Curren$y – Another Story To Tell Lyrics

Who ya’ll talking to
Where haven’t we been yet
FS Jets where haven’t we been yet
Welcome To The Winner’s Circle nigga
Month after month after month nigga

A nigga never been as fresh as me
I’m fucking with you
But the bad bitches give me my props
Like the newest one that I got
Met her at my Wednesday night spot
Valet park the whip at Harris Casino
Hit the driver with a customary C note
Assembled the crew, blew a half an ounce
Popped a bottle or two
When some NBA niggas in suits came through
One of them played for the Hornets
He had his bitch with him too
I could tell she was on me
Shorty couldn’t keep her eyes off me
To save her life
No ring on her finger so that wasn’t his wife
Not for me to pursue
The bitch would not be right
Left the ball in her court
And she played it smart
Made her way to the bathroom
Slid a piece of paper on my VIP table
In a way so casual
Seven digits written in pink ink
She didn’t leave an area code
I knew she was a local ho
Eye fucking for the rest of the night on the low
Having mind sex right underneath her man’s nose
Hit the bitch with a text
But she couldn’t check her phone in front of man
She waited ’til she made it home
I’m in the room all alone
I heard a text message alert ring tone
Flipped open the celly
The context of the message was the address to her telly
Thought the situation was fishy
But I ignored what I was smelling
But don’t get it twisted
I didn’t head out on a mission
Without calling a bitch
To make sure I had the right idea ’bout this
Cause the last thing I need is a rape charge
From one of these fake broads
Who try to gain access to wreck a niggas bank cards
But fuck all that
Back to the hooper’s ho
In the Chenile sundress on the hotel room floor
Told me that she just want to fuck and smoke with a real nigga
And she only with the other nigga for the dough
I said mama tell me something that I don’t know
We got bent and I broke her back
On and off for a couple of months we did that
The bitch got lost in the swag
Ride me around the city smoking in the man’s whip
Bring the car back smelling like purple grass
I’m surprised he ain’t beat her ass
I know you wanna know how I’m gonna end the story
But I can’t end the story
Cause the story still going
Dude still hooping and his hoes still hoin’
And his ho’s with the planes
And the boy don’t know it
Go Hornets
FS Jets where haven’t we been yet
Its just rap music man
Welcome to the Winner’s Circle
Its just entertainment
Or is it?
For real man

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