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Chris Brown reportedly owes the IRS over $4 million in unpaid state and federal taxes.

On Tuesday (Jan. 24), Distractify first reported Chris Brown is facing a hefty tax bill. According to documents obtained by the site, CB was hit with a federal tax lien for $2,245,561.50 last month. Additionally, the government reportedly added another $1,059,967.78 on top of that. The state of California is reportedly seeking a cut as well, filing a state tax lien for $739,067.48. In total, the "Under the Influence" crooner is behind $4,044,596.76. If the debts go unpaid, the government could move in to take Brown's Tarzana, Calif. home and assets including his businesses.

News of the tax issue came a day before Chris Brown went viral after he shared video of the building that houses his clothing collection, which looks more like a fully-stocked department store.

XXL has reached out to Chris Brown's team for comment on his tax issue.

It is not very uncommon for rappers to run into tax problems. Last November, Kanye West claimed two of his bank accounts were frozen after the IRS said he owed $50 million in taxes. Last summer, Nicki Minaj had to shoot down rumors that she owed $173 million in back taxes. In 2021, it was reported Lil Pump owed $1.6 million in unpaid taxes.

In 2017, DMX was hit with tax evasion charges after owing the IRS $1.7 million. The late rapper ended up being sentenced to a year in prison for the charges. In 2014, Flo Rida cleared a nearly $1.2 million tax debt. Mystikal has faced tax issues on multiple occasions, with one leading to his arrest.

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XXL celebrates 50 years of hip-hop with this moment:

Jan. 26, 2014: On this day in 2014, Kendrick Lamar teamed up with rock band Imagine Dragons for a mash-up performance of the their current hits, "m.A.A.d city" and "Radioactive," respectively, at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards. It's been considered by many to be an epic performance that deserves some new-millennium preservation.

Those of us lucky enough to see hip-hop history in the making during that particular televised 2014 Grammys show, or even better, see it live, will remember K-Dot's explosive performance during his rendition of "m.A.A.d city." During their set, both Kendrick and the band members were dressed in all white as colored powder cannons went off around him and the rock band.

Between the blended bass lines and the raw energy exhibited by the Compton rhymer and Imagine Dragons lead singer Dan Reynolds, the mash-up was undoubtedly one of the best performances of the night. The collaboration was also released on iTunes the next day under the title, "Radioactive (Remix)" and helped boost albums sales for both Kendrick and Imagine Dragons.

A week after this electrifying show, Imagine Dragons performed the remix for a second time on Saturday Night Live, where Kendrick would reprise his performance once more.

Kendrick also had somewhat of a controversial experience on this Grammys night back in 2014. The creative rhymer received seven nominations but went home empty-handed. Most notably, Kendrick lost the Best Rap Album trophy for his critically acclaimed debut album, good kid, m.A.A.d city, to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' project, The Heist.

K-Dot took it all in stride and sat down with XXL to discuss how he felt about the Best Rap Album loss. "He [Macklemore] went out there and hustled and grinded," he said. "Everything happens for a reason; the universe comes back around, that's how it go."

At least we have video of Kendrick Lamar's stellar performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards as a consolation prize.

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2 Chainz recently got a pleasant surprise while getting a busted pipe serviced in his basement, discovering his late father's old stash of cash.

Last night (Jan. 25), 2 Chainz hopped on his Instagram Story to relay the incident to fans. In the clip, the Atlanta rapper is sifting through what looks like hundreds of rolled up bills in a birthday bag. More cash is laying on the table beside the bag.

"Quick story," 2 Chainz said in the video. "I had a busted pipe in the basement. They fixed my basement and they found…I guess this is my pops old stash of cash."

2 Chainz's father died in 2012, just as the Dope Don't Sell Itself rapper's solo career was taking off. Last March, 2 Chainz talked about getting the hustler's spirit from his pops during his digital cover story with XXL, which focused on Tity Boi's business prowess.

"My daddy sold bricks and he sold weed," 2 Chainz told XXL. "My mama’s mama, she was a bootleg lady. My mama was into real estate when I was young. My daddy never had a job. I never remember him getting up early. I never remember him complaining about being in traffic from coming home late from work. I don’t remember none of that. I remember Cadillacs and I remember my uncle having plenty of jewelry."

"I had an uncle who owned a liquor store," he added. "He employed all of my uncles. A lot of that stuff was just stuff that I was subconsciously peeping out. Like, how to do it by yourself. I’m a hustler as well."

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DJ Khaled is a new model for Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Valentine's Day Collection.

Last night (Jan. 25), DJ Khaled shared a post announcing he is now a brand ambassador and model for RiRi's popular lingerie, sleepwear and clothing brand.

"Happy Valentines, everybody," Khaled says in the video while wearing what appears to be a black, silk pajama set. "This is like my boxer-pajama vibe, you know, for Valentine's," DJ Khaled explains. "As soon as I put this on, my queen she came running. I'm like, 'Nah ma, chill, chill, chill.' You know, it's that Savage X Fenty."

He captioned the post, "@SavageXFenty Valentine's Day has got something for EVERY BODY! Get yours now! @badgalriri DID! Love and more blessings!"

DJ Khaled recently talked to BET Lifestyle about the collab with Rihanna's wildly popular brand.

"I want to thank Rihanna and Savage X Fenty for letting me be part of this campaign,” Khaled said. "Rihanna is a visionary, and for her to give me the opportunity to wear the clothes, it was so dope and organic.”

"I love that she lets me be myself," he continued. "I promote to the world to always be yourself. She inspires me.”

Will we be seeing Khaled on the runway anytime soon?

“I've been trying to tell the world I wear a lot of hats. You see me in that robe," Khaled added. “I’ve got a modeling career ahead of me, you know.”

Along with her Savage X Fenty V-Day Collection rollout, Rihanna is preparing for her upcoming Super Bowl halftime show performance next month.

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Following her epic ensemble earlier this week, Doja Cat is continuing to serve looks at Paris Fashion Week. This time, the "Woman" rapper is turning heads with a look that features faux facial hair.

On Wednesday (Jan. 25), Doja Cat shared her latest PFW getup on Instagram, which she wore at the Viktor & Rolf Haute Couture Spring Summer 2023 show. In the photo, Doja is rocking a look straight out of the 1800s. She accented the attire with a fake mustache, eyebrows and soul patch. Doja Cat commented on the outfit on her Instagram Story.

"If lashes are what y'all want, then lashes are what you'll get," she wrote.

Doja Cat went viral on Monday (Jan. 23), when she wore an eye-grabbing red Schiaparelli silk faille bustier, matching stiletto boots and a knitted skirt covered in lacquered wooden beads at the Haute Couture Spring Summer show at Paris Fashion Week. In addition, her skin was painted in red and covered in 30,000 Swarovski crystals.

Doja Cat has been battling critics since she shaved her head and eyebrows last summer. Last month, she responded to people online saying her new look was part of a devilish humiliation ritual.

"No, this is not a humiliation ritual, I feel sexy as fuck," Doja Cat snapped on Livestream. "I'm cute. I'm a cute bitch. There, I said it. I'm not gonna say it again ’cause it's cringe. But I think that I look great. I look cool. I like my hair. I think it's sheik. I like my brows like this. I think it's cute. I do my makeup crazy, it's fun. And that's me expressing myself. You think that's the Devil? Then you can go back to your fucking little cave."

Doja Cat is currently working on the follow-up to her Grammy-nominated album Planet Her.

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Video of Young Thug in court looking defeated has fans of the rapper concerned.

Jury selection in the YSL trial continues to drag on as both sides try to narrow hundreds of potential jurors down to 12. Young Thug has appeared in court for the proceedings each day. On Tuesday (Jan. 24), courtroom video from the trial shows the rapper resting his head during a recess in the trial and appearing to look worn out by it all.

In a Livestream of the trial that was uploaded on the Infamous Sylvia YouTube channel, Young Thug can be seen sitting in court behind a desk full of papers. At one point, around the 55 minute-mark of the video below, Thugger appears to stare off solemnly before lowering his head face-first onto the table. He stays in the position for over a minute before his attorney Brian Steel walks over a briefly rubs Thug's back. Thug stays down for another few minutes. He eventually rises and court commences.

The video clip has circulated on social media, with fans of the embattled rapper commenting on the snippet.

"Sheeeshhhh, it get lonely in dat court room when you fighting for your life. Went from having his way to facing a dub [plus]," one Twitter user commented on the video.

"Sigh. This gets more upsetting everytime prayers up to him and his family can’t say nothing about his label group YSL," someone else commented on the topic.

Others were not as sympathetic.

"Well the nigga got caught doin a drug exchange while sittin in court on a RICO charge so yea i’d say thats an appropriate response," another tweet reads.

Young Thug is one of 14 people on trial in the YSL RICO case Thug has been charged with eight counts of violating the RICO Act as well as possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of codeine with intent to distribute, possession of cocaine, possession of a firearm and possession of a machine gun charges.

Jury selection in the case started on Jan. 4. The case is expected to take close to a year to try. Last week, video went viral of Young Thug allegedly being handed a prescription drug by his codefendant Kahlieff Adams.

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XXL celebrates 50 years of hip-hop with this feature.

When it comes to hip-hop, there’s something to be said about a genre that has withstood the test of time. The 1970s marked the rise of rap, birthing a cultural movement that embraces a way of living in the truest sense. As music worked itself into an experimental era, nothing reflected the Black experience quite like hip-hop—the good, the bad and the ugly.

By most accounts, DJ Kool Herc’s storied back-to-school party in the Bronx is what allowed hip-hop to take form. The genre went on to become increasingly popular, gaining traction among the urban youth that gathered at local block parties in New York City, which of course, led to the creation of new sounds. Further down the line, groups like Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five and The Sugarhill Gang started making their mark in the space as well. The latter is credited for introducing the first commercially successful rap song, "Rapper’s Delight."

This was a golden era in music, a time where MCs rocked the mic to give records a new meaning. Though there are disputes as to who hip-hop’s true originator might be, its position as a powerful medium in the music world is something that's universally agreed upon. In other words, the genre was celebrated across the board, turning an underground movement into a growing phenomenon. But that’s not to say things were only taking place on the East Coast.

Around the same time, new ways of spinning records and dancing started to emerge from out West, too. There were a number of DJs, b-boys and MCs who were keeping the party alive. Most notably, duos like Disco Daddy & Captain Rapp laid the foundation for West Coast hip-hop with their 1981 single "The Gigolo Rap." While the fellas were busy peppering extended loops with chorus-free rhymes, the first ladies of hip-hop played their part in creating history as well. For example, The Mercedes Ladies broke the mold as the first all-female rap group. But it doesn’t stop there.

As hip-hop prepares to turn 50 this year, XXL takes a look at some of the first rap groups to push play on progress. Check out the list below.—Derrius Edwards

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Rick Ross owns just about every car you can think of but chances are slim he will be pushing a new Tesla anytime soon.

On Tuesday (Jan. 24), Rozay shared his thoughts on the popular autonomous rides on his Instagram Story.

"I won't say I'll never have a smart car, but I've never ridden in a Tesla," Rick Ross explains to someone off camera. "Never. Never in my life. I've never ridden in a Tesla and the reason being is because I've always had in the back of my mind, the government could tap into the brain of the car. 'OK, where's Rick? He's over there. Nah, bring him in for questioning.' [Makes car sounds with mouth]. Nigga, like, where I'm going? It's leaving WingStop. You pull up to the building and the agent walk out. 'Hey, Rick.'"

"What you think it can't?" Rick Ross continued. "So if you get in that muthafucka, that muthafucka lock the door and take you where it wanna go. You think you finna smoke a blunt? That bitch will suck the air out that bitch."

This isn't the first time Rick Ross has shared a conspiracy theory recently. In October of 2022, Rozay revealed he was afraid to drink almond milk because he didn't know how it was made.

"I'm still not up on the almond milk," Ross told DJ Khaled during an episode of GQ Hype Debate. "Rozay still frightened."

"I just got up on 2% milk a couple years ago. Now y'all trying to conspiracy," he added.

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XXL celebrates 50 years of hip-hop with this moment:

Jan. 25, 1998: On this day in 1998, Queen Latifah became the first rapper to grace the Super Bowl stage, which opened the door for hip-hop to come through and move the crowd.

Queen Latifah was among a bevy of performers selected for the halftime show during Super Bowl XXXII between the Denver Broncos and the Green Bay Packers at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, Calif. The halftime show was "A Tribute to Motown's 40th Anniversary" (the label was founded in 1959), and it featured performances from Motown legends Smokey Robinson, Martha Reeves and The Temptations, as well as the label's top acts at the time, Boyz II Men and Latifah.

When Queen Latifah, born Dana Owens, appeared on the Motown tribute, she performed "Paper," from her 1998 album, Order in the Court, which features her singing not rapping. The song also samples Marvin Gaye's "I Heard It Through the Grapevine," which was a gigantic hit for Motown back in 1967.

Her performance must have left a huge impression on NFL bosses because Latifah made two more Super Bowl appearances. The Grammy Award-winning rhymer performed "America the Beautiful" before the start of Super Bowl XLIV in 2010 and at Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014, respectively.

In an interview on A Late Show: Super Bowl Special with host Stephen Colbert that aired on Feb. 8, 2021, the rapper-actress said performing at three different Super Bowls was an amazing experience.

"It is like no other feeling in the world," Latifah described to Colbert. "I think most hip-hop artists would liken it to playing Madison Square Garden [in New York City]. But other than that, there's nothing that can compare to it."

As for her first Super Bowl performance in 1998, Latifah joked that she couldn't stand still and was so nervous she felt like she had to go to the bathroom one more time. Nevertheless, the "U.N.I.T.Y." rhymer recalled feeling like royalty rocking the Super Bowl halftime stage.

"You feel this sort of reverence in a way because you not only want to rock this song, or whatever performance you're gonna do, but you feel like you're an American and you feel like you're doing it in front of the world," she said.

Latifah's Super Bowl appearances allowed other rappers to deliver memorable performances on the famed stage, including Nelly, Diddy, Nicki Minaj, Black Eyed Peas, Missy Elliott, Travis Scott and Big Boi. And we can't forget Dr. Dre's February 2022 Super Bowl halftime show, featuring Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent and Mary J. Blige.

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A Nipsey Hussle joke in a resurfaced episode of Family Guy has some people calling foul.

On Tuesday morning (Jan. 24), Twitter user @lowkeykai_ shared a snippet of the Family Guy episode that contained a joke referencing the late rapper. The episode, which originally aired in April of 2021, is titled "Young Parent Trap." In one scene, Chris notifies his father he is going to a concert event called Quachella.

“They’re gonna have holograms of Tupac and also Nipsey Hussle, who I’d never heard of and then was told to care immensely about,” Chris says in the episode.

The post has gone viral, with many people weighing in on whether the joke was fair or foul.

"Family guy made a Nipsey Hussle joke that was so put of pocket bruh," one person tweeted in response to the clip.

"White people show making fun of a really tragic event like that feels kinda wrong, idk, feels like mockery, don't forget these people made Cleveland and had him voiced by mike Henry," another person posted.

Not everyone was upset over the cartoon's dark humor.

"I know damn well 'they' ain’t tryna cancel Family Guy over a Nipsey Hussle joke that was accurate lmao. That show comes for EVERYBODY-not just 'us,'" someone else commented.

Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed outside his The Marathon Clothing store in Los Angeles in March of 2019. Last July, Nipsey Hussle's murderer, Eric Holder Jr., was found guilty of killing the beloved rapper. He faces potential life in prison when sentenced on Feb. 22.

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Kanye West has resurfaced in a new video confronting a paparazzo who continued to film Ye and his reported wife after the rapper continuously asked him to stop.

Kanye West has been keeping a low profile in recent weeks, amid rumors that he got married to Yeezy designer Bianca Censori earlier this month. On Monday (Jan. 23), Ye resurfaced and was captured on video by a paparazzo as Ye and Censori were attempting to get into their car after leaving a tanning salon in West Hollywood, Calif. In the clip, Ye quickly becomes perturbed after realizing he is being filmed.

"Stop. Just stop, bro," Kanye West warns. "It's antagonistic. You got the shot. It's like, you don't even know. You just jump up on people like this."

"Do you know the first time I took medication, where I was?" Kanye continues. "’Cause I got mad a paparazzi. Do you know what paparazzi was? The same ones that shot Brittney. My dad did photography for newspapers. It has to be some kind of balance, some kind of conversation. I can't live in California and my life like I'm some kind of caged animal."

The photographer profusely apologizes, but Kanye isn't done speaking his peace.

"The media doesn't have a right to just, boom, pop up," he adds. "We ain't have no idea. Then I have no say so in the shot. It's not just that. It's the entire media. Y'all find out where we are at. Y'all take this photo. What percentage of the money do we get off these photos?"

When the pap notifies Kanye it is not unlawful in California for him to take pictures of Kanye in a public place, Ye reacts by asking the man how he would feel if the rapper took his camera, leading to a tense moment where the photographer is clearly shook.

"Let people know. Let all the paparazzi know. It's up," Kanye concludes before returning to his car.

After a wild fourth quarter of 2022, Ye reportedly kicked off the new year by wedding Bianca Censori in a private ceremony in Utah. Other than that, Kanye has been staying out of the public eye. So much so that his attorneys are reportedly unable to get in contact with him.

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XXL celebrates 50 years of hip-hop with this moment:

Jan. 24, 2006: After four albums and numerous sell-out tours, Tha Alkaholiks went their separate ways after releasing their fifth studio project, Firewater, via Waxploitation and Koch Records in 2006.

Tha Alkaholiks, also known as Tha Liks, consist of rappers J-Ro (born James Robinson) and Tash (born Rico Smith) in addition to DJ/producer E-Swift (born Eric Brooks). From 1993 to 2001, the rap trio released four albums filled with party jams, stoner anthems and homages to their favorite malt liquor brands.

In 1993, Tha Liks released their debut album 21 & Over through Loud Records, followed by Coast II Coast in 1995, Likwidation in 1997, and X.O. Experience in 2001. Throughout their careers, they have collaborated with Nas, Busta Rhymes, Xzibit, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Pharrell Williams, Kurupt and many others.

Since Firewater would be their last album together, Tha Liks laid down the funk (thanks to E-Swift's stellar production) and turned up the party jams on their final outing. Standout tracks include the set's first single, "The Flute Song (LaLaLa)," where Tha Liks celebrate their longevity in the rap game, and the rollicking drum-driven track "Chaos," produced by Danger Mouse.

"Knowing Firewater was going to be our last album made us very, very focused," E-Swift told Billboard in 2005, before the album's release. "We knew there was never going to be a second chance and we owed it to our fans to put everything we could into it, right here, right now."

Firewater debuted at No. 38 on the Billboard Top Independent Chart for the week of Feb. 11, 2006.

Although Tha Alkaholiks disbanded in 2006, the group still continue perform at music festivals from coast to coast.

Watch Tha Alkaholiks' "The Flute Song (La La La)" Music Video BelowListen to Tha Alkaholiks' Song "Chaos" BelowListen to Tha Alkaholiks' Song "Do It" BelowSee the Best Album Series in Hip-HopWhich one is your favorite?Filed Under: Tha Alkaholiks, Today in Hip-HopCategories: News, Today in Hip-Hop

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Sada Baby is celebrating his sobriety after revealing that at one time he was spending up to $20,000 per week on lean.

On Tuesday (Jan. 24), Sada Baby hit up Twitter to address people saying he looked high in a recent video he uploaded on social media. In the clip, Sada is in the studio vibing to the playback of a song he just recorded.

"Because I was doin’ the explanation shit all damn session like I do anyways," Sada Baby typed. "How [the fuck] do y'all think I was too high? Do y'all really know what junkies look like? They [can't] function, dumb-ass ppl. Know me before you think I'm too high like these MFs who be overdosing. Not Casada."

In an eye-opening follow-up post regarding his past drug use, Sada said he is currently sober after quitting his $10,000 to $20,000 a week promethazine and codeine habit. He also divulged that he is no longer purchasing Percocet pills and has even given up smoking cigarettes.

"Ain't spent 10-20k a week on lean in longer than a year," tweeted Sada Baby. "Ain't bought over 5 perks in two months. Ain't smoked a cigarette in two months. Suck my dick [and] celebrate my sobriety."

Sada Baby is one of a few Detroit rappers to recently celebrate their sobriety. Last summer, Famous revealed he'd been clean for five months after entering rehab. Eminem annually celebrates his sobriety on social media.

See Sada Baby Celebrate His Sobriety and Explain How Much He Used to Spend on Drugs BelowSee 10 Rappers’ Purchases That Broke the BankBig spendin’.Filed Under: Sada BabyCategories: News

href=”//” rel=”author”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: January 24, 2023Leon Bennett/Rocky Widner/ Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images (3)

50 Cent believes Eminem has had a bigger impact on hip-hop than Jay-Z.

Back on Jan. 12, Shaquille O'Neal's new podcast The Big Podcast aired an episode with former NBA player Jamal Crawford. During the talk, the topic of hip-hop came up when Crawford compared the ranking of his top five NBA players to hip-hop artists, with Crawford using Jay-Z and Eminem's impact on the culture as an example.

"My five, the dominance outweighs the number," Crawford said at the 43:15 mark of the interview (below). "You can't change the game and say this person has more points than me, he's better. It's beyond that. Jay-Z's affect on hip-hop is bigger than any album sales Eminem will have. That's just how it goes."

On Sunday (Jan. 22), 50 Cent caught wind of the conversation via an Instagram blog and decided to weigh in in the comment section.

"Ha bullshit," he wrote along with a sneezing emoji.

50 Cent has been Team Eminem since he was signed by Shady in the early 2000s and that bond has never been broken. Earlier this month, Fif revealed he is working on an 8 Mile TV series.

"I think it should be [Eminem's] his legacy," 50 Cent said of the show, which would be based off Eminem's 2002 film of the same name. "It's important to me that they understand it. When [Steve] Stout would say ‘the tanning of America’ because America’s listening to Black music, right? And it’s really the culture losing its color for everybody to feel like they can enjoy it and appreciate it. Because they see someone who’s accepted and respected and it makes them a part of it also."

This isn't the first time 50 has defended Eminem's honor against Hov. Last April, he called out Jay-Z after it was revealed that Eminem wouldn't perform at the Jigga-curated 2022 Super Bowl halftime show without 50.

See the Full Episode of Shaquille O'Neal's The Big Podcast and 50 Cent's Reaction Below50 Centthehiphopwolf/Instagramloading…See 50 Facts About EminemFiled Under: 50 Cent, Eminem, Jay-ZCategories: News

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A recent review of Ice Spice's new EP, Like..? has found her debut project receiving higher ratings than some of the rap game's most popular projects including albums from Drake and 21 Savage, Future and more.

On Monday (Jan. 23), Pitchfork published a detailed review of Ice Spice's debut EP, Like..?, following its release this past Friday. In the article, the six-song project received a higher rating than Drake and 21 Savage's album, Her Loss, Future's I Never Liked You and Lil Baby's It's Only Me, all of which were lauded as being some of the best hip-hop projects of 2022.

While albums like Her Loss and I Never Liked You hold Pitchfork rankings of 6.4 and 6.0 out of 10, respectively, Ice Spice's Like..? was rated more than a whole point higher with a 7.6.

"Repping a city of larger-than-life characters like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Jay-Z, and Lil’ Kim, a ​​borough of loyal and street-savvy Bronxites, and a rap subgenre known for its gritty ominousness, Spice’s chilled and cutesy demeanor stands out," wrote Pitchfork reviewer Heven Haile about Like..?. "As the daughter of an underground rapper, she’s well-versed in hip-hop and specifically drill history."

Pitchfork's exceptionally high review of Ice Spice's EP compared to other notable hip-hop projects, such as Metro Boomin's latest album, Heroes & Villains, which was ranked 7.2 out of 10, has seen the popular music review site facing backlash across social media.

"This the craziest shit I see in a hot minute," wrote one Twitter user.

Pitchfork Reviews Ice Spice EP Higher Than Drake, 21 Savage, Future and Other AlbumsRap TV/Twitterloading…

"Pluto, Rodeo, Metro?" commented a person via Instagram. "They on them drugs that we ain't even got yet."

Pitchfork Reviews Ice Spice EP Higher Than Drake, 21 Savage, Future and Other Albumsourgenerationmusic/Instagramloading…

"Ain't no way," added another Instagram user. "Haven't listened. It might be pretty cool but insert hating."

Pitchfork Reviews Ice Spice EP Higher Than Drake, 21 Savage, Future and Other Albumsourgenerationmusic/Instagramloading…

Another IG commenter added: "Bro, who is in charge of evaluating the albums? Because they have no fucking idea."

Pitchfork Reviews Ice Spice EP Higher Than Drake, 21 Savage, Future and Other Albumsourgenerationmusic/Instagramloading…

One Twitter user even took the opportunity to throw shade at Drake and 21 Savage's Her Loss album while questioning why Metro Boomin's Heroes & Villains was reviewed lower than Ice Spice's Like..?.

"Her Loss was super mid but Heroes & Villains, the fuck?" they wrote.

Pitchfork Reviews Ice Spice EP Higher Than Drake, 21 Savage, Future and Other AlbumsRap TV/Twitterloading…

On the flip side, there were plenty of Ice Spice fans who were quick to defend the Bronx native and her EP's 7.6 out of 10 rating.

"Real music back on top," tweeted one Ice Spice proponent on Twitter.

Pitchfork Reviews Ice Spice EP Higher Than Drake, 21 Savage, Future and Other AlbumsRap TV/Twitterloading…

"I'm not seeing a problem," added another.

Pitchfork Reviews Ice Spice EP Higher Than Drake, 21 Savage, Future and Other AlbumsRap TV/Twitterloading…

"I actually agree with all of those besides [I Never Liked You]," wrote a rap fan in reference to Future's most recent album.

Pitchfork Reviews Ice Spice EP Higher Than Drake, 21 Savage, Future and Other AlbumsRap TV/Twitterloading…

Another Twitter user added: "Her [Ice Spice] album is actually a 10/10"

Pitchfork Reviews Ice Spice EP Higher Than Drake, 21 Savage, Future and Other AlbumsRap TV/Twitterloading…

As of this week, Like..? cracked the top five on Apple Music's Top Albums chart and is currently at No. 5 directly behind Drake and 21 Savage's Her Loss and Metro Boomin's Heroes & Villains, which are No. 3 and No. 4, respectively. While Ice Spice's EP hasn't found its way onto the Billboard 200 albums chart just yet, Heroes & Villains, Her Loss and Lil Baby's It's Only Me each currently sit within the top 10 on that chart, all of which received lower ratings than Like..? in Pitchfork reviews.

See Projects That Pitchfork Reviewed Lower Than Ice Spice's Like..? and More Social Media Reactions BelowSee Hip-Hop Albums That People Hated When They First Came Out and Over Time Became BelovedWhich album were you not a fan of at first?Filed Under: 21 Savage, Drake, Future, Ice SpiceCategories: News

href=”//” rel=”author”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: January 24, 2023Maury Phillips/Earl Gibson III/Getty Images (2)

Blueface and DJ Akademiks are trading shots on social media after Ak reported one of Blue's homes is in pre-foreclosure.

The situation popped off on Jan. 20, when DJ Akademiks made a fiery report on his Twitch stream that alleged one of the "Thotiana" rapper's homes was in jeopardy of being repossessed by the bank. Ak's claims began to circulate the internet, causing Blueface to respond on Sunday (Jan. 22).

"They tryna take my 2nd house because the police has labeled it as a 'nuisance' to the area due to…to many 911 calls for Robbery shootings fights ETC," Blueface explained. "I know ak thought he ate an had a way to say he had more doe then me but money can’t fix everything ak has 1 house he’s renting."

In follow-up posts he added, "Key word is they 'trying' garantee they don’t an I will still have more houses then @Akademiks at his old age…Akademiks makes money off donations get a real job bro."

A couple hours later, Ak continued to taunt Blueface. This time over Blue's recent claims that Drake follows Chrisean Rock on Instagram because Drizzy is infatuated with Blue.

"Blueface on drugs guys," DJ Akademiks posted on Twitter. "It was confirmed to me by a few ppl and definitely once he said Drake followed his girl cuz he was infatuated with him… Cmon dog. Get some help."

From there, Blueface let off a barrage of posts dissing Ak due to his age and occupation, and asked the hip-hop talking head for a fair one.

"Ak is my lil bro fr I’m helping him learn an get his research up I always have time to teach my lil bro new things no funny shit," Blueface tweeted. "Barely leasing your first house at 31 talking high powered is crazy work…Bro had a 5 year head start an still L…Cuh graduated in 05..Ak became the prize at 31 bingo prize ass nigga I’m on yo head foresure…A 31 year old man Ina room on twitch thanking people for donations playing with him self could never be me at 31."

He added, "I could tweet about @Akademiks all day lol ima sore winner…Bet not turn the fade down after you said all that for lil baby your next response better be yo best caught you Ina mouse trap now..I’ll take da fade ak ?…Crickets."

Blue then shared a video of DJ Akademiks talking about boxing Lil Baby.

"Had all the energy for lil baby tho cuz said actually I’m not boxing you," Blue captioned the clip.

This morning (Jan. 24), Ak fired back, bringing up Blueface's recent claims that he doesn't think Chrisean Rock's newly announced baby is his because she's slept with several men.

"Fight the 10 Niggas who piped ya girl out," Ak replied. "The the girl who keep beating ur ass and IM100% down Nigga. MMA shit. Imma buy ur foreclosure house and kick u and ur child and the mother of ur child out and the 10 niggas she done f*cked!!!!!"

He added, "Blueface said 10 Niggas F*CKED his girl in the last year and she still dropped a video of him eating that nasty SNATCH. own up to ur responsibility. U FINNA BE ON CHILD SUPPORT @bluefacebleedem. GET UR MANHOOD back from ya girl…10 Niggas piped out Blueface girl and he still taking Henny bottles to the head. CLOWN. get ur MANHOOD back before u talk to me."

Akademiks then offered money to anyone who has had a sexual encounter with Chrisean Rock to come on his Twitch show.

"I got $5 K per Nigga who F*cked BLUEFACE girl who down to get on my twitch stream breaking it down how it happened," he added. "DNA test included. F*ck maury. BIG AK finna do a paternity test for that broke Ass Nigga BLUEFACE . Im pledging $50k for this effort. WHO GOT BLUEFACE girl pregnant."

This afternoon, Blueface kept things going, adding another response to Ak's low blow.

"Ak want me to fight a female instead of him at 31 years old give it up bro squabble up or shut up," Blueface posted. "We all know when a Nigga turning a fade down an @Akademiks is clearly turning it down the best way he know how to."

"Niggas always use a bitch as a cop out sound like a bitch ass Nigga to me," he added. "Nigga said MMA he must wanna wrestle or some lol cuz ak fasho can’t throw no kicks with his fat ass…Ak was Ina committed relationship with celina Powell come on cuz you really wan talk about a bitch bro…Ak is offering 5k to 10 niggas to take the fade for him I must be the big bad wolf or some cuz he was so gangsta for lil baby."

Blueface and Ak's Twitter beef comes after Blueface recently fought with Chrisean Rock on Twitter. Just days prior to them announcing their split and Chrisean Rock's pregnancy.

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href=”//” rel=”author”>Kemet HighPublished: January 24, 2023Def Jam Recordings

It’s a new day for SwaVay. His music first started to take off a few years back, but now the Atlanta-bred artist has popped back out with a new energy that’s given him more momentum than ever before. SwaVay’s latest project Almetha’s Son—a skipless, sonic autobiography—houses tracks like “Grammys,” “Faces” and the G Herbo-assisted “Kick Door,” all of which exemplify his lyrical potency, ear for face-scrunching beats and sterling storytelling. Those are just a few glimpses of why his name has gotten bigger by the day.

As a youngin’, SwaVay always kept music close to his heart. Staying glued to the videos that came on Music Choice would lowkey double as study sessions for the budding artist. And by the time he was in middle school, SwaVay put it all together and tried his hand at rapping. With the inspiration and support from his close friend Sahad, SwaVay went from battles in the cafeteria to performing at talent shows around the city. He caught traction immediately and over the years, continued to purify his craft.

Eventually, SwaVay was noticed by Metro Boomin, who back then signed the rising talent to Boominati Worldwide in the late 2010s. Around that same time, SwaVay released an effort called Pure Infinity (2019), which houses their collabo “2AM.” The breakthrough record now has upwards of 12 million streams on Spotify alone and set the pace for what’s so far been a healthy start to the 2020s. After holding fans over with efforts like B4DALBUM (2020) and its lead single "YaYa," SwaVay went back to the drawing board, eager to identify himself more in the music and expand the motion that he already had.

In 2022, he accomplished that through a number of feats. He inked a new deal with Def Jam Recordings, released his anticipated project Almetha’s Son and vacuumed thousands of new fans in with songs like “Go Shorty,” a track that emphasizes his undefeated combination of introspective lyrics and high-grade wordplay. To spotlight those attributes even more, he’s utilized thrifty production that pays homage to the trap mecca of his hometown.

To cap off his latest run, now, SwaVay is embarking on his first-ever tour where he’ll cross the country as an opening act for both Smino and JID. Ahead of it and preceding the deluxe release of Almetha’s Son, SwaVay stopped by The Break: Live to discuss the origins of his rap career, an early co-sign from Metro, making it out of Atlanta and much more. Check out the interview below.

Follow SwaVay on SoundCloud and Instagram






Almetha's Son

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href=”//” rel=”author”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: January 24, 2023bennydajeweler/Instagdram

Ice Spice just copped some impressive new ice.

On Monday (Jan. 23), Benny Da Jeweler shared video on Instagram of himself delivering the "Munch (Feelin' U)" artist a custom diamond piece and chain worth $100,000. In the clip, Benny and Isis are in a room with several other people while the rapper's new single "Gangsta Boo" plays. Benny breaks out the custom piece, which features an animated version of Ice Spice's face, complete with curly afro covered in diamonds, and gives it to the BX rhymer who models it for the cameras. The piece looks to be roughly the size of a baseball.

"TOLD PRINCESS DIANA WE DOIN $100K FOR THE CHAIN!!! @icespicee WHAT THEY GON TELL US!!!" Benny captioned the video clip.

In a follow-up post, he shared a close-up view of the piece and provided the fine details.

"CLOSE UP OF THE BIG @icespicee PIECE WITH THE AFRO IN ROSE GOLD 💎💎 OVER 80 CTS IN DIAMONDS!!" he explained in the caption.

The "rapper chain" is just another sign of Ice Spice's arrival in the rap game. Having already acquired a cult following in a year's time, Ice is fresh off the release of her debut EP Like..?, which dropped on Jan. 20 via her new label deal with10K Projects/Capitol Records. The project features the previously releases singles "Munch (Feelin' U)," "Bikini Bottom" and "In Ha Mood," as well as the previously leaked track "Gangsta Boo" with Lil Tjay and more.

Check Out Ice Spice's New $100,000 Chain BelowSee 10 Rappers’ Purchases That Broke the BankBig spendin’.Filed Under: Ice SpiceCategories: News

href=”//” rel=”author”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: January 23, 2023Astrida Valigorsky/Getty Images

Lil Uzi Vert has turned into an emo meme after a photo surfaced of the rapper debuting a new straightened hairstyle.

On Monday (Jan. 23), a photo surfaced of the Philadelphia rapper rocking a KISS beanie and staring away from the camera. Under the headgear, it can clearly be seen that Uzi has either permed or straightened their hair. The photo has gone viral on social media, with many people supplying jokes about Lil Uzi Vert's new look.

"Emo Lil Uzi Vert," one person captioned the photo on Twitter.

"This that 'fuck you mom,'" another person nicknamed the hairstyle.

"Bro tryna look like American Idol Adam Lambert," someone else shared along with crying laughing emojis.

Several people referred to lyrics from rock band Secondhand Serenade's "Fall for You."


Lil Uzi Vert is always changing up their look. Last September, they performed at the Made in America Festival with a large mohawk. A few months prior, they wore large spikes in their hair for their Rolling Loud Miami set. In January of 2021, Uzi got a large pink diamond implanted in their forehead, which they eventually had to get taken out due to complications. In December of 2021, they got seven new face piercings. Last week, Uzi got six additional facial piercings.

In music-related news, last month, Uzi revealed they will be dropping new music in February. They will also be embarking on a 20-city headlining tour starting in March. XXXTentacion's estate recently released the news XXX and Uzi collab "I'm Not Human."

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href=”//” rel=”author”>Joey EchPublished: January 23, 2023Christopher Polk

Black Eyed Peas and their music publishing company, BMG Rights Management, are suing a toy company for turning their multi-platinum smash, "My Humps," into "My Poops."

According to court documents obtained by XXL, BMG Rights Management, who owns 75 percent of the copyright for Black Eyed Peas' 2005 hit "My Humps," took toymaker MGA Entertainment Inc. to court on Thursday (Jan. 19) seeking at least $10 million in damages. The major publishing company is of the belief that MGA Entertainment's popular line of toys, Poopie Slime Surprise, infringed upon their rights to "My Humps" by changing the lyrics of the song to "My Poops" without proper authorization.

According to BMG Rights Management, the dancing unicorn toys that make up the Poopsie Slime Surprise product line include a button on their bellies that when pressed, play a potty-themed version of Black Eyed Peas' "My Humps" pretty much verbatim. Aside from the toys themselves, the promotional videos used to advertise the product line appear to use the adapted version of "My Poops" as well.

"My poops, my poops, my poops, my poops," the defecating dancing unicorns can be heard singing in the video below. "Whatcha gonna do with all that poop, all that poop?/I'ma poop, poop, poop, poop/Oh, yeah/I drive my parents crazy/I do it every day."

As stated by BMG's lawsuit, the Poopie Slime Surprise toys appear to carry the same melody, rhyme scheme, cadence and chord progression as Fergie can be heard singing in the Black Eyed Peas version of "My Humps."

"Whatcha gonna do with all that junk/all that junk inside your trunk?" Fergie raps in the video below. "My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump/My lovely lady lumps/I drive these brothers crazy, I do it on the daily."

BMG Rights Management claims that the Poopie Slime Surprise toys have not only illegally earned over $10 million on the back of the wildly popular Black Eyed Peas song but that MGA Entertainment Inc. has also ignored various cease-and-desist orders.

Black Eyed Peas' "My Humps" was certified double platinum back in June of 2006 and reached a peak position of No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.

XXL has reached out to Black Eyed Peas, BMG Rights Management and MGA Entertainment Inc. for a statement.

Watch Both the Poopsie Slime Surprise "My Poops" Song and Black Eyed Peas' "My Humps" in the Videos BelowSee Rappers’ Other Streams of IncomeFiled Under: Black Eyed Peas, BMGCategories: News

href=”//” rel=”author”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: January 23, 2023Paul Morigi, Getty Images / @theinfamousjc

XXXTentacion's estate has released a new song that features the late rapper collaborating with Lil Uzi Vert.

On Monday (Jan. 23), XXXTentacion's new track "I'm Not Human" dropped featuring Lil Uzi Vert. The song was released on what would have been his 25th birthday. Produced by John Cunningham, X's longtime collaborator, the acoustic-driven ballad offers sentimental lyrics from both XXXTentacion and Uzi Vert.

Before releasing the song, an announcement was made on X’s official Instagram. "A gift from Jah," read a message. "Thank you #liluzi."

It's unclear when Uzi recorded his verses for the song. In the past, the Philadelphia rapper was hesitant about appearing on a posthumous song with the late Florida rhymer.

"He called me one time when he was incarcerated a long time ago and I was going onstage—I was on tour with the Weeknd—he called me and he actually rapped a song for me that he never laid, and it was really good," Uzi told Twitch personality Adin Ross on his livestream in November 2021. "I would love to do a song with him but I’m really weird on stuff like that. Don’t get me wrong, it took me really long to do that before with another artist."

"I understand that they’re not here living, and what if that’s not the vision that they really want?" he continued. "Especially if they really fucked with me, like, what if that’s all wrong? I’ll be pissed off if they did it all wrong because I’m not here, but you know, if it works out, it works out."

Well, it must have worked out.

Check Out the Lyrics to XXXTentaciono's New Single "I'm Not Human" Featuring Lil Uzi Vert Below

INTRO (XXXTentacion):

Do not— mm, mm
Mm-mm, mm, mm

VERSE 1 (XXXTentacion):

Bury all your secrets in my skin
Come away with innocence
And leave me with my sins
Air around me feels just like a cage
Love is just a camouflage for what resembles rage

CHORUS (XXXTentacion):

Pain's gon' come, I won't cry
Leave my heart out of it
I'm not a human, I'm not a human
I'm not a human, I'm not a human
Pain's gon' come, I won't cry
Leave my heart out of it
I'm not a human, I'm not a human
I'm not a human, I'm not a human

VERSE 2 (Lil Uzi Vert and Both):

Let all your secrets in my skin (Oh, yeah)
I won't even tell my best of friends (Shh)
I know that I'm not from this earth
And I know deep down you are hurt, but
I'm not a human, I'm not a human
I'm not a human, I'm not a human
I wanna be on my own planet
I wanna be more than a has-been
'Cause I'm not a human, I'm not a human
I'm not a human, I'm not a— woah
I feel like I need to find my homе
I feel like I'm just some kind of my own
I'm a translucent, wholе different movement
I keep on chasin' you, I am just stupid
Yeah, and I'm not a human (I'm not a human)
And I'm not a human being
I'm not a human, I'm not a human
I'm not a human, I'm not a human

CHORUS (XXXTentacion, Lil Uzi Vert and Both):

Pain's gon' come, I won't cry
Leave my heart out of it
I'm not a human, I'm not a human
I'm not a human, I'm not a human (Oh-oh-oh)

VERSE 3 (Lil Uzi Vert):

Lay you down when you go to sleep
And wipe your eyes every time you weep, oh
Tell you that life is not that deep
Paintin' pictures that I'm a freak, but I'm not a human
I'm tired of losin', inflicting my bruises, humans are users
I'm not a human, I'm not a human
I'm not a human, I'm not a human (Woah)

CHORUS (XXXTentacion):
Pain's gon' come, I won't cry
Leave my heart out of it
I'm not a human, I'm not a human
I'm not a human, I'm not a human

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href=”//” rel=”author”>Robby Seabrook IIIPublished: January 23, 2023TikTok/YouTube

Almost everyone has a celebrity they're a fan of. The world of social media has shrunk the distance between famous people and celebs, but there is still a feeling of inaccessibility there. In the world of rap, where coming off as personable and passionate about fans is important, there is power in getting closer to the people. Over the past few years, rappers have found ways to show their fans love, whether it's calling, texting or meeting them in person, all at unexpected times. The same social media that brings a fan closer to the artist is the same vehicle that allows the world to see artists meet some of their biggest supporters.

Of course, there are two recent moments where rappers met up with their fans. In early January, Lil Uzi Vert hopped out on some of his young fans who happened to be making a TikTok to his leaked song "Tap Tap." He danced with the group of kids and turned a regular moment between friends into something rare. Uzi's reputation for randomly popping up and hanging out with fans has existed for years and clearly lives on now. On the other side, YoungBoy Never Broke Again invited fans to his house for a snowball fight on Jan. 5. A video shoot he was planning was held up by a snowstorm. YB throwing snowballs (and getting hit by them) with fans who are just happy to meet him is refreshing. It illustrates the power of artists and a more personal side in the life of a rap star.

In other endearing moments, some rappers opted to head back home to create a big experience for their fans. Lil Baby decided to head back to his high school, Booker T. Washington (the same school as close friend Young Thug), in 2020. Giving out scholarships and performing for the students and faculty, the hometown hero made the most of his time there and took giving back seriously. Aitch, a successful U.K. rapper, also went back to his home of Manchester, England, to perform at a local Subway. For the day, the store was now SubwAitch, a place where Aitch could rap and kick it with his adoring fans. There's really no place like home.

Check out the list below for more footage of rappers surprising their fans.

  • NLE Choppa Surprises Fan at Children’s Hospital

    Last year, a young child named AJ posted a TikTok clip where he shared, that among other things on his wishlist, he wanted to meet NLE Choppa. AJ has scoliosis and heart disease, so he is in a Texas children's hospital. NLE Choppa, displaying his heart of gold, built a friendship with the kid through his mother, texting and FaceTiming him.

    NLE Choppa decided to take it a step further, surprising AJ in his hospital room in a Santa Claus outfit. He bought plenty off the gifts from AJ's wishlist (with some bonuses mixed in), including a PS5. He also spent some time with AJ. The happiness that the child shows is heartwarming and the moment lives on through a YouTube video in which Choppa documents his trip to the hospital and his time with AJ.

  • Chance The Rapper Pretends to Be Lyft Driver

    From day one of his career, Chance The Rapper has been vocal about how much he loves his hometown of Chicago. He blended surprising fans and supporting home when he masqueraded as a driver for the rideshare app Lyft, complete with a sunglasses and hat disguise. He hid his identity for most of the ride, and revealed himself by the end, much to the riders' delight. The trips raised money for his Chance Fund, which supports education in Chicago.

  • Lil Baby Returns to His Former High School

    One of Atlanta's brightest stars, Lil Baby not only excels in the booth, but also with his sense of charity. Back in 2020, he visited his old high school, Booker T. Washington, for a surprise performance where he also gave out college scholarships. The students loved it and Baby made it a point to share the importance of them seeing him up close, a reminder that they can make it far, just like he did.

  • King Von Pops Up on Fans’ Instagram Live

    King Von, the late and celebrated Chicago rapper, appreciated his fans, frequently hopping on Instagram Live to kick it with them. Building a relationship with his supporters through his heavy online presence only increased his popularity. One day in 2020, a group of his fans were hosting their own Instagram Live, when he joined and watched. After they noticed him, he actually joined the live and appeared on video, greeting the fans as they rapped along to his music and screamed in excitement.

  • 50 Cent Surprises Fans on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    Throughout his career as both a rapper and an entertainment mogul, 50 Cent has built a reputation as one of the tougher, meaner guys in hip-hop. In 2017, late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! decided to play off that. Their camera crew headed to Hollywood Boulevard. and asked random people on the street what they thought of 50 Cent, saying that different magazines called him the greatest rapper of all time. Most of them gave Fif his props, but didn't agree with him being at the top of the list. As they answer, Fif comes out of a door behind them and waits for them to turn around and see him (or he lets them knows he's there). After a lot of laughs, hugs, explanations and a couple changed answers, some great TV is born.

  • Lil Uzi Vert Dances With Fans

    At this point, Lil Uzi Vert is known for popping up and having fun with the fans. Back at it again, Uzi went viral recently when they hopped out of a car and started dancing with a group of teens as they recorded a TikTok. The moment is notable due to the fact that they were playing Uzi's leaked song "Tap Tap" and he happened to be in the area, in what looks like New York.

  • YoungBoy Never Broke Again Hosts Snowball Fight at His Home

    Making the best of a situation is what YoungBoy Never Broke Again in early January. He was shooting a video at his Utah home and a snowstorm kind of threw things out of wack. So YB invited his fans over for a snowball fight. The moment caught on camera shows the rapper getting hit but taking it all in fun. The experience is one the fans surely weren't expecting when they woke up that morning.

  • Drake and J. Cole FaceTime Cancer Patient

    Getting to share a moment with their favorite artists can make someone's day. In the world of Elijah Williams, an 11-year old with cancer in Virginia's Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters, wanted to meet Drake. The Weeknd and J. Cole. Just a few days before his death in late May of 2020, the young boy got his wish. His mother, Kiara Swope, posted a video of The Weeknd, plus still photos of Drake and J. Cole, all talking to her son through FaceTime. These three superstars taking time to make a difference in a young fan's life is important and shows what kind of people they are outside the music.

  • Post Malone Goes Undercover at Record Store

    In order to raise money for charity and promote a contest where the winner will win a Bentley (promoting his 2018 album, Beerbongs and Bentleys, get it?), Post Malone went undercover as a record store salesman. He attempted to blend in with his disguise of a hat and glasses, but that didn't work the first time. As time goes on, he gets away with hiding his identity, and uses that to tell various customers that Post Malone's music "sucks," even offering his album at a discount. He eventually bumps into a small child and his mom, the young fan reveals that he likes Post's song "Better Now," having no idea he's talking to the artist in question. Post then removes his disguise and surprises the child.

  • DJ Khaled Drives a Lyft

    In September 2016, DJ Khaled tried his hand at driving for Lyft, in a disguise. For someone as recognizable and famous as he is, that was no easy task, but he put his best foot forward. Armed with a hat and dark sunglasses, he made references to his song "I Got The Keys" through puns (and actually mentioning the song), asking people if DJ Khaled was their favorite mogul and more. At the end, he told each rider who he really was, with pretty much all of them being shocked and surprised.

  • Nelly Gives Fan His Jacket

    Nelly became a superstar in rap in the early 2000s, then later on crossed over to the world of country and found continued success. After a performance at Charlotte Motor Speedway in October of 2022, Nelly stopped and gave a fan, Jake Lemke, who was in a wheelchair with Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, the jacket off his back. Lesch-Nyhan syndrome is a metabolic disorder. The moment was captured on camera, and the joy on both Jake and Nelly's faces jumps off the screen.

    View this post on Instagram

    A post shared by Nate Salisbury (@nate_salisbury)

  • J. Cole Goes to Fan’s College Graduation

    Sometimes, the loyalty of a fan to an artist and vice versa turns into an actual friendship. Way back in 2013, Cierra Bosarge-Fussell called a radio station, seeking a happy birthday wish from J. Cole. Months later, Cole arranged for the two to meet in Philadelphia; it was there that she handed him a letter detailing her personal struggles and a request.

    Cierra shared that she was an adopted child with two parents with substance abuse problems—both of them being in prison at the time. She wanted Cole to attend her high school graduation in place of her parents. Cole agreed to show up on one condition: that she perform well in school and get accepted to a four-year college. She held up her end, and Cole was there for her graduation. The rapper popped up again in 2022, when Cierra graduated from Rowan University, cheering her on as she crossed the stage. Cole both stayed in touch and stuck to his word; what a stand-up guy.

  • Lil Pump Gives Fan His Shoes

    Lil Pump's career took off because of his connection to the youth. He still has that pull today. This month, he offered a teen his shoes (Air Force 1s) solely because the fan liked them. Pump took the kicks off his feet, gave them to the young fan and signed them while turning down offers of money or other shoes. He chose to walk around barefoot to make a fan happy.

  • XXXTentacion Visits Fan at Home

    Before his death in 2018, XXXTentacion was known for consistently engaging with his fans. A few years ago, he made a video for a fan in he told him happy birthday, then shared that he would see him soon. In disbelief, the fan, Junior, was shown the video by what seemed to be a family member and realized that X was coming to visit. Shortly after, X came through the door, sharing a long hug with Junior and proving that he keeps his promises.

  • Aitch Surprises Fans by Performing at Subway

    Artist rollouts continue to get more and more creative. Back in 2021, U.K. rapper Aitch, who has been pretty big for years now, took over a Subway (the sandwich chain) in his hometown of Manchester, England. Revealing a sign that read "Subwaitch," he then did a surprise performance inside the store as the fans watched and took in the special moment.

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href=”//” rel=”author”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: January 23, 2023Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images

UPDATE (Jan. 23):

Doja Cat's vibrant red ensemble at Schiaparelli's spring 2023 fashion show in Paris was truly a sight to behold. According to Elle, Doja wore a Schiaparelli silk faille bustier with matching stiletto boots, a flowing shawl and a knitted skirt covered in lacquered wooden beads. But the talk of the outfit was the Planet Her rapper's skin painted red and covered in 30,000 Swarovski crystals that were hand-applied by makeup artist Pat McGrath and her team.

On her Instagram page, McGrath saluted Doja Cat for her patience in helping to create the "Doja Inferno" beauty look that took four hours and 58 minutes to achieve the fashion-forward creation.

"Such a pleasure working with the gorgeous @DojaCat and the amazing @DanielRoseberry on the ‘Doja’s Inferno’ look for @Schiaparelli’s FW23 Haute Couture collection," she wrote. "Doja’s sublime patience during the 4 hours and 58 minutes it took to create the look with #TeamPatMcGrath, which was covered in over 30,000 hand-applied @swarovski Crystals, was inspiring. The final product was a magical, mesmerising masterpiece of sparkling brilliance. xx"

Brilliant, indeed.


Doja Cat is known for thinking outside the box when it comes to her look and the "Woman" rapper recently turned heads with a peculiar outfit she donned during Paris Fashion Week.

Many rappers are in Paris taking in PFW, which highlights the haute new clothing of the year. Doja Cat was spotted in an ensemble that has her trending on Twitter. On Monday (Jan. 23), photos surfaced of Doja in the City of Light rocking a bubbly red outfit that made her stand out. The Grammy-wining recording artist has on a skirt that appears to be made up of a bunch of red bubbles/berries, matching red calf-high boots and a red shawl. She took the look to the next level by creating the same bubbling effect all over her skin with red rhinestones, including her entire face and head.

Of course, the look had the internet talking, with mixed reviews.

"This is the lobster / this is the doja cat," one person on Twitter captioned a photo comparing Doja's look to the marine crustacean.

"If it’s one thing doja cat gonna do during fashion week is use her brilliant mind followed up with an amazing team to create looks that go beyond just your regular beat face and outfit. each look comes with a lot of thought and for that I appreciate her looks ALWAYS," another person captioned previous Doja Cat looks.

"Doja Cat is never worried about appealing to beauty standards when serving a look. Always fully committed to the fashion," another page posted.

"Watch the conspiracy theorists say that Doja dressed as the devil to complete her illuminati ritual," one post on the topic read.

Doja Cat has been making headlines for her atypical fashion choices. Last summer, she shocked many people by shaving her head and eyebrows. Last month, she responded to people saying her new look is a humiliation ritual.

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UPDATE (Jan. 23):

The Apollo Theater has released a statement in the wake of a fan falling from a balcony during Drake's SiriusXM show.

"Unfortunately, last evening an incident occurred with an audience member who landed in the orchestra from the lower mezzanine," the statement reads. "Drake, Apollo and SiriusXM halted the show immediately when learning of a potential fan injury and standard protocols were taken. They were seen immediately by EMS on site. The fan and other audience members reported that they were OK. No major injuries have been reported. The Apollo is investigating the situation further."


Drake's highly anticipated Apollo Theater performance featured a scary moment when a fan fell from a balcony.

On Sunday (Jan. 22), Drake performed an intimate set live from the Apollo Theater in Harlem, N.Y. The show saw Drizzy performing his hits, B-sides and bringing out artists like Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage and Dipset. Toward the end of the night, however, the show stopped for a few minutes after a fan fell from the second floor upper deck and landed on the crowd below.

In video captured of the incident, Drake is about to lead in 21 Savage to perform their collab "Rich Flex" when something that appears to be a phone or a shoe falls from the upstairs balcony, followed quickly by a whole person, who appears to land head first with his feet in the air. Drake pauses the show to check on the individual.

"Alright, we gotta make sure somebody's OK," Drake tells the crowd with 21 Savage by his side. At the time, not all concertgoers were aware of what transpired with people in the crowd thinking an in-house camera setup recording the show may have fallen.

The show was postponed for about 20 minutes as the person was tended to. A second video shows the guy being helped out by Apollo personnel as he appears to walk woozily. The show ended up continuing a short time later. Drake closed the show confirming he and 21 Savage will be embarking on a tour this summer in support of their Her Loss album.

Drake's Apollo show was initially supposed to take place on Nov. 11, 2022, but was postponed, due in part to Takeoff's memorial service occurring on the same day.

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href=”//” rel=”author”>Sidney MaddenPublished: January 23, 2023Contributing Authors: The Bicycle Music Company/Delicious Vinyl

XXL celebrates 50 years of hip-hop with this moment:

Jan. 23, 1989: Tone Loc dropped his debut studio album, Loc-ed After Dark, on this day in 1989 via Delicious Vinyl records.

Loc-ed After Dark was critically acclaimed and a huge commercial success for the then-23-year-old rapper and actor. The 11-track collection spawned two songs that are still fan favorites from that year: the first single, the Matt Dike and Michael Ross-produced "Wild Thing," which peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the Young MC-penned follow-up "Funky Cold Medina," which reached No. 3 on the same tally. Both songs are two of the most recognizable party jams ever.

With the Loc-ed After Dark album, the gravelly-voiced Los Angeles rhymer carved out a sound all his own thanks to the help of funk-infused basslines and his clever art of storytelling. The LP, which was rereleased with some remixed tracks in 2012, climbed to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart for the week of April 15, 1989.

After Loc-ed After Dark was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on May 9, 1989, Tone Loc dropped Cool Hand Loc, his second (and final) album in 1991. Currently, fans can hear Tone’s distinctive voice behind various cartoon characters and on recorded theme songs for Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Disney's The Proud Family.

Overall, true hip-hop heads will always remember Tone Loc as the pioneering West Coast rapper with the unique voice and smooth style.

Watch Tone Loc's "Wild Thing" Music Video BelowWatch Tone Loc's "Funky Cold Medina" Music Video BelowSee 52 of the Most Controversial Hip-Hop Album Covers Since 2 Live Crew’s As Nasty As They Wanna BeWhich rapper has the most controversial album cover?Filed Under: Today in Hip-Hop, Tone LocCategories: News, Today in Hip-Hop

href=”//” rel=”author”>XXL StaffPublished: January 23, 2023XXL

Drake brought the gratitude and b-sides along with surprise performances from Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage and Dipset during his final performance of a two-night run at the Apollo Theater in New York City last night.

Twenty minutes after 9 p.m. on Sunday evening (Jan. 22), Drake stepped out in a cardigan and his signature braids as he kicked off the SiriusXM and Sound 42 show with "Over My Dead Body." He sat on a bed made to represent the years he spent in his mother's basement toiling away at his dream of being a recording artist. The Toronto rapper was in his feelings—in all the good ways—for the last show he'll be doing in New York "for a lil bit."

"I'd like to welcome you to night two of the Apollo, legendary Apollo in Harlem, New York City," Drake said as he saluted the crowd, which came out in droves despite a two-month postponement and pouring rain. "This'll be our last show in New York for a lil bit, so I see they brought me the right crowd for the last show. I can already tell we ’bout to take the energy up tonight. I got some new surprises for you tonight. You see, I put the whole cardigan on for you today. As I said last night, I think I spend a lot of time in competition mode and I end up being taken by that mentality—my psyche, if you would say. Sometimes I'm in a mode of tryna, you know, represent for all you beautiful people that support me. I wanna make sure that like, that I'm not letting you down. So, I feel like I get into this mode of competitive spirit. So tonight, I just wanted to leave that alone for a second and I wanted tonight to be about gratitude, ’cause I'm so grateful for all of you."

"And I think it's kinda finally setting in, it might just be I'm getting older—I don't wanna say old, I just said older—but I think it's just the fact that, you know, I've had a lot of days as of late where I just, I can't believe it when I wake up any of you really still care about what I have to say or what I make. And it means the world to me that you continue to listen and you continue to sing songs with me and give me feedback and you know support this group we have from Toronto, Canada. All my dearest friends are here."

"And this set is meant to represent my mother's basement where I used to spend a lot of my time dreaming about this shit, you know, listening to like Hot 97 on the radio stream or watching 106 & Park and shit, thinking that I could be Bow Wizzle or B2K or some shit like that. You know, my No. 1 supporter, my mom, is sitting up there right now. Shine a light on her, she's got a mink hat on tonight. She looks incredible. So yeah, to my dear mother, you know, I think the best way I could sum this up is I'd like to pay tribute and respect to all the times that you never told me no. You never told me no if I said I could do something or I said I could be something, you never told me no. That means the world to me. So tonight, I'd like to take you on a journey of some of the songs that I probably would've never made if I didn't have somebody to tell me that I could do it all the time so here we go."

From there, Drake performed nearly 40 songs, including plenty of his hits—no misses. There were the fan-favorite b-sides, too. "Marvin's Room," "Trust Issues," "Practice," "Jungle," "Best I Ever Had," "Over," "Headlines," "HYFR," "No New Friends," "Energy," "Know Yourself" and "Nonstop," among many others.

Drake revealed during a stage design switch reflecting an office space that early on in his aspiring artist grind, he got flown out to New York in his pursuit of a rap career. However, the trip didn't lead to a deal. Drizzy was rejected by several labels for a week straight, but their refusal to let him sign the dotted line didn't deter the OVO leader. He went back to his mother's basement in Canada to write more songs.

"Hold On We’re Going Home," "Controlla," "One Dance," "In My Feelings" and "Passionfruit" came next. Then the night's first surprise: Lil Uzi Vert. The Philadelphia rhymer brought his current Jersey club-inspired smash "Just Wanna Rock" to the stage, dance moves and all. "XO Tour Liif3" got some play as well.

"Like I said this is a family show," Drake affirmed as Uzi stood beside him. "Make some noise for my actual real-life brother. He goes by the name of Lil Uzi Vert. I love this guy so much. Before you go, I just wanna say, 21 said some real nice shit last night, but I gotta echo the same sentiment about this guy. This guy right here, like anytime in life, anytime I feel down or whatever it is, I always get a message from him checking in. Never asking for nothing, just checking. So, I just wanna let you know, if you ever wanna do well and go far in life, you gotta check on your people. Not only are you one of the greatest artists of this time, I'm so excited to exist at the same time as you. How experimental you get, how genius you are. But this guy checks up on me. He's a fuckin' real one."

Then it was on to "Way 2 Sexy," "Wait for U," "Massive," "Calling My Name" and "Sticky" before Dipset graced the stage. Cam'ron, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Freekey Zekey walked out the door of a bodega-designed set decorated with a Big L mural. The Harlem group moved through classics like "I Really Mean It" and "Hey Ma."

The last guest of the night was 21 Savage, whose entrance onstage at 10:38 p.m. was impeded as he walked out to perform "Rich Flex." Apparently something or someone fell according to rumors in the crowd. Drake stopped the show and the house lights went on. "Alright, we gotta make sure somebody's OK," he said. No confirmation at the time was given as to exactly what happened, but at 10:56 p.m., an announcer got on the mic to inform everyone that no one was hurt and the show would go on. After Drake's show, video circulating on the internet confirmed someone fell from the second-floor balcony.

21 Savage and Drake continued on with "Rich Flex" and followed up with "Privileged Rappers" from their joint album Her Loss. "First off, glad that everybody's OK," Drake expressed. After he further praised 21, "Spin Bout You," "Jimmy Cooks” and "Knife Talk" got all the shine.

"So, I was telling him earlier, if you guys feel like it, if you enjoyed that experience, feel free to come see me and my brother this summer," Drake informed the crowd, teasing his and 21's  upcoming joint tour.

Harlem welcomed the Boy with open arms and a sea of iPhones in the air. As he rhymes on his closing number "Legend," Drake's Apollo performance proves he "got this shit mapped out strong."See Photos From Drake’s SiriusXM and Sound 42 Show at the Apollo Theater in New York CityFiled Under: 21 Savage, Dipset, Drake, Lil Uzi VertCategories: News

href=”//” rel=”author”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: January 22, 2023TMZ

Chrisean Rock reportedly got into a fight with multiple women hours after making her pregnancy announcement on social media over the weekend.

On Sunday (Jan. 22), TMZ posted a video of Chrisean Rock in a physical altercation with multiple women while trying to get Blueface in a car to leave with him. In the clip, an eyewitness is filming the fight, which reportedly occurred near Blue's home. According to the media outlet, Chrisean dropped in unannounced at the Los Angeles rapper's home while he was having his 26th birthday party on Friday (Jan. 20) and tried to lure him away.

Apparently, when Chrisean was trying to get Blue into her car so he could leave with her, a brawl erupted between her and two other women at the scene. In the video, Chrisean is wearing the same pink sweatsuit she wore when she made her pregnancy announcement on social media.

At one point, Chrisean is on the ground fighting with a woman who has no shirt on. As another person tries to separate the two, the woman grabs Chrisean's hair and refuses to let go. Shockingly, Blueface and another man are watching and not intervening.

TMZ reports the eyewitnesses told them that both parties went their separate ways after the skirmish. It's unclear if they met up somewhere else.

Nevertheless, the video is disturbing because Chrisean is pregnant and should not be fighting while in her state of motherhood. Furthermore, Blueface is also denying he's the father of the child and has said that he's "officially done" with Chrisean. So the stress can't be good for her or for the baby.

However, the couple may have met up and celebrated Blue's birthday. On Sunday (Jan. 22), Chrisean posted on her Instagram page a photo of a birthday cake featuring cartoon drawings of Chrisean and Blueface together. The inscription reads, "Happy Birthday Daddy Bluuu!"

XXL has reached out to Blueface's rep for comment.

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Kai Cenat is going viral again, this time over his reaction to Lil Baby's verse on Trippie Redd's new song "Fully Loaded."

On Saturday (Jan. 21), a clip surfaced of Kai Cenat on Twitch listening to Trippie Redd's song "Fully Loaded," featuring Future and Lil Baby from his just-released album, Mansion Musik. In the video, Kai is listening very intently to Lil Baby's lyrics but his facial reaction to the Atlanta rapper's verse show that he was disgusted by what he heard.

"What the fuck, bro?" he said after he stopped the music. "You know my expectations is here," he added with his hand raised above his head. "Did you just moan in the mic?"

The verse in question goes: "I'm just tryna vibe here, go to night when that shroom hit/Why you tellin' lies? You know that you a bitch/hmm, hmm, she want another piece/Ooh, ooh, she want another piece."

On Twitter, fans found the clip hilarious as they try to decipher what Kai Cenat was thinking in his head when he heard Lil Baby's verse.

"[tears of joy emoji] Kai face look like he tryna translate the word Lil Baby Saying [two tears of joy emoji]," tweeted one person.

"Bro Kai is funny Af I been saying that about Lil Baby Since 'Hey' [four rolling on the floor laughing emojis and three man shrugging his shoulder emojis]," wrote a fan.

A third person declared: "That verse trash @lilbaby4PF[.] He know he could’ve done better. I rock wit him too!!"

This isn't the first time, Kai has gone viral with his weird facial expressions. At a New Year's Day party, the Twitch streamer was caught on video rolling his eyes while he was caught in the middle of A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and his girlfriend, Ella Bands, in a heated argument.

As for Lil Baby, Kai Cenat is friends with the It's Only Me creator so his reaction isn't coming from a place of hate.

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There are new developments in the Young Dolph murder case. One of the murder suspects, Shundale Barnett, has reportedly been released from jail.

According to a Fox13Memphis report, published on Saturday (Jan. 21), Shundale Barnett bonded out of Tarrant County Jail in Fort Worth, Texas, on Dec. 24, 2022. He was then transferred to Clay County Jail in Henrietta, Texas, before being officially released on Jan. 21, 2023.

Shundale Barnett was arrested in connection with the murder of Memphis rapper Young Dolph. The late rhymer was shot and killed outside of Makeda's Homemade Cookies in November of 2021. Barnett was apprehended while sitting in the passenger seat of a car the accused shooter Justin Johnson was driving in at an Indiana gas station back in early January of 2022.

XXL has reached out to the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office for comment.

Meanwhile, last Friday (Jan. 20), two other Young Dolph murder suspects, Justin Johnson (aka Straight Dropp) and Cornelius Smith, appeared in Shelby County criminal court after a grand jury indicted both men on a conspiracy charge. According to a tweet by Fox13 journalist Jeremy Pierre, both men's attorneys told Judge Lee Coffee they will enter a plea of not guilty.

Additionally, Johnson's lawyer, Luke Evans, filed a motion to have Judge Coffee recuse himself from the case based on claims that the judge is not being impartial. Evans said that he wasn't informed about Judge Coffee's decision to cut off Johnson's phone, writing, and visitation privileges. "He did so without granting Mr. Johnson a hearing, and it's our position that that action shows some impartiality on behalf of the court," Evans told WREG News Channel 3.

Judge Coffee reportedly told Evans that he issued the order after Johnson allegedly made a recording that was heard outside the jail where he is being held. The recording was allegedly a rap song purportedly called "No Statements" made by Johnson and distributed via social media.

The attorney's motion for the judge's removal will be heard on Feb. 2, in addition to an earlier motion for Johnson to be relocated to another facility due to safety concerns.

If convicted on the conspiracy charges, Justin Johnson and Cornelius Smith could receive a 15 to 60-year jail sentence. Both Johnson and Smith will appear in court together on March 24 for the charges related to the Young Dolph murder case.

Watch WREG News Channel 3's Report on Young Dolph's Murder Suspects In Court BelowSee the Current Status of Every Murdered Rapper’s CaseXXL takes a look at the current status of the cases of hip-hop murders that have occurred over the past 35 years.Filed Under: Young DolphCategories: News

href=”//” rel=”author”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: January 22, 2023Gunna Music/Young Stoner Life/300 Entertainment/Stefania M. D’Alessandro/Getty Images

XXL celebrates 50 years of hip-hop with this moment:

Jan. 22, 2022: On this day, Gunna nabbed his second No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart with his third studio effort, DS4Ever.

DS4Ever was initially released on Jan. 7, 2022, via YSL Records and 300 Entertainment. The LP moved 150,300 equivalent album units in its first week of release and rocketed to the top of the Billboard 200 chart for the week of Jan. 22, 2002. In total, the album grabbed 193.5 million on-demand streams and 4,000 pure sales, making it the most-streamed album of the week.

This album is the fourth and final installment of Gunna's Drip Season series after Drip Season 3 in 2018. The star-studded, 20-song collection boasts guest appearances from Young Thug, Future, 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Drake, Kodak Black, Roddy Ricch and others. Producers include Metro Boomin, Mike WiLL Made-It, Wheezy, Turbo and more.

The standout track on the LP is Gunna and Future's shimmery trap banger "Pushin P," featuring Thugger. The Wheezy and Juke Wong-produced track features the rap trifecta spitting alliterative rhymes about money, women and jewelry. The term "Pushin P" is now part of the hip-hop lexicon. Additionally, Gunna also released an accompanying music video, directed by Caleb Jermale.

The success of the platinum-certified song helped garner Gunna a Best Rap Song nomination for the 2023 Grammy Awards. The track also pushed its way up the Billboard Hot 100 chart, spending a total of 20 weeks and reaching its peak position of No. 7 on the tally.

Currently, Gunna's music career is on hold as he's embroiled in a racketeering case with YSL. The "Drip Too Hard" rapper was released from prison after accepting a plea deal. Since then, Gunna has been accused of allegedly snitching on Young Thug and other YSL codefendants. Although the 29-year-old rapper has vehemently denied that he's working with prosecutors, several of his rap peers like Lil Gotit, Boosie BadAzz and Lil Baby seemingly appear to have shunned him.

Nevertheless, time will tell whether Gunna can resume his successful music career after the YSL RICO trial is finally over.

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