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Chrisean Rock revealed just how toxic her relationship with Blueface has become. While on Instagram Live, Chrisean showed a photo of Blueface with two black eyes.

On Friday (Nov. 2), Chrisean Rock and Blueface were on Instagram Live when the "Thotina" rapper told his viewers that his girlfriend is 10-1 when it comes to their abusive fights. He added the reason why his boo isn't undefeated is because she hasn't "taken his belt." But Chrisean disagreed and showed fans on her smartphone a picture of Blueface with two shiners under both of his eyes.

Incredulously, Blueface confirmed that Chrisean did indeed deliver a two-piece straight to his face.

"I ate that like a fuckin' snack and I didn't hit you back," he stated. "You literally hit me two times and I was looking at you like…that's disrespectful."

"If I hit you like that, you gon' to bed, ya feel me?" he added.

During their IG Live, the couple continued to display affection for each other and answer questions from fans.

Chrisean and Blueface's tumultuous relationship has been caught on camera before. Back in August, a video surfaced of the quarreling lovers duking it out at a Phoenix, Ariz. bar. At the time, Chrisean was arrested for trespassing and not for the fight between them.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock will share their unstable life together on their reality show called Crazy In Love. The program is set to premiere later this month on the Zeus Network.

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Akon is defending Kanye West following his praises of Adolph Hitler and Nazis throughout his bizarre interview with Alex Jones this week. The rap-singer said Ye has the right to believe what he believes even if he disagrees with his views.

On Friday (Dec. 2), Akon appeared on Sky News' morning program and the topic of Kanye West came up. The Senegalese-born artist was asked about Ye praising of Adolf Hitler and Nazis during his interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his InfoWars program.

When Sky News anchor Anna Jones asked Akon why does he still support Ye, he replied: "I show support for opinion and I think people will always have a specific opinion and I think the moment we get to the place where we close our minds up to other people's opinion, it kind of doesn't allow us to get to better know each other better know our mindsets and more than anything better know our movements."

The "Locked Up" artist also added: "I think sometimes we should open up our minds and let things play all the way out and better understand the situation so we have a better solution for it."

Akon went on to say that he was "a backer of the right to believe what you want to believe" but added that if he and Kanye would have a conversation together, he would let the him know that he disagrees with his viewpoints because "communication is key."

When asked if Kanye West's controversial remarks bothered him, Akon replied: "Not really because those comments don't really affect me personally…and if it does affect you personally then find a way to actually respond in a way to where that conversation can be reciprocated."

"Because I think sometimes when someone is offended they just lash out in defense or lash out to make that person feel that same offense that they felt," he continued. "I think when you take negative and you applied the response negatively back, you only get negative back."

Akon concluded: "So I think it's really a matter of both understanding what it is. Don't take things too personally until you really understand the situation."

Akon defending Kanye West for being a Hitler apologist didn't sit well with some people and they expressed their outrage on Twitter.

"Akon defending Kanye by calling his antisemitic comments a matter of opinion and saying that Jews shouldn’t take his comments personally until we understand the situation. I’m horrified and speechless," tweeted entertainment reporter Olivia Marks.

Another person wrote: "What a bizarre take by Akon on Kanye’s Alex Jones hate parade, 'I think sometimes we should open up our minds and let things play all the way out and better understand the situation.'…umm @Akon what do we need to understand? Kanye made himself wildly clear."

Akon may lose a lot of fans with his defense of Kanye West.

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Nick Cannon is currently hospitalized with pneumonia.

On Friday (Dec. 2), Nick Cannon hopped on his Instagram page to reveal that he's in the hospital battling pneumonia. The Masked Singer host posted a photo of himself in a hospital bed wearing a black beanie, face mask and a gown. In the caption, Nick, who also lives with lupus, informed his fans he doesn't need any prayers or well-wishes and that he will be back on his feet shortly.

"Okay, so I guess I’m not Superman… I promised myself I would never be back at this place again…," he wrote. "But this is a great lesson to take care of YOU or YOU won’t be able to take care of everyone else."

"Don’t trip though, I don’t need any well wishes or prayers , just some solid rest and I will be back on the journey to becoming stronger than ever," he continued. "It's just pneumonia, nothing I can’t handle. Crazy thing is, last night we was just rocking a sold out crowd at Madison square garden in front of thousands of fans, now I’m all alone in a tiny hospital room. Life is definitely a rollercoaster! #lupuswarrior"

On Thursday (Dec. 1), Nick brought his Wild 'N Out tour to New York City's Madison Square Garden and entertained a sold-out crowd.

The 42-year-old entertainer is also preparing for the birth of his 12th child with Alyssa Scott, which will be their second. The couple lost their son Zen to a brain tumor in December 2021 at 5 months old. Nick and Alyssa's baby is expected to arrive in 2023.

We want to wish Nick Cannon a speedy recovery.

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href=”//” rel=”author”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: December 2, 2022Houston Police Department/Paras Griffin/Getty Images (2)

Police in Houston have arrested a man they believe is responsible for the fatal shooting of Migos member Takeoff.

On Friday (Dec. 2), Troy Finner, chief of police for the Houston Police Department, announced during a press conference that Patrick Xavier Clark, 33, has been arrested and charged with murder in connection to the fatal shooting of Takeoff, which occurred outside a bowling alley in Houston last month. He was apprehended on Dec. 1. Cameron Joshua, 22, has also been arrested in connection to the crime. He was taken into custody on Nov. 22 and has been charged with felony possession of a weapon.

Homicide detective Michael Borrow spoke at the press conference and revealed the arrested were made due in large part to surveillance video gathered from the scene. He also confirmed Takeoff was an innocent bystander.

News first broke that Takeoff had been killed in the early morning hours of Nov. 1. Quavo, Takeoff and around 40 other people were standing outside 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston following a private party when an argument escalated to gunfire. Takeoff was struck in the head or neck area. Two other people were also shot and transported to the hospital. Takeoff was pronounced dead on the scene.

Video of the chaotic aftermath of the shooting as well as 911 audio surfaced on the internet. The video clip shows, Takeoff laying on the flood in a pool of blood. Quavo is also seen in the video trying to get assistance for this nephew and bandmate. The death came less than a month after Quavo and Takeoff released their first album as a duo, Only Built for Infinity Links.

Takeoff was laid to rest following a huge memorial at State Farm Arena in Atlanta on Nov. 11.

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href=”//” rel=”author”>Robby Seabrook IIIPublished: December 2, 2022Prince Williams/Arturo Holmes/Paras Griffin/FilmMagic/Wireimage/Getty Images

Week in and week out, there are plenty of brand-new rap songs, no matter the time of year. It can be really difficult to stay aware of what's out and also what's hot, so XXL decided to make things much easier for you. Instead of sorting out nearly everything that released this week, we've narrowed it down to strictly the best of the week, saving you plenty of time.

Expect to see selections from the established stars, the next wave of new talent, the up-and-comers and everyone else in between. If your song is fire enough to beat the competition, it'll take one of the weekly spots. You can trust us on this one; follow our lead and you'll never get laughed off the aux cord again. Your friends will finally trust you with playlists; it'll be wonderful. In addition to that, you can check back every week for the latest and greatest tracks. You'll always have somewhere to turn to each week, being sure to find some songs you'll dig.

Enjoy this week's list, featuring new songs from Metro Boomin ("Metro Spider" featuring Young Thug), Latto ("FTCU" featuring GloRilla and Gangsta Boo), Coi Leray ("Players") and more. See you next week.

  • “Metro Spider”Metro Boomin featuring Young Thug
  • “FTCU”Latto featuring GloRilla and Gangsta Boo
  • “Players”Coi Leray
  • “Trap Money”Yungeen Ace and Real Boston Richey
  • “Crazy World”Babyface Ray
  • “Shittin’ Me”A$AP Rocky
  • “One Mic, One Gun”Nas featuring 21 Savage
  • “Lil Mama”2Rare
  • “Still Wit It”Finesse2tymes
  • “Oh Well”Scorey
  • “Feel It In The Air”Cordae
  • “Bop Bop”Saucy Santana
  • “Level I’m At”Sha EK

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href=”//” rel=”author”>Joey EchPublished: December 2, 2022Ronald Martinez/Dimitrios Kambouris/Christian Petersen/Getty Images (3)

Kim Kardashian reportedly did not cheat on Kanye West with NBA player Chris Paul.

According to a report published by TMZ on Friday (Dec. 2), a source close to the toxic situation between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian sternly refutes Ye's recent insinuation that his ex-wife had an extramarital affair with Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul. The unnamed source told the popular celebrity gossip site that Ye's accusation regarding Kardashian and Paul is nothing more than an attempt to distract the public from his recent comments praising Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party.

"This is not true and sadly it’s an ongoing pattern with Kanye," the source told TMZ. "Attacking Kim to redirect everyone’s attention after a day of crazy antics where he has said every hateful and offensive thing he can possibly dream of. He [Kanye West] has a history of falsely accusing her of also having affairs with Meek Mill, Drake and countless others. Kanye has for years deflected his own awful behavior, infidelities and obsession with porn and sex addiction to abuse and slut shame Kim. She wants to be left alone so she can focus on the well-being of their children."

The response from the unnamed source close to Kim Kardashian comes immediately following a tweet Kanye West posted on Thursday (Dec. 1), in which the Donda rapper-producer claims to have caught Kim red-handed with the aforementioned NBA player.

"Let's break one last window before we get outta here," wrote Ye in a post that has since been removed by Twitter and included a photo of Chris Paul.

As of press time, neither Kim Kardashian nor Chris Paul has responded publicly to Ye's claim.

As for the "crazy antics" the unnamed source is referring to, Kanye West spent much of Thursday delivering a series of seemingly unhinged, anti-Semitic rants both on Twitter and during an eyebrow-raising interview with Alex Jones.

"I see good things about Hitler, also," the "Crack Music" rapper told Jones. "Every human being has value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler."

Not only was the controversial podcast host stunned by Ye's remarks, but when he took his anti-Semitic tirade to Twitter, Kanye West engaged in a back-and-forth with the owner of the social media platform, Elon Musk. Ultimately, Kanye's Twitter account was suspended after the Chicago rapper-producer shared a graphic of a swastika inside of an image of the Star of David.

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Ice Spice is denying ever having any cosmetic surgery done, despite accusations from fans who believe otherwise.

Yesterday (Dec. 1) Interview Magazine published a new interview with bubbling rapper Ice Spice that was conducted by both Erykah Badu and Puma Curry. The three touched on a number of different topics, including Spice's dream collabs, her natural hair and the accusations that she has had cosmetic surgery.

Badu started, "Now that we got into body and beauty, in 2007 I made a prediction of what a starter pack would look like for a female artist in the 2020s. Puma will read it to you."

"Let me say before I read this, she got it right," Puma began. "And I quote, 'First of all, you got to get some breast implants. What’s hot is the butt implant. If you really want to rock somebody’s world and make it in the business, you better get an ass implant. Get you some calf implants too, because you’re going to be wearing those stilettos. You need to get your hair long if you can, if you can get your scalp cut off and get you a whole ’nother scalp. And you gotta wear stilettos, I don’t care how old you are.' She basically hit all the points of mainstream rap beauty. How do you feel that relates to you?"

Ice Spice responded, revealing that she has never had any work done on herself other than her teeth and nails.

"You’re 100 percent right," Spice told the interviewers. "There’s definitely a starter pack and I see a lot of girls doing it. I feel like it doesn’t apply to me all the way. My hair is short as fuck, it’s not swinging down my back. My whole body’s natural, even though some people try to accuse me of surgery. Only thing fake is my teeth, which I got to get redone. And my nails. I be having some fake-ass nails."

The "Euphoria" rhymer later discussed embracing her natural hair and how she noticed that people responded well to her just being herself. "When I started putting music out, I was wearing wigs a lot," she explained. "I didn’t show my natural hair until I put out 'No Clarity' in November 2021. I noticed it was doing so much better than all my previous work. I don’t think my fan base was ready for me to be in heels and a lace front. I think they like that I’m being myself.

Ice Spice has generated quite a few headlines since her song "Munch (Feelin U)" went viral earlier this year. Most recently, an awkward video of her and Drake together at OVO Fest resurfaced and made the rounds on social media.

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href=”//” rel=”author”>Tyler SharpPublished: December 2, 2022David Dow/Ricky Vigil/Phillip Faraone/Getty Images (3)

Kanye West is ending his time on Twitter by exposing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and NBA player Chris Paul.

Tonight (Dec. 1), Kanye West ended what has been one of the most tumultuous of his career by dropping a bombshell: He claims he caught Phoenix Suns player Chris Paul with his now-ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

In a tweet sent following his tirade on Alex Jones' podcast where he voiced his approval of Hitler and Nazis, Ye wrote, "Let's break one last window before we get outa here. I caught this gut with Kim. Good night."

As of this article's publishing, neither Paul or Kardashian have responded to West's accusation. Ye's Twitter account, however, has since been suspended, due to him sharing an image that appeared to show a swastika within the Star of David.

Ye eventually posted screenshots of he and Elon Musk's personal text messages, which show Musk responding to the image, saying, "Sorry, but you have gone too far. This is not love."

"Who made you the judge." West replied to Musk.

He captioned the post, "Well everyone. We had a nice run. Jesus is King."

Kanye's Twitter account was suspended shortly thereafter.

What did Kanye West Say About Hitler and Nazis?

This all came following Kanye's aforementioned tirade on Alex Jones' show Infowars, where he sympathized with Hitler and Nazis.

"I see good things about Hitler, also," Ye told Jones, who appear unsure how to reply at multiple points during their discussion. "Every human being has value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler."

At another point, West simply said, "I like Hitler."

Later on he returned to the topic: "I love Jewish people but I also love Nazis"

West has received obvious backlash from his racist comments against Jewish people, as he trended at No. 1 in the United States on Twitter for multiple hours today. His remarks have received mainstream media coverage across the world.

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href=”//” rel=”author”>Joey EchPublished: December 2, 2022Wavy Gang/Empire/Boominati Worldwide/Republic/TRMG

For the first round of new music drops in December, the rap game delivers a fresh batch of notable releases. One of the hottest beatmakers in hip-hop repping St. Louis drops a highly anticipated LP, a hometown hero from Detroit comes through with his second album of the year, a beloved Queens rapper gone way too soon drops another posthumous album and more.

After delaying the album for a month in order to deliver a "masterpiece as intended," as he puts it, Metro Boomin finally unleashes his new solo album, Heroes & Villains. Before the LP's original release date of Nov. 4, the St. Louis super producer did what he had to do to provide enough lead time to lock down all the necessary clearances so that his fans could enjoy the best of what Heroes & Villains has to offer.

"I couldn't get all the samples on my album cleared in time for next week so I'm dropping on Dec. 2," tweeted Metro Boomin as he explained the project's delay. "Now, I have enough time to make sure you all get this masterpiece as intended. I promise it's worth the wait. P.S. I would never move my album date because of anyone else."

Pushing back the release of Heroes & Villains was certainly not for naught. Following the release of his incredibly successful debut studio album, 2018's Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Young Metro boasts his new album as a sequel that is "even better than the first." Narrated by A-list actor Morgan Freeman and featuring guest appearances from the likes of Travis $cott, Future and 21 Savage, among others, Heroes & Villains is nothing short of a movie. In fact, earlier this week, Metro dropped an epic short film to accompany the LP, which is directed by Gibson Hazard and sees appearances from Young Thug, GunnaAtlanta actor Lakeith Stanfield and the aforementioned Morgan Freeman.

After touting Heroes & Villains as the second installment in a trilogy of albums, the quality of Metro Boomin's latest effort already has the rap game hyped for his next release.

Babyface Ray is back with his second full-length album of 2022 in the form of MOB. Capping off a breakthrough year for the Detroit spitter, which included being named a member of the 2022 XXL Freshman Class, Ray boasts a refined sense of focus and growth with his latest project.

Led by two previously released singles, "Nice Guy" and "Spend It" featuring Blxst and Nija, MOB sees production from beatmakers like Ambezza, Pooh Beatz and Tommy Parker, among others. Other guest appearances on the 18-track LP include Lil Durk, Doe Boy and GMO Stax.

Ray's latest album follows his critically acclaimed LP, FACE, which, since its arrival back in January, reached as high as No. 31 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and spawned standout singles like "Sincerely Face" and "Dancing With the Devil" featuring Pusha T.

Leading up to the release of MOB, Babyface Ray hit up Instagram with a promotional video featuring various people who were invited to preview the album before it dropped, all of which met the new offering with rave reviews.

Just two days prior to what would have been his 39th birthday, Chinx releases his second posthumous album, Chinx Drugz 6, also dubbed, CR6. Following the 2016 release of his first posthumous project, Legends Never Die, the estate of the late Queens rapper describes his latest offering as one with the "same intensity" that put him on the map.

The 12-song offering was previewed by singles "Rollin in the Dope" featuring Zack and "On Purpose" featuring Sizzla. Notable guest appearances on Chinx Drugz 6 include Benny The Butcher, Offset, Red Cafe and Chinx's own brother, JFK WAXX. In announcing the album's official release date, Chinx's former manager, Doug Ellison, offered up a statement regarding what fans can expect from CR6.

“This project shows his diversity and lyrical ability is still unmatched," Ellison told Billboard on Nov. 11. "It has been a four-year journey that includes some of his most candid recordings. Our goal has been to keep the integrity of each recording while punching through with the finished product."

Chinx was tragically killed in May of 2015 in his home city of Queens. Most recently, the "Thug Love" spitter's death was featured in a recent episode of WE TV's Hip Hop Homicides, which is executive produced by 50 Cent and hosted by popular hip-hop media figure Van Lathan.

Check out new projects from La Chat and Crunchy BlackYung Kayo, Yungeen Ace and more below.

  • Heroes & VillainsMetro BoominBoominati Worldwide/RepublicBoominati Worldwide/Republicloading…
  • MOBBabyface RayWavy Gang / EmpireWavy Gang / Empireloading…
  • CR6ChinxTRMGTRMGloading…
  • HoodLa Chat and Crunchy BlackDime-a-Dozen Ent./Hardhittin Money GangDime-a-Dozen Ent./Hardhittin Money Gangloading…
  • NineteenYung KayoYoung Stoner Life/300 Entertainment/Theory EntertainmentYoung Stoner Life/300 Entertainment/Theory Entertainmentloading…
  • Survivor of the TrenchesYungeen AceGeffen RecordsGeffen Recordsloading…
  • TT FreakAkon loading…
  • Live ForeverLil PeepLil Peep/AUTNMYLil Peep/AUTNMYloading…
  • Until We Meet AgainWifisfuneralLiving Dead LLCLiving Dead LLCloading…
  • 90 DaysFinesse2tymesMob Ties Entertainment/Atlantic RecordsMob Ties Entertainment/Atlantic Recordsloading…
  • No DistractionsTrapboy Freddy300 Entertainment LLC300 Entertainment LLCloading…
  • Onna GangDaBoiiYWN/EmpireYWN/Empireloading…
  • They Won’t Clear ThisBabyTronThe Hip Hop Lab Records/EmpireThe Hip Hop Lab Records/Empireloading…

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href=”//” rel=”author”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: December 1, 2022Carina Johansen/MEGA/Getty Images (2)

Elon Musk has responded to Kanye West following his shocking interview on Alex Jones' Infowars program.

On Thursday (Dec. 1), Elon Musk, who acquired Twitter for $44 billion in October, hopped on his Twitter account and responded to one of Kanye West's tweets.

After his anti-Semitic-filled interview with Alex Jones, Ye tweeted, "Jesus is King," along with a photo featuring a print-out of his previous tweet that reads: "I love the first amendment! Long live Ye! pray to Jesus that Elon is for real…" with Alex Jones' handwritten signature on the paper.

"Jesus taught love, kindness and forgiveness," Elon responded. "I used to think that turning the other cheek was weak & foolish, but I was the fool for not appreciating its profound wisdom."

It appears that the Tesla founder was addressing Kanye's "Jesus is King" tweet and not his anti-Semitic remarks that he was spewing during the three-plus hours he was on Alex Jones' show. But silence is complicity.

Earlier in the afternoon, a fully-masked Kanye appeared on Alex Jones's show praising Adolph Hitler and the Nazis. "I see good things about Hitler, also," he told Jones, who was flabbergasted by the Chicago rapper-producer's bigoted comments. "Every human being has value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler."

When Jones tried to push back and say that Hilter wasn't a good guy, Ye rejected his notion. "There's a lot of things that I love about Hitler. A lot of things," he said.

Even before Jones went to a commercial break, the Grammy Award-winning rhymer quipped in the background, "I like Hitler."

Also, during the interview, Kanye said that he doesn't like the word evil being associated with Nazis. When Jones tried to explain to him that he can love one group of people and hate another, Kanye responded, "I love Jewish people but I also love Nazis."

It unlikely that Elon Musk will ban Kanye West from his Twitter account since he recently reinstated him along with other controversial figures like former President Donald Trump and internet personality Andrew Tate.

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href=”//” rel=”author”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: December 1,

Kanye West approved of Hitler and Nazis during his bizarre interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

On Thursday (Dec. 1), a masked Kanye West appeared on Alex Jones' television show Infowars and delivered more of his anti-Semitic rhetoric on the program.

"I see good things about Hitler, also," Kanye told Jones, who was often left speechless by the rapper-producer's bigoted comments. "Every human being has value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler."

Before Jones went to a commercial break, where he teased a George Soros compilation, Kanye quipped in the background, "I like Hitler."

Kanye also said during the interview that he doesn't like the word evil being associated with Nazis. When Jones tried to push back on his comment, by suggesting that you can love one group of people and hate another, Ye responded, "I love Jewish people but I also love Nazis."

And it gets even worst.

During the interview Kanye tweeted a message on his Twitter account aimed at Elon Musk who reinstated his account after he was locked out.

"I love the first amendment! Long live Ye! I pray to Jesus that Elon is for real…," he wrote.

He also tweeted links to where people can read the Bible and where they can watch Alex Jones' Infowars show.

"Christ is King — America First, GROYPER! – NJF," he typed. He then added:

"Check us out"

After his three-hour-long interview with Alex Jones, Kanye tweeted in all caps: "INVESTIGATE THE CIVIL RIGHTS AND DUE PROCESS VIOLATIONS OF THE J6 POLITICAL PRISONERS."

He also added: "Why were the only people killed unarmed protestors that day? FREE ALEX…FREE NICHOLAS…FREE SPEECH…FREE @ALI."

Ye also posted another tweet which reads, "Jesus is king," along with a photo of a print out of his first tweet and Alex Jones signature.

During the entire interview, Kanye was also joined by White nationalist Nick Fuentes, who is helping with his 2024 presidential campaign. Last week, both Ye and Fuentes had dinner with Donald Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate. Afterward, the former president said that Kanye was a "seriously troubled man."

Kanye West's interview on Infowars comes after he stormed out of a live recording of Tim Pool's right-wing podcast Timcast IRL. Apparently, the mercurial artist was offended that he had to defend his conspiracy theories on Jewish people.

Before storming off, Kanye believed that God is taking everything away from him in order for him to be used as an empty vessel.

Pool responded, "I think they've been extremely unfair to you."

"Who is 'they,' though?" Kanye fired back.

"Corporate press. I don't use the word as the way, I guess, you guys use," Pool replied.

"It is them, though, isn't it?" Nick Fuentes asked Pool, to which he responded, "No, it's not."

Kanye seemed upset by Pool's answer and asked, "What do you mean it's not?"

"OK, so what about…," Pool began as Kanye can be heard taking off his headphones offscreen, and then walking out of the interview.

"You leaving?" Pool asked, before added, "He's gone."

And just like that, Kanye West was gone.

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href=”//” rel=”author”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: December 1, 2022Jim Poorten/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images (2)

Despite the ongoing rumors that 21 Savage is dating Latto, the Atlanta rapper recently said he doesn't have a "celebrity girlfriend."

On Thursday (Nov. 1), gossip page The Neighborhood Talk shared an audio clip of 21 Savage during a Clubhouse chat session, emphatically denying that he has a "celebrity girlfriend." His remark comes as there have been widespread rumors that the Her Loss creator is dating Grammy-nominated rapper Latto.

"I don't do all the antics and shit. I don't got a celebrity girlfriend," he declared. "I'm not finna be out everywhere. I'm not dropping music every other week. I'm not going on [Instagram] Live talking about niggas every other week."

"Me and Nas been talking about music, on my kids, way before all of that shit happened," he continued. "We, like, been figuring out how we was going to do a song, before this, on my mama."

21 is referring to his controversial remark during a Clubhouse session where he said that Nas wasn't relevant to the younger rap fans. The 30-year-old rhymer's comment sparked a huge online debate. On Tuesday (Nov.29), Nas dropped his collaborative track with 21 called "One Mic, One Gun," produced by Hit-Boy, which fans both young and old celebrated on social media.

21 Savage maintained that he always had respect for the Queensbridge legend and been a fan of music for years and vice versa.

"I been had his number, he been telling him he was a fan of my shit, I been telling him the same thing before all of this shit happened," he said. "That's why he didn't take what I say in no disrespectful way 'cause he knew what I was trying to say, 'cause I ain't even that type of nigga."

That's good to know. Hopefully, they'll record more collaborative songs together.

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Gucci Mane has a $1 million record deal waiting for B.G. when he gets out of prison.

On Tuesday (Nov. 29), Gucci Mane jumped on his Twitter account and posted a tweet announcing that he wants to sign the incarcerated rapper for $1 million when he's released from prison. In his tweet, the Atlanta rapper shared a dated photo of the former Cash Money rapper B.G., who is serving a 14-year prison sentence in a California penitentiary, and the message: "My 1017 family help me welcome home the living legend @BGHollyHood ! Glad u home bruh! Got so much love and respect for u as a man and artist! Get at me, I got a milli for u! Wanna sign u to 1017!!!!! #1017Mafia [money bag emojis]."

According to a TMZ report, published on Wednesday (Nov. 30), it appears that Gucci Mane was fooled by a video that purportedly showed a person resembling B.G. walking out of prison and being greeted by family members. The "So Icy" rapper deleted his tweet presumably after realizing that it was not B.G. in the alleged video (see below).

Nevertheless, B.G., born Christopher Noel Dorsey, is currently serving a 14-year sentence in federal prison after pleading guilty to gun possession and witness tampering in July of 2012. The case stems from a 2009 arrest in New Orleans during a traffic stop. Police discovered three guns in a car he was driving that was actually stolen from a rental car parking lot. B.G. was hit with obstruction of justice by trying to intimidate one of his two associates in the vehicle to falsely claim ownership of the gun. But the former Hot Boys rapper later copped to owning the guns.

B.G. is incarcerated at California’s FCI Herlong Detention Center. The rapper's release date is scheduled for April 7, 2024.

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In a recent interview, Boosie BadAzz said that Jay-Z isn't musically relevant to the younger generation.

On Wednesday (Nov. 30), DJ Vlad posted a video of an interview he did with Boosie Badazz where they discussed Jay-Z and Nas' relevancy in hip-hop. In the clip, Vlad said that it's difficult for a rapper in their 50s to stay on top of the rap game, except for Jay-Z who is 52 years old. However, Boosie feels that Jay isn't musically relevant to the younger generation but is relevant in terms of his success in business.

"Jay-Z's not relevant these days for music," he explained to Vlad at the 35-second mark in the video below. "I don’t [think so]. If you’re gonna say Jay-Z is relevant and Nas ain’t relevant? No."

"When I go to these clubs in Atlanta—these 25-to-35 clubs—I'm not hearing Nas, I'm not hearing Jay-Z," he continued. "Every club I go in, it’s not one or the other…Jay-Z is respected by these people for being that boss that he is. When Jay-Z flash across that muthafucka, it's somethin' with a billion dollars, it's somethin' with 500 billion, 200 billion when them young niggas see him."

"It ain’t his songs flashing across no fuckin' social media, it's his hustle," he added. "That nigga got hustle."

Boosie's comment follows their previous discussion about 21 Savage's controversial remark during a Clubhouse session where he said that Nas wasn't relevant to the younger generation. The Atlanta rhymer's comment spark a huge debate on social media regarding an artist's relevancy in hip-hop.

Boosie believed that 21 was referring to Nas' lack of presence on social media as opposed to his music.

"He just won a Grammy at that age [48 years old], last year," he explained. "His records are still doing great."

"He's definitely relevant to his fanbase," he continued. "He’s still making music, he’s still doing that, then he’s still relevant. I think [21] was looking at it on a young nigga’s perspective."

It must be noted that Vlad's interview was most likely conducted before Nas and 21 Savage dropped their collaborative track, "One Mic, One Gun," which features the two rhymers delivering complentmenary bars to each other. The song squashed any rumors that Nas had any animosity towards 21 for his pointless comment.

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Sauce Walka is living life on the wild side. The Houston rapper is out to prove he's a hot boy for real after posting video that appears to show him reporting live and direct from the erupting Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii.

Sauce Walka shared the eye-popping video via Instagram on Wednesday (Nov. 30). In the clip, you can see him standing what looks like a few hundred yards away from the active volcano, as rivers of bright orange lava and plumes of smoke are seen in the background.

"I had to come drip sauce and save the world," Sauce Walka says in the video. "I had to fly to muthafuckin Hawaii, Maui, and drip sauce on the volcano. Let these diamonds splash on this volcanic eruption and calm the Earth down before it come burn down the town."

He continues: "They say I'ma hot boy. I had to come see the shit, ’cause I ain't scared. Take me to where it's burning. Take me to where the danger and shit at. I feel comfortable where it's dangerous. I had to come see this shit for my muthafuckin self."

He ends the video by running toward the volcano.

"Sauce Super Saiyan; I flew here to save planet Earth; Soulja Boy ain’t did this," he captioned the video, referring to Soulja Boy's claims of setting all precedents in rap.

In a follow-up post, Sauce Walka shared a series of photos posing in front of the volcano.

"I laugh at danger and piss on the devil ima #HOTBOY #DripGod #SupremeKlean #IceDripOnTheValcano," he captioned the pictures.

Mauna Loa, the largest active volcano in the world, erupted for the first time since 1984 on Sunday (Nov. 27). No property is currently at risk, however health officials have warned residents about hazardous volcanic smog. The erupting volcano has not affected travel to Hawaii. The islands' two main airports, Ellison Onizuka Kona International Airport at Keahole and Hilo International Airport, are still running flights as usual.

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GloRilla's rise to fame has been meteoric and it wasn't too long ago the budding Memphis rapper was working a normal 9-5. Recently, video has surfaced of the "F.N.F. (Let's Go)" rapper working at the drive-thru at Checkers.

On Tuesday (Nov. 29), TikTok user primeape09 shared a throwback video of Glo on Instagram Live while taking orders at the fast-food restaurant. The video begins with her joking with the people watching her Live, initially mocking one person for asking for free food. She later claps back at someone who joked with her about the gap in her teeth.

"'What's up, gap?' Boy, you better get your ugly ass back before I block your little ugly lame ass," GloRilla warns.

She quickly switches modes after getting a customer.

GloRilla worked at Checkers in Memphis when she was a senior in high school in 2016. Back in June, she posted a photo of herself on Instagram working at Checkers holding stacks of paper towels like stacks of cash next to a photo of her holding real stacks of cash.

"A lot of people think ts happened for me overnight not knowing the hard work & passion I been putting in for years to get here!!" she captioned the photos. "I went thru humiliation, no support allat ! I done cried so many nights in my pillow because i felt like I wasn’t elevating but I never gave up !! Always said WHEN & not IF , Manifestation is real !!! I had lost so much shit before FNF ! Friends, Family, I was sleeping on Gloss & Teezy Couches , Broke AF making ts look good tho 😂I say all this to say NEVER GIVE UP ON YO DREAMS SHIT CAN CHANGE IN A BLINK OF AN EYE !!!!!! & y’all gotta know it don’t stop here I FOREVER got my Foot on they necks I’ll never let up it’s so much more from where this came from 💞LETS GOOO."

GloRilla is on the heels of releasing her major label debut project Anyways, Life's Great… earlier this month, which features the hit single "Tomorrow 2" featuring Cardi B.

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Breaking down the attributes of a rapper is like building a My Player on NBA 2K. There's always several elements that contribute to the whole product, though some sliders are up higher than others. But in every case, there's at least one cheat code that separates these characters from the pack.

For the legends who have been around for decades at this point, their secret weapons are easy to peep. Take for example Drake, whose advantage comes from his days as an actor on Degrassi. Being a thespian allows Drizzy to be whoever he wants in any given moment, which has been exemplified in his multitude of accents and the respective records that have fit into many different genres. When looking at Jay-Z,  one of his most significant qualities as an artist is his entendres. He doubles and triples them up with ease, further proving why he’s been touted by many as second to none.

On the note of standout contributors to the rap game, Swae Lee’s most notable element is his melodies. That notion is clear in the three diamond-selling tracks he's been part of over the last half-decade alone. Additionally, a rapper with a standout flow will always be respected. An accurate reflection of that traces back to Migos iconic triplet flow, but what exists in the secondary layers of a song can be just as impactful. Kid Cudi’s humming or 21 Savage’s ad-libs are prime examples.

Either way, every artist has their own way of coloring a record in ways that no one else can. So looking at some of the premier acts in rap, here, XXL highlights 15 artists and the secret weapons they bring to the game. Check out the full list below.

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Doja Cat has revealed upcoming plans to get surgery done on her breasts.

On Monday (Nov. 28), Doja Cat engaged with some of her 5.5 million Twitter followers in a conversation that led to the Planet Her artist unveiling that she's ready to upgrade her appearance in the form of cosmetic surgery on her breasts. After a Doja Cat fan page, Doja Cat News, tweeted an apparent quote from the Los Angeles rapper regarding what they perceived as her reasons for not receiving any surgical enhancements done to her body, Doja disputed the claim.

"[Doja Cat] on her decision to not get surgery," read the initial tweet from the fan account before diving into Doja's Quote. "'Now to me, beauty is going against it. I love when you take something that is maybe classically beautiful and twist it and make it your own. I want my fans to learn they don't have to be like anyone else.'"

At first, Doja Cat initially responded with the simple one-word question, "Surgery?"

At that point, another Twitter user jumped into the conversation by commenting, "You have no surgery. We know dis."

In response, Doja Cat quickly debunked the two fans' anti-surgery perception of her quote.

She replied: "I'm literally about to get surgery this winter."

A third Doja Cat fan then asked the question that the entire Twitter thread was eager to find out.

"For what," asked the Twitter user, inquiring about the type of surgery Doja has planned.

That's when the "Woman" spitter revealed to her fans that the focus of the upcoming surgery would be to enhance her breasts.

"I just want my titties pulled up cuz some of my tops don't fit the way I want them to," she replied in a very matter-of-fact way.

Doja's new revelation seemed to upset some of her most loyal followers, as another Twitter user, who happens to have a photo of Doja Cat as their profile picture, expressed their distaste for the rapper-singer's personal decision. However, Doja bluntly expressed exactly how that particular comment will not affect her upcoming upgrade in the least.

"If you get surgery, I'm no longer your fan," commented the Twitter user.

Doja Cat simply replied, "And I don't give a fuck."

In a follow-up tweet from the fan account that initially posted the anti-surgery quote in question, a screenshot was shared in an attempt to prove that Doja's current plans for surgery contradict what she had previously said in an interview with Dazed Beauty.

At first, Doja clapped back at the fan account by claiming that the quote from the Dazed Beauty story was taken completely out of context.

"They fucked up the context completely," wrote Doja Cat. "This was about tonsils."

However, upon further review, Doja took back her claims about a potential tonsillectomy and admitted that she was in fact referring to cosmetic surgery.

"[Nevermind] it's about cosmetic," admitted the "Kiss Me More" artist. "Sorry, I read it too fast. They don't use the full interview. They just take the pieces of it that they want and run with that. It was a long as fuck interview."

This isn't the first time Doja Cat and her breasts have made headlines. Back in October, Doja exposed her entire chest region in a viral moment at the tail end of her lavish 27th birthday party. Additionally, in May of 2020, the California-bred rapper admitted that she lied when she said she'd post a photo of her breasts if her song "Say So" made to a No. 1 chart position.

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A portrait of Snoop Dogg as Dobby from the wildly popular movie series Harry Potter got a laugh out of J.K. Rowling, the author of the books based on the hit movies.

On Sunday (Nov. 27), Snoop Dogg shared some fan art on social media that depicted him as the bald, pointy eared house-elf from the fantasy films. In the portrait, Snoop Dobb is staring stoically, while wearing a green sweater and burgundy shawl.

"SnoopDobbyDobb," the rap legend jokingly captioned the post.

On Monday (Nov. 28), J.K. Rowling caught wind of Uncle Snoop's post and apparently thought the illustration was hilarious. She reposted the artwork along with heart and crying laughing emojis.

Snoop Dogg is preparing to see his own story told on the silver screen in an upcoming biopic about his life. Earlier this month, Universal Pictures announced they would be producing the forthcoming film.

"What’s his name? Snoop Dooogggyyy Doooooggg," the studio tweeted, along with musical note emojis. "That’s right, we’re partnering with the Dogg Father himself @SnoopDogg to bring his legendary life-story to the big screen."

Snoop Dogg later released a statement sharing his excitement about the opportunity. "I waited a long time to put this project together because I wanted to choose the right director, the perfect writer, and the greatest movie company I could partner with that could understand the legacy that I’m trying to portray on screen, and the memory I’m trying to leave behind," he said. “It was the perfect marriage. It was holy matrimony, not holy macaroni."

Snoop Dogg is also prepping the release of his new album with Dr. Dre, Missionary.

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's divorce and custody settlement is finally complete and fans are comparing the $2.4 million a year Ye has to reportedly pay in child support to lyrics from his 2005 song "Gold Digger" featuring Jamie Foxx.

On Tuesday (Nov. 29), TMZ broke the news that the former couple had finally concluded their divorce, with a judge ordering Ye to pay his ex-wife Kim Kardashian $200,000 a month in child support for their four kids Saint, Psalm, Chicago and North. In the time since, social media has had a field day with tweets and memes about how the controversial rapper-producer manifested the outcome of his life in his own lyrics.

"Kanye wrote Gold Digger and ended up paying $200k a month in child support.. my grandma always said he careful what you speak over your life," one Twitter user commented on the situation.

"Sooo the kanye 'Gold digger' song was actually a prophecy……Maybe he is the chosen 1," someone else posted along with multiple crying laughing emojis.

Others were not convinced Ye's high child support bill makes Kim Kardashian a gold digger.

"I don't understand why Kanye West should not be paying child support just because she's rich?" someone else questioned. "And how does it make her a gold digger? Why should she have to take on the financial burden of raising kids alone just because she's rich???"

"Calling Kim a gold digger when she's richer then Kanye is so crazy to me," another person posted in Kim's defense.

In addition to child support, Ye must also pay half of the kids' educational expenses through college and half of their children's security expenses. They both have joint custody of the children. Kanye West reportedly did heed to his "Gold Digger" lyrics about prenuptial agreements. He does not have to pay Kim spousal support.

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Rapper Eem Triplin recently received a consolation prize in the form of an Xbox from Rolling Loud after he performed at the festival in September with only around a dozen people in attendance.

The Pennsylvania rap artist shared the news on social media on Tuesday (Nov. 29). The pictures show a custom gold Xbox with his named etched into the top. The game came along with a letter that reads: "Hopefully you get 20 people next time. Love. Rolling Loud."

Eem captioned the post, "Rolling loud sent me a free xbox cause they felt bad i only had 13 people at my set💀."

Rolling Loud responded to Eem's post on Instagram.

"Glad you like it," they captioned the photo of the console along with a smiling face with sunglasses emoji.

Eem Triplin performed at Rolling Loud New York as one of the opening acts on Sept. 25. Clearly, the crowd had yet to arrive by the time of his set, which left him performing for a handful of people. Eem shared video of his set on social media and it appears to show more cameramen than people in the crowd as he fittingly performs his "Awkward Freestyle." In the caption of the post, Eem seemed grateful for the opportunity.

"Performed at rolling loud for 13 people. gotta start somewhere," he captioned the video along with a praying hands emoji.

Many rappers who have become some of the biggest stars in the game have had humble beginnings. Back in 2018, Mike Dean shared video of Travis Scott performing for a very small crowd at a festival in 2013.

After releasing his debut project N0wh3r3 in 2019 and the No More Tears EP (2019), Eem Triplin has been steadily dropping new tracks this year. Last month, he put out the new single "Let You Know" featuring $not.

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's divorce settlement has reportedly been finalized with Ye being mandated to pay $200,000 a month for child support for their four children.

On Tuesday (Nov. 29), TMZ broke the news that the former couple's nearly year-long divorce has officially been settled monetarily. According to the celebrity news site, Ye is on the hook for $2.4 million a year for child support. He must also reportedly cough up "50% of their kids' educational expenses, including tuition" and "50% of their children's security expenses." Kim will reportedly have the kids the majority of the time, but they were both granted joint custody and equal access to their children.

XXL has reached out to Kim Kardashian's team for comment.

Kim Kardashian officially filed for divorce from Ye in February of 2021. Over a year later, in March, she won her divorce battle and was officially made single by the courts. Since then, the former couple has been back and forth in court to try and finalize the custody of their children Chicago, North, Saint and Psalm. Ye hasn't made things easy as he has made continuous allegations that Kim kidnapped Chicago on her last birthday and called out the Kardashian family on multiple occasions. In the process, Ye went through several divorce lawyers.

Back in September, Kanye apologized to Kim for all the stressed he's caused her during an interview on ABC's Good Morning America

"This is the mother of my children, and I apologize for any stress that I have caused, even in my frustration, because God calls me to be stronger," he told GMA. "I need this person to be less stressed and of the best, sound mind and as calm as possible to be able to raise those children at the end of the day."

According to TMZ, Ye does not have to pay spousal support as per their prenup agreement. The news comes on the heels of Kanye West revealing the IRS put a $75 million hold on four of his banks accounts after claiming he owes $50 million in taxes.

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Ally Lotti has come forward to claim Juice Wrld that did not die of an accidental drug overdose in a new Instagram video that has gone viral.

On Monday night (Nov. 28), Ally Lotti went on Instagram Live and started calling out Juice Wrld fans who were dropping "L" in the comments section on the live. Fans have recently called her to task about her behavior recently like starting an OnlyFans account since Juice's death.

"Jarad would be dead proud of me, bitch. So, suck my dick," she said in the video. "You don't know that nigga. He wouldn't even give a shit. He'll piss on you if you were fucking on fire. You don't get it, like, at all. Y'all mad ’cause I'm literally like, 'Ah, blah blah blah.' You guys think he died of a drug overdose. You're wrong! You're wrong, literally! You're wrong! So, suck a dick. ’Cause a lot of shit y'all don't know that I've fucking grieved through myself while I let y'all grieve and talk mad shit on me. I don't care. Im'a go ahead and be what y'all want me to be, which is me."

Lotti's claims come as the third anniversary of Juice Wrld's death approaches. He died on Dec. 8, 2019, after suffering a seizure while authorities were searching a plane he was on for drugs and weapons. According to the official medical examiner's report, the Chicago rapper died "as a result of oxycodone and codeine toxicity." His death was ruled an accident.

On Tuesday (Nov. 29), XXL reached out to Juice Wrld's team for comment on Ally Lotti's video. They declined to offer a statement by saying, "No comment."

Ally has come forward with similar claims in the past. Over the summer, she asserted there was more to Juice Wrld's death than the general public knows.

"I've been quiet for the last year-and-a-half-plus, to myself," Lotti said in an Instagram video. "Took myself away from everyone because I knew what was going to happen. If people knew what happened the day before Jarad passed, and the day that Jarad passed and everything like that, which I cannot speak upon at this moment. But I will. I will. I just have to make sure that I am safe."

"Know you guys have my full support," Lotti continued. "I cannot let Jarad's legacy be what it is. Jarad would never treat any of his fans like this…"

Lil Bibby, head of Grade A Productions, Juice Wrld's label, appeared to respond to the claims when replying to a fan asking him to release more music from the beloved rapper.

"I will try my best, but I am human and I have feelings," Bibby replied. "This is not an easy job. Ppl making crazy allegations and saying hurtful things. I want to put out music because I know that’s what Juice wanted and I know the fans want it. But I sometimes want to quit."

Juice Wrld's upcoming The Party Never Ends album appears to be in limbo after Bibby threatened to cancel the project due to leaked music earlier this year.

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As the hype around the upcoming annual release of Spotify Wrapped continues to build, Spotify users can have some fun by creating a fantasy music festival lineup made up of their most frequently played artists through Instafest, an app that can be used with the streaming platform.

Given the raging popularity of large music festivals like Rolling Loud, J. Cole's Dreamville Festival and Drake's OVO Fest, Instafest allows music streamers to put together a festival lineup custom fitted beyond their wildest dreams. Instafest users can share and compare their would-be festival headliners and supporting acts while being able to avoid seeming pretentious by bragging about how they only listen to the hottest artists in the game.

What is Instafest?

Instafest is a third-party app, separate from Spotify itself, that was designed by Anshay Saboo, a current student at the University of Southern California. The app gathers data from individual Spotify users and their listening habits to generate a graphic display of their own personal music festival lineup similar to the often-viral posters from festivals like Coachella and Bonaroo.

Instafest initially compiles 36 of a user's top artists and places them in both headlining and supporting positions to "perform" at a mock three-day festival beginning on their sign-up date based on the frequency in which said user streams their music. Users can further customize their fantasy lineups by choosing to use Spotify data from either the past four weeks, the past six months or their all-time listening habits. The app also allows fantasy festival curators to create their own names for each festival and they can choose between various backgrounds for their posters.

How to Make a Festival Lineup With Instafest With Spotify

To create your Instafest music festival lineup, first, visit the Instafest app's website. When prompted, simply click either "sign in with Spotify" or "sign in with"

Once you're signed in via the streaming service, Instafest will immediately pool 36 of the artists whose music you've played the most within the last six months. The three most-streamed artists will appear on the graphic as individual headliners for each of the festival's three days and then will be broken down into supporting performers accordingly.

From there, you can tweak your custom lineup by choosing to include your Spotify data from the last four weeks, the last six months or your top artists from the very day you signed up to the streaming service. Then, you can choose between three different backgrounds for the graphic including Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight and Mojave Dusk.

You can type in your own custom name for the festival as well, and other options include hiding your official Spotify username from the graphic and showing what the app refers to as a basic score. The basic score option rates your custom lineup on a scale from zero to 100 based on the overall popularity of the artists you listen to.

When your Instafest is complete with who you view as the hottest artists in the game, just click "save and share" to download your custom festival lineup's graphic poster.

Countless Spotify users have capitalized on Saboo's entertaining third-party app, sparking a viral moment across all social media platforms.

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href=”//” rel=”author”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: November 29,

Earlier this week, Spotify began teasing their #SpotifyWrapped service, a year-end feature that Spotify users love to use and share with their followers. But does Apple Music have a "Wrapped" feature?

The short answer is no. However, Apple Music has something similar to Spotify Wrapped called Apple Music Replay which is essentially a playlist, which lists subscribers' most-streamed songs throughout the year.

‌Apple Music‌ Replay's tracking period usually begins every February and provides updates on what songs a user is listening to most every Sunday. By the end of the year, the user will have an overall snapshot of the tracks they streamed the most in a given year.

How to Access My Apple Music Replay

You can get Apple Music‌ Replay via the web, and sign in to ‌Apple Music‌ with your username and password. Once on the Replay website, you can view details like the number of hours you've listened to music during the year and your top albums and artists. If you want to share your data on social media, you'll need to take screenshots.

You can also access your year-end ‌Apple Music‌ Replay playlists on your iPhone or iPad, but you won't get a comprehensive stat like you would on the web.

Simply, sign into the ‌Apple Music‌ app and click on the "Listen Now" tab. After that, scroll down to "‌Apple Music‌ Replay." Then select one of your replay lists by the corresponding year. Apple Music users can continue checking Replay until December 31 to see if their listening patterns evolved before the start of 2023.

Granted, Spotify's year-end feature is a lot more expansive than Apple Music Replay, but it's the best way Apple Music users can show off their eclectic musical tastes as the year comes to a close.

According to Apple's public year-end report, hip-hop continued to dominate the platform. "Hip-Hop continued to lead the Top Songs chart, accounting for 32 of the top 100 songs of the year," the revealed. 'Pop followed, with 23 songs on the chart, followed by R&B/Soul, with 11 songs. Latin came in fourth, with eight songs, followed by J-Pop, with six."

Additionally, Apple has noted that users can continue checking their Replay report until Dec. 31 as it will actively update based on listening habits over the course of the next month.

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href=”//” rel=”author”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: November 29, 2022Dope As Usual Podcast/YouTube

DDG is going viral after a video resurfaced of him trolling podcast hosts with his "real" voice.

DDG originally appeared on the Dope as Usual Podcast back in October. During the interview, host Dope as Yola told the former XXL Freshman he'd gotten hundreds of request to ask DDG about his "real" voice.

"I don't understand," Yola said at the 57:05-mark of the interview, confused. "Maybe it's an inside joke. We had like 200 people say ask him about his real voice. What does that mean? Is that an inside joke?"

"Nah, it's real," the rapper replied.

"What they think your voice isn't real?" Yola replied. "What?"

"I really talk like this," DDG then said, altering his voice to a low almost frog-like pitch, stunning the podcast hosts. "This my real voice. I just talk like this when I'm trying to make music and make content and shit. But I really talk like this in real life. You can ask anybody. That's how I really talk. When I'm around my family and shit I do that. But, you know, you gotta make a character."

"That fits your face better," the cohost chimed in. "That seems like it would be your tone."

DDG's act has worked, with the video recently going viral. DDG has continued to run with his Barry White imitation. On Nov. 26, he posted a video on Twitter speaking in his newfound baritone where he says he changed his voice for the public because his "real" voice is too damn deep.

Many people have commented about the resurfaced video on social media this week.

"That DDG man needs to embrace his real voice. Don’t be trying to sound like a regular nigga when you sound like a God!" one person tweeted on Monday (Nov. 28).

Others were not convinced.

"I done went down a DDG real voice rabbit hole and I just can’t believe it lmao," someone else posted.

DDG released his new album It's Not Me It's You in September.

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href=”//” rel=”author”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: November 29, 2022The Daily Show with Trevor Noah/YouTube

Will Smith is opening up about his infamous slap of Chris Rock in a new interview.

On Monday (Nov. 28), The Daily Show with Trevor Noah aired their latest episode featuring the award-winning rapper-actor. Will is promoting his new film Emancipation but also spoke on the slap that essentially changed his life.

"That was a horrific night, as you can imagine," Will Smith explained. "There's plenty of nuances, complexities to it. At the end of the day, I lost it. I guess what I would say [is] you just never know what somebody is going through … I was going through something that night. Not that that justifies my behavior at all."

"We just gotta be nice to each other, man," Will Smith continued. "It’s hard. I guess the thing that was most painful for me, is I took my hard and made it hard for other people. I understood the idea when they say hurt people hurt people … That's not who I wanna be."

“I understand how shocking it was to people,” Smith added. “I was gone, dude. That was a rage that had been bottled for a really long time.”

Will Smith's reputation has been somewhat tainted since he walked on stage and violently slapped Chris Rock for making an insensitive joke about Will's wife Jada Pinkett Smith during the live airing of the 2022 Oscars. Will Smith apologized on social media days after the incident. Four months later, in July, he broke his silence in a video he released answering questions about the infamous moment.

"I was fogged out by that point," Will Smith explained. "It's all fuzzy. I've reached out to Chris and the message that came back is that he's not ready to talk and when he is, he will reach out. So I will say to you, Chris, I apologize to you. My behavior was unacceptable and I'm here whenever you are ready to talk."

It does not appear the public apology was enough to mend fences with Chris Rock who blasted the apology days later during a show at the 02 Arena.

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href=”//” rel=”author”>XXL StaffPublished: November 28, 2022greg_price11/Twitter

Kanye West walked out of a live recording of Tim Pool's right-leaning podcast Timcast IRL.

On Monday night (Nov. 28), Kanye West, along with alt-right figures Nick Fuentes and Milo Yiannopoulos, joined Tim Pool for a live recording of Pool's podcast, Timcast IRL. Pool's YouTube channel boasts over 1.4 million subscribers and typically caters its content to a right-wing demographic.

Pool centered the show's discussion around Ye's recent dinner with Donald Trump, which Fuentes and Yiannopoulos were also at. West explained how he and Yiannopoulos connected after he posted his controversial "death con" tweet regarding Jewish people in September.

Pool began to question Kanye's thought process when it comes to Jewish people, to which Kanye responded, "Have you ever heard the term, 'The Black vote'? So, it's OK to put us in one net, but it's not OK for me to put them in one net?"

At around the show's 15-minute mark, West threatened to walk off the show if he had to defend his thoughts on Jewish people. "I'm literally gonna walk the f-off the show if I'm sitting up here having to, you know, talk about, 'You can't say that it was Jewish people that did it,' when every sensible person knows that."

Before storming off, Ye went on to claim he believes that God is taking everything away from him in oder for him to be used as an empty vessel.

Then, Pool responded and said, "I think they've been extremely unfair to you."

"Who is 'they,' though?" West interjected.

"Corporate press. I don't use the word as the way, I guess, you guys use," Pool replied.

"It is them, though, isn't it?" Fuentes asked.

"No, it's not," Pool answered.

This response from Pool seemed to be what pushed West to his breaking point for the interview. "What do you mean it's not?" he fired back at Tim.

"OK, so what about…," Pool began as Kanye can be heard taking off his headphones offscreen, and then walking onscreen in the background of Tim's camera shot as Tim asked, "You leaving?"

"He's gone," Pool continued, despite West's absence. "I'll say it right now: You guys want to bring that stuff up, and then think we're not gonna have a conversation?"

Yiannopoulos and Fuentes soon followed Kanye's leave.

According to The Spectator editor Amber Athey, who claimed to be in attendance for the show's filming tonight, Kanye grabbed a handful of cookies before leaving Pool's studio.

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href=”//” rel=”author”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: November 28, 2022Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Pusha T has been mum on Kanye West's recent undoing as a result of Ye going on a month-long anti-Semitic tirade. Now, the G.O.O.D. Music president has broken his silence.

On Monday (Nov. 28), the Los Angeles Times ran a profile piece on King Push, where the Virginia rapper talked about his recent Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album and opened up about how Ye's recent antics haven't sit well with him.

Previously, Pusha T has had Kanye's back through his public up and downs, a luxury afforded to Ye due to their close bond.

"Creatively, Ye has meant freedom to me," Pusha T said of his relationship with Ye. "A lot of times, people would try to get me to change certain things about my process, change certain things about me lyrically, change certain things about the content. He never has been like that. He always saw me for who I was and knew how to take it to the next level."

However, Pusha refused to cosign Ye's hate speech.

"It’s definitely affected me," Pusha T told the Times. "It’s been disappointing. As a Black man in America, there is no room for bigotry or hate speech. So yeah. It’s been very disappointing, let’s talk straight."

Kanye West has turned a lot of people off following two months of anti-Semitic comments and revelations about prior inappropriate instances and Adolf Hitler admirationSeveral companies have cut ties with the rapper for his hate speech, with the biggest being Adidas who terminated their partnership with Ye on Oct. 25.

Ye recently revealed he will be again running for president of the United States in 2024, following a failed attempt in 2020.


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href=”//” rel=”author”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: November 28, 2022Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Cardi B says she's fallen into a sense of despare while helping her husband Offset deal with the tragic murder of his cousin and bandmate Takeoff.

On Monday (Nov. 28), Cardi B shared a since-deleted voice memo on Twitter where she spoke on dealing with the mental damage caused by Takeoff's murder in Houston earlier this month.

"I know that y'all been seeing my Insta-Stories, and y'all see Offset in and out of my Stories and everything," Cardi B started. "We living our life normally. But deep down inside our hearts have been so heavy. And I feel like if I talk about the incident, so desenstized, I feel like if we talk about how we really feel, like what muthafuckas been really going through, y'all would say, 'Sympathy. Oh, sympathy.' And we don't want no sympathy. We ain't no charity case."

She continued, "But, no lie, I have been feeling so hopeless trying to make my husband happy, trying to make him crack a smile. Seeing him randomly cry. Seeing him trying to distract his mind. Completely fucking schedule been changing trying to keep up with work after everything he been going through for these past couple of weeks."

Cardi B closed with a warning. "We not in the mood to be fucking playing around with y'all, dead-ass. I will dead-ass kill y'all. Stop fucking playing," she concluded.

As previously reported, Takeoff was shot and killed outside a Houston bowling alley on Nov. 1. The shooting was preceded by an argument that took place outside the private event where around 40 people were gathered. Two other people suffered non life-threatening injuries in the shooting. Quavo was present but uninjured in the shooting. Takeoff was laid to rest following a huge memorial service at State Farm Arena in Atlanta on Nov. 11.

On Nov. 15, Offset broke his silence about Takeoff's death on Instagram.

"Dear Take, doesn’t feel real posting you like this," Offset wrote in part in the tribute post's caption. "This still doesn’t feel like reality. I’ve been searching for the right words to say, but there aren’t any that will suffice. Until we meet again, rest in power. I love you."

Takeoff's murder remains unsolved.

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