Frank Wildhorn – Jekyll And Hyde Concept Album – Facade lyrics

If you live around here
You need cash in the bank
‘Cause the houses ’round here
Are all flashy and swank
An’ the front bit, ha
‘at’s what’s called a facade!

All the people ’round here
Are as posh as can be
You won’t seem hobnobbin’
With rubbish like me
It’s the snob bit
Also called a facade

Every day
People, in their own sweet way
Like to add a coat of paint
And be what they ain’t!

That’s how our little –
Game is played
Livin’ out their masquerade
Getting rich and getting laid
Who’d want to trade?

But there’s one thing I know
And I know it for sure:
This disease that we’ve got
Has got no ready cure!
And I’m certain
Life is terribly hard
When your life’s a facade!

Every night here one house
Or another is a funhouse
‘Cause there’s someone giving a party
As you see, sir!

This one here tonight
Is rather special, am I right?
It’s the betrothal of Sir Danver’s
Daughter, Lisa

Sir Danvers Carew is a good man
They call him the creme de la creme
Whatever that means
He’s a bloody sight better than them!

Nearly everyone you meet
When walking down a London street
Pretends to be a pillar of society

A model of propriety
Sobriety, and piety
Who’s never even heard of notoriety

The ladies an’ gents ‘ere before you
Which none of ’em ever admits
May have saintly looks
But they’re sinners an’ crooks!


If you live around here
You need lots of panache
If you live in down, dear
Then you must cut a dash
T’isn’t hard, dear
To create a facade

You must seem to be rich
And to have money to burn
Even though it’s a bitch
Spending more than you earn
That’s the game here
And the name is facade

One or two
Might look kinda well-to-do
But I bet you precious few
Have payed for their boots

I’m inclined to think –
Half mankind thinks the other
Half is blind
Wouldn’t be surprised to find
They’re all in cahoots

At the end of the day
They don’t mean what they say
They don’t say what they mean
They don’t ever come clean
And the answer
Is it’s all a facade

Call a walk promenade
Call a street boulevard
Grease your hair with pomade
You’ll be held in regard

And I betcha
If you stay on your guard (stay on your guard)
They’ll all say you’re a card
People love the facade (stay on your guard)
What’s behind the facade?

Look behind the facade

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