Scott announced shortly after the event that he'd cover the funeral costs of all victims and provide mental health support for those impacted by the calamity.

He had maintained a low-profile publicly following the festival, but was recently spotted out with actor Mark Wahlberg and Corey Gamble, who is dating Kris Jenner, the mother of Kylie Jenner whom Travis is dating and is expecting a second child with.

XXL has reached out to attorneys for Ezra Blount's family and Travis Scott as well as a rep for the rapper for a comment.

These Tone-Deaf Hip-Hop Moments Prove Rappers Can Get Hit With Serious BacklashFiled Under: Travi$ ScottCategories: News

href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Trent Fitzgerald”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: November 29, 2021Kevin Mazur, Getty Images

Since his release from prison in February of this year, it looks like Bobby Shmurda’s sex life has been in overdrive. Apparently, the Brooklyn rapper’s bedroom activity is so crazy, he’s now saying that he needs sex therapy.

On Sunday (Nov. 28), Bobby hopped on his Twitter account to reveal that he may need professional help for his increased sexual activities. “I need sexx therapy #Baddd,” he tweeted with a pleading face emoji. “I need to be stopped lol frfr tho on the set.”

There’s no word yet if Bobby plans on seeking a sex therapist or not.

Bobby is not shy about showing off his sexual prowess. Back in October, the 27-year-old artist went on his Instagram Live and offered his male followers some sex tips on how they should be moving their hips in the bedroom with their partners.

“I’m not trying to be an asshole about it, but I’m saying, you niggas need some WD-40 or some shit, bro,” he instructed. “Like I don’t know, you muthafuckas too stiff. The girls are complaining, bro. You gotta whine out…You gotta hit all angles.”

The "Hot N***a" rhymer then proceeded with some sensual hip gyrations, which raised some eyebrows from fans on social media. Nevertheless, it’s probably the reason he’s getting so much attention from the ladies.

When it comes to what happens behind closed doors, Bobby could probably heed the advice of Kevin Gates and refrain from having an orgasm during sex. In an October interview on Gillie Da Kid and Wallo’s Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, the Baton Rouge, La. native revealed that he doesn’t ejaculate when he’s with his partner in the bedroom.

“Another thing I was telling you that’s really healing to your body and it’s going to sound crazy but it's semen retention, not releasing no semen,” Gates told the podcasters.

Gates clarified that men should still have sex, but they shouldn't ejaculate in order to maintain a healthy mind and body. “Your intention should be to please your partner,” he explained. “And don’t release no semen.”

Either way, let’s hope Bobby Shmurda gets the therapeutic help he's looking for.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: November 29, 2021Prince Williams / Johnny Nunez, WireImage (2) / Kevin Winter, Getty Images

The internet is buzzing with speculation after social media detectives went into full-swing to figure out if Lil Baby and Saweetie might be an item.

On Sunday (Nov. 28), Grammy-nominated Saweetie posted a carousel of images to her Instagram page, captioned, "icy dump ❄️✨‍♀️✨." Within the dump was a photo of the Bay Area rapper sitting on what appears to be a man's lap. The man's face, however, could not been seen, only his pants leg and boots.

The good folks on social media went to work to determine the man in question and arrived at their answer last night: Lil Baby. While this remains unconfirmed, people are running with it.

The unidentified man in Saweetie's image is wearing black cargo pants and black lace-up boots, eerily similar to the cargo pants and boots Lil Baby was wearing on his Instagram Story back on Nov. 18 while shopping at the Celine store. And since Saweetie's IG upload was a compilation of pictures, it's unclear when the images she posted were actually taken. She has also deleted the internet-breaking photo of herself and the unnamed man from her IG post.

Rumors surfaced online over the Thanksgiving holiday (Nov. 25) that Lil Baby dropped $100,000 on a shopping spree for the "Tap In" rapper, which he later denied via Twitter, saying that he isn't in a relationship with anyone. Lil Baby typed, "Baby not dating NO ONE !! I'm single !," including an irritated face emoji. That tweet, however, has disappeared.

On another note, Quavo appears to have gotten into the mix, posting a message on his IG Story that people think might be in response to the Saweetie and Lil Baby news. And for reference, Quavo dated Saweetie for nearly three years before their split back in March. Qua and Lil Baby are both signed to Quality Control Music and have collaborated on several songs together including "Lose It" and "My Dawg."

The Migos member typed: "Ain't trippin we can swap it out! #QCTheLabel."

Quavo's post was later shared on The Shade Room, which Jayda Cheaves, the mother of Lil Baby's youngest son, Loyal, seems to have double-tapped.

Quavo's sister, whose real name is Kashara Marshall and goes by @migo_shara on Instagram, appeared to joined the party as well, uploading an image of Jayda to her IG. The post didn't contain a caption.

Jayda, who later began trending on Twitter following the series of events, claimed her innocence, writing online, "I ain't even do bun," presumably meaning she didn't do anything for herself to be trending.

Quavo is trending as well.

Meanwhile, Lil Baby did a post-and-delete himself on Twitter, where he said, "Bitches really be weird !!" He then wrote, "If you want clout use BABY." It's unclear what these messages are in reference to.

The internet might be buzzing over this assumed romance, but there's no real confirmation just yet.

See some reactions to folks thinking Lil Baby and Saweetie are dating and Quavo's apparent response below.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”C. Vernon Coleman II”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: November 28, 2021Edward Berthelot, Getty Images

Famed designer Virgil Abloh has passed away at the age of 41.

Abloh, a major name in the fashion industry, was famous in hip-hop circles for his Off-White brand, working with Kanye West and being name-dropped by rappers on dozens of songs. He passed away this morning (Nov. 28), after succumbing to a rare form of cancer. His death was confirmed via a heartfelt statement released on his Instagram page:

"We are devastated to announce the passing of our beloved Virgil Abloh, a fiercely devoted father, husband, son, brother, and friend. He is survived by his loving wife Shannon Abloh, his children Lowe Abloh and Grey Abloh, his sister Edwina Abloh, his parents Nee and Eunice Abloh, and numerous dear friends and colleagues. For over two years, Virgil valiantly battled a rare, aggressive form of cancer, cardiac angiosarcoma. He chose to endure his battle privately since his diagnosis in 2019, undergoing numerous challenging treatments, all while helming several significant institutions that span fashion, art, and culture.

Through it all, his work ethic, infinite curiosity, and optimism never wavered. Virgil was driven by his dedication to his craft and to his mission to open doors for others and create pathways for greater equality in art and design. He often said, “Everything I do is for the 17-year-old version of myself,” believing deeply in the power of art to inspire future generations. We thank you all for your love and support, and we ask for privacy as we grieve and celebrate Virgil’s life.

Virgil Abloh
September 30, 1980 – November 28, 2021"

Abloh made a name for himself for being versed in high-end and street fashion. After interning at Fendi in the late 2000s where he met Kanye West, the duo would go on to collaborate on the RSVP Gallery. Abloh also served as creative director for DONDA. He later worked at Louis Vuitton before launching Pyrex Vision and later his wildly popular Off-White brand.

Abloh did not just have an eye for fashion. He also worked closely with rappers on album cover designs including Kanye West, Lil Uzi Vert, Kid Cudi and more.

Check out all the hip-hop album covers designed by the late Virgil Abloh below.


Here’s Every Album Cover Virgil Abloh Worked OnHere are the hip-hop album covers designed by late fashion icon Virgil Abloh. Filed Under: A$AP Rocky, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Lil Uzi Vert, Octavian, Pop Smoke, Virgil Abloh, Westside GunnCategories: News

href=”//” rel=”author” title=”C. Vernon Coleman II”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: November 28, 2021Cooper Neill, Getty Images

YoungBoy Never Broke Again's YouTube page has been wiped clean.

Yesterday (Nov. 27), all the videos on the Louisiana rapper's highly profitable YouTube channel were mysteriously removed. Established in January 2015, NBA YoungBoy's YouTube channel boasted a large portion of his prolific body of work and has over 10 million subscribers and more than 9 billion combined views. The Sincerely, Kentrell rapper has been one of YouTube's biggest streaming hip-hop artists monthly. With his page presumably generating millions of dollars, it would be hard to believe the purge was done on purpose on NBA's end.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again is fresh off releasing his latest track, "safe then sorry (Interlude)," on Nov. 26, which had already racked up millions of views. A week prior, he released the label project Never Broke Again: The Compilation Album Vol. 1.

XXL has reached out to YoungBoy Never Broke Again's team and a rep for YouTube for comment.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again via YouTube

YoungBoy Never Broke Again has been on house arrest for the past month in Layton, Utah after posting a $1.5 million bond. YoungBoy is facing gun charges in both California and Louisiana. The Louisiana charges stem from a September 2020 incident where he was arrested after police were called to the scene of a music video and found over a dozen illegal firearms and drugs. He posted bail and was released on that charge. He was arrested earlier this year in Los Angeles when authorities attempted to take him into custody on a warrant and discovered a loaded firearm in his vehicle. He reportedly attempted to evade the police before being apprehended.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”C. Vernon Coleman II”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: November 28, 2021Prince Williams, Getty Images

YK Osiris recently posted and deleted some alarming messages on social media.

Late last night (Nov. 27), the "Worth It" artist hopped on Instagram and put up some posts that have people concerned. "God take me away please," the first message reads along with a fingers crossed emoji. "I just want to sleep and don't wake back up. I know y'all would love that."

He added, "Let's see how everyone got something to laugh at then, it's all fun and jokes until y'all don't got [nothing] to joke about no more."

ykosiris via Instagramykosiris via Instagramykosiris via Instagram

It is unclear what has the crooner in a dark place. Just yesterday afternoon, he appeared to be in good spirits while engaged in a social media spat with former NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco after Chad tried to clown YK for purchasing $325,000 earrings. "It's your life and that's your money. Do what you want to do with it," YK said in response on Instagram. "Ochococo mind your mutha….And I'm still rich bitch. Mind your business. Stay in your business."

Earlier in the week, YK was pressed by Lil Baby in an Atlanta jewelry store over a $5,000 debt that he has yet to pay the My Turn MC.

YK isn't the only rapper to post alarming messages on social media recently. Yesterday, Rico Nasty also tweeted some concerning posts about her mental state as a result of her stint on Playboi Carti's tour.

If you or someone you know is at risk of suicide or contemplating self-harm, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, text TALK to 741741 or visit for additional resources.

See 10 Rappers’ Purchases That Broke the BankBig spendin’.Filed Under: YK OsirisCategories: News

href=”//” rel=”author” title=”C. Vernon Coleman II”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: November 27, 2021Prince Williams / Roy Rochlin, Getty Images (2)

YK Osiris has some jokes for former NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco after Chad clowned the crooner for paying over a quarter-million dollars for a pair of diamond earrings.

On Monday (Nov. 22), YK made a big purchase of a pair of earrings and shared the $325,000 buy on social media along with the certification papers. On Friday (Nov. 26), Ochocinco, who has openly talked about wearing fake jewelry during his playing days, commented on the purchase on Twitter. "I got the same earrings for $10 from Claire’s," Ocho wrote. The "Worth It" rapper hopped on social media on Saturday (Nov. 27) and fired at the former pass catcher.

"Ochococo talking 'bout, 'I got the same earrings.' That's cool," YK started. "To any kids out there watching this, to any folks that out there that's looking up to me, I don't advise you to ever pay that type of money for any type of jewelry, ever. Don't ever say I told you that. But what I will tell you is that, do what the fuck you want to do with your money with your life. 'Cause guess what? If you broke or rich who gotta deal with that? You gotta deal with that."

He continued, "Don't let no Ochococo come up on Instagram talking 'bout he went to Claire's and got $10 earrings. Hey, I salute you brother. I not saying that's even wrong. It's your life and that's your money. Do what you want to do with it. Ochococo mind your mutha….And I'm still rich bitch. Mind your business. Stay in your business. You can hit my DM, you ain't got to do all that capping for Instagram, man."

YK is showing some fight after recently making headlines for being clowned. Earlier this month, Drake and 21 Savage flamed him for getting a heart part cut into his hair like Drizzy. Earlier this week, he was pressed about a $5,000 debt by Lil Baby while shopping for jewelry.

Check out YK's rant below.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”C. Vernon Coleman II”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: November 27, 2021Film Magic, Getty Images

Rico Nasty's stint on Playboi's Carti tour appears to be taking a serious toll on her.

Rico has been opening for Carti's King Vamp Tour, which completed a stop in Milwaukee, Wis. at Eagles Ballroom on Friday (Nov. 26). However, on Saturday (Nov. 27), Rico posted some concerning messages on Twitter in regards to what she's going through on the show.

"I dead ass need atleast two hours out of each day. To just cry," she tweeted. "Crazy how I wanted a tour bus my whole life and now I just be on the tour bus crying myself to sleep every night."

She alarmingly added, "I wish I was dead just as much as y'all do trust me…Y'all win."

Rico has had some difficult shows while opening on the tour along with Ken Car$on. During a show earlier this month in Los Angeles, she was booed and fans chanted for Carti. She later went back and forth with Carti fans on social media. Less than a week later, someone threw a bottle at her during a show and she jumped into the crowd and confronted rowdy fans.

Despite some sour moments, other shows from the Nightmare Vacation rhymer have been lit. Last week, Carti brought Rico out on stage during his set and they hugged it out in front of the crowd. It's clear things are still not all right.

If you or someone you know is at risk of suicide or contemplating self-harm, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, text TALK to 741741 or visit for additional resources.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”C. Vernon Coleman II”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: November 27, 2021Gilbert Carrasquillo, Getty Images

Will Smith once pulled an awkward prank on his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith by showing his grandmother one of the actress' sex scenes.

Will appeared on the latest episode of Britain's The Graham Norton Show, which aired on Friday (Nov. 26). During the show, the rapper-actor recalled the wild moment where he decided to provide some high jinks for Jada's first meeting with his grandmother. "My grandmother Gigi is all the way down with Jesus," Will relayed. "Because she didn't know who Jada was, I put on a movie of hers and worked out that by the time Jada arrived my grandmother would be watching the love scene."

Will could possibly be referring to Jada's steamy love scene with Allen Payne in the 1994 film, Jason's Lyric. "When [Jada] walked in, my grandmother was in the middle of the scene and she looked up and said to Jada, 'When I was growing up people didn't have to take their clothes off to make a movie,'" Will added.

Will said Jada pulled him to the side later and asked him why he pulled the stunt. "I said, 'I promise you it's funny, maybe not now, but one day this is going to provide us with years of joy,' Will added. "We have been together for 27 years and she literally hasn't chuckled once!"

Will has been promoting his new film, King Richard, and his book, Will, which has revealed some honest details about Will and the couple's relationship. In the biography, Will admits to having raging jealously over Jada's friendship with Tupac Shakur. He also says he used to vomit after having an orgasm due to a psychosomatic reaction.

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