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Kodak Black has concerned his fans after posting troubling messages online and then deactivating his social media accounts.

At some point last night (Oct. 7), Yak shared two alarming tweets, in which he speaks on feeling abandoned and wanting to harm himself.

"So Lonely Depressed Sad & Fucked Up … Nobody Cares … I'm Everywhere @ Once … Friends Playin In My Head … Girls Playin Wit My Heart , Wish I Can Go Back To The Start I'll Never Be Famous," he typed in the first message.

In the second, Kodak said, "Sitting In My Room Crying Feel Like Killing Myself."

KodakBlack1k via TwitterKodakBlack1k via Twitter

After writing those messages, it appears that Kodak Black deactivated both his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

KodakBlack1k via Twitterkodakblack via Instagram

One fan tweeted, "#KodakBlack please be okay," followed by praying hand emojis.

Another supporter wrote, "We can't lose you Kodak black 🙏."

The circumstances surrounding Kodak's social media posts are unclear. However, we hope that he overcomes what he's currently going through.

The South Florida rapper's tweets come after news was confirmed that he is expecting his second child, a baby girl. Yak and his girlfriend, real estate agent Miranda Johnson, should be welcoming their daughter either later this year or in early 2022, according to Kodak's attorney, Bradford Cohen.

Kodak was also recently at odds with his rap protégé Jackboy. Back in August, the two artists engaged in a yelling match via Instagram Live, in which Project Baby accused Jackboy of instigating the YoungBoy Never Broke Again beef. They had exchanged words subliminally prior to that back-and-forth.

However, Kodak Black and Jackboy were able to see beyond the noise, and not allow their friendship to be dismantled by what could be trivial issues. In the end, they were able to reconcile.

XXL has reached out to a rep for Kodak Black for a comment.

See more reactions from concerned and supportive fans below.

If you or someone you know is at risk of suicide or contemplating self-harm, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, text TALK to 741741 or visit for additional resources.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: October 8, 2021Jet Life Recordings / Cactus Jack/WeRunIt/Atlantic / Strange Music

The week is almost coming to an end, and as usual, the music doesn't stop in hip-hop. New projects arrive from Travis Scott's Cactus Jack signee, a rap OG from the Midwest and a New Orleans native whose work ethic is incomparable.

Don Toliver drops his sophomore effort, Life of a Don. The album features 16 tracks in total including "What You Need" and "Drugs N Hella Melodies" featuring his girlfriend Kali Uchis. In honor of the album, the Houston rhymer, along with his Cactus Jack boss, Travis Scott, launched a clothing collection with Guess brand. The merch will be available on Don's tour, which supports his latest LP. The trek kicked off in Ohio on Sept. 28. The melodic Texas native's last album, Heaven or Hell, which contains hits "After Party" and "Euphoria," arrived last year.

Curren$y delivers Still Stoned on Ocean, his fifth release this year. On Thursday afternoon (Oct. 7), Spitta shared a visual teaser for the album, which features him in the studio playing tracks off the project. The LP's cover art is also shown. The New Orleans rapper has been offering back-to-back releases lately and dropped Matching Rolexes with Kino Beats on Sept. 17. Before that, Highest in Charge came out on Aug. 27. Curren$y has clearly been hard at work as he shared via social media recently that he also has a project with Jermaine Dupri coming soon. After someone tweeted about the song Spitta dropped that was named after JD, he replied, "We gonna do a whole jernt. Whole project !!!."

Tech N9ne is back with a new project as well. With over 20 albums to his name, the Kansas City, Mo. veteran rapper releases Asini9e. Tech offered a video snippet of the project on his Instagram ahead of its arrival. The clip features Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson working out to Tech's music. The rhymer captioned the clip, "I'M MIND BLOWN THIS MORNING! I'm at a loss for words and choked up!TOMORROW THOUGH? TECHNICIANS! HERE IT COMES! #ASIN9NE Thanx so much to @therock @_joey_cool @therealkingiso and @strangemusicinc." Tech N9ne's last album, Blight, with Hush, came out back in June.

Listen to other new music below from Neek Bucks, Lute and more below.

  • Life of a DonDon ToliverWeRunItEnt / Cactus Jack / Atlantic Records
  • Still Stoned on OceanCurren$yJet Life Recordings
  • Asin9neTech N9neStrange Music
  • This Thing of Ours Vol. 2The AlchemistALC
  • Gold MoufLuteDreamville / Interscope Records
  • Kourtesy of UsRucci and AzChikeMackk&Cult / EMPIRE
  • EkphrasisBronze Nazareth and Roc MarcianoBlack Day in July Productions LLC / Fat Beats
  • Little MenMarc E. BassyNew Gold Medal / Pvtl Projects
  • WORD?AtmosphereRhymesayers Entertainment LLC
  • Invisible ScarsNeek BucksHere 4 a Reason
  • Dmw007iLoveMakonnenTimeless Magic
  • Still Sleep? DeluxeSleepy HallowWinners Circle Entertainment / RCA Records

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Trent Fitzgerald”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: October 7, 2021Kurt Krieger / Steve Russell, Getty Images (2)

File this under "Strange But True."

A new Budweiser Clydesdale horse has been named Eminem. And no, we're not horsing around.

According to a KHQA report published on Sept. 23, a Budweiser Clydesdale foal (a baby horse) was born at the Warm Springs Ranch in Booneville, Mo., on Sept. 14. The ranch is the beer company's breeding and training farm for their famous Budweiser Clydesdale horses.

The male baby Clydesdale's name was derived from the foal's Clydesdale parents by combining the first initials of his mother, Marcie, and his father, Miles, which phonetically is "M and M" but spelled like the Detroit rapper's name.

At birth, a baby Clydesdale stands at least 3 feet tall and can weigh between 135 and 150 pounds. An adult size Clydesdale can stand at 6 feet tall and weigh around 2,000 pounds. A typical diet for the breed is 20 quarts of grain, 50 pounds of hay and they drink up to 35 gallons of water daily, according to KHQA.

It will take Eminem—the horse, not the rapper—several years before he becomes part of the Budweiser Clydesdale team. Once he’s fully grown, he will have to go through years of horse training before being eligible to join one of the three traveling teams, or hitches, that travel around the country pulling the cart of Budweiser beer through various hometown parades.

"We travel around the country to put a good name in for Budweiser and our main goal is to put smiles on people's faces," said Brady Jensen, a horse handler, to

People are invited to tour Warm Springs Ranch and meet Eminem at the homestead.

The rapper Eminem has been called a lot of things during his rap career but being named after a horse might be the strangest honor for the Oscar-winning MC.

Check out more pics of Eminem—the horse, not the rapper—below.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: October 7, 2021Sean Rayford / Amy Sussman / Rich Fury, Getty Images (3)

Comedian-actor Michael Blackson isn't the biggest fan of fellow comic Dave Chappelle's recent comments about DaBaby killing a man in a new Netflix special.

Blackson shared a series of tweets on Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 6), essentially condemning a segment from Chappelle's latest Netflix standup, The Closer, in which Chappelle says that DaBaby offending the LGBTQ community this past summer at Rolling Loud Miami was more damaging to his career than when the rapper killed a man at a Walmart back in 2018.

The House Next Door star tweeted: "Dave Chapelle low key snitched on DaBaby. Dave Chapelle did not help Da Baby at all smh lol. The LGBT did not know he killed anyone, now they hate him even more lol. LGBT it was self defense."

During the comedy special, Chappelle jokingly yet seriously stated: "A lot of the LGBTQ community doesn’t know about DaBaby’s history. He once shot a nigga and killed him in Walmart. Oh this is true, Google it. Nothing bad happened to his career. Do you see where I’m going with this? In our country, you can shoot and kill a nigga, but you better not hurt a gay person’s feelings."

For the record, DaBaby's shooting incident, in which 19-year-old Jalyn Craig was killed inside the Huntersville, N.C. multipurpose retail store, is both public knowledge and public record. The North Carolina rhymer has even spoken on the ordeal in his music and via a livestream after the incident transpired.

DaBaby was never charged with murder. Instead, in June of 2019, he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon in connection to the fatal shooting and sentenced to one-year of unsupervised probation. However, the charge was later dropped.

While speaking on the shooting during an Instagram Live, DaBaby explained: "If them gunshots ain't go off, nigga, my fuckin' daughter could've got hit, son could've got hit, me. Fuckin' lawyers telling me not to say something and shit, fuck all that. Two niggas walk down on you and your whole muthafuckin' family, threaten y'all, whip out on y'all. Nigga, let me see what y'all gon' do, you feel me? I wasn't in no muthafuckin' produce section. I wasn't grocery shopping. I was buying my baby some more winter clothes, nigga. It's cold outside, nigga."

He continued: "These niggas see me buying baby clothes and these niggas wanna come and show me how tough they is and shit. Come on, my nigga, quit playing. I really don't give a fuck how y'all feel. A nigga tried to take my life in front of my 1-year-old daughter."

And as for his remarks at Rolling Loud Miami a few months ago, which Chappelle felt was more damning to DaBaby's career, the MC told the crowd during his set, "If you didn't show up today with HIV, AIDS, any of them deadly sexual transmitted diseases that'll make you die in two to three weeks, put your cell phone light in the air. Ladies, if your pussy smells like water, put a cell phone light in the air. Fellas, if you ain't suckin' dick in the parking lot, put your cell phone lights in the air."

The Billion Dollar Baby Entertainment CEO's comment understandably sparked backlash, to which he later apologized and had educational meetings with HIV/AIDS awareness organizations, orchestrated by GLAAD.

However, prior to DaBaby trying to right his wrongs, he was removed from several festival performances including Lollapalooza, Governors Ball and Day N Vegas.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Robby Seabrook III”>Robby Seabrook IIIPublished: October 6, 2021Ka$hdami

Hip-hop has always been moved by the youth. Just take a look back at how the genre began in the Bronx in 1973, when a young DJ Kool Herc played song instrumentals known as "breaks" at a back-to-school jam and friend Coke La Rock hopped on the mic to hype up the crowd. These days, an eager rapper looking to get put on only needs an internet connection and a system to record to be heard. Sixteen-year-old Las Vegas-bred rapper Ka$hdami relied on the power of the internet to get his music to the masses eight years ago. Now, he's turned into a viral sensation.

Back when he was 8 years old, Ka$hdami recorded his first song on the now-defunct video chat app ooVoo. By the time he was 13, the aspiring artist bought a microphone and began recording with the program Audacity on his mom's computer. He was inspired by the Black Eyed Peas, who were a dominant group at the time. In 2018, Ka$h delivered his first official track, "Kappin Up," which he created at a friend's house.

"Kappin Up" features a younger Ka$hdami rapping about the streets and stringing together frank observations about violence and beefs he was getting into at the time. His youthful voice and wild subject matter drew a lot of comparisons to Tay-K, which changed once Ka$h's voice got deeper. After dropping The Humor Tape, his first mixtape at 13, the rhymer took a year off from rap. He considered giving it all up for good until "Kappin Up" started to take off online, thanks to both the song's accompanying video, which arrived in 2020, and TikTok. The Kappin Up Challenge, in which people chase their phone around, also moved the song across social media.

Following that, Ka$hdami was back in action with a firm belief he could go far with his music. He spent 2020 dropping tapes Ka$h Don't Miss and 16, along with more videos. Then 2021 would be the year where everything came together. In January of this year, Ka$h dropped the song "Reparations!," on which he rhymes with the same SoundCloud rap-influenced style he always had, but his style adjusted with the times. His sense of humor is more off the wall, and his beat choice is unique. "You could get mopped if I hear that you hatin'/It's crazy how niggas be fuckin' with Satan," he raps on the key-heavy production. The song, barely over a minute, now has over 23 million streams on Spotify.

"Look N The Mirror!," his eventual follow-up track, is currently at more than 18 million streams on the streaming service. In May, as Ka$hdami's tracks gained more traction, he signed to Republic Records, a label supporting rap's youth movement with artists like Ski Mask The Slump God and Coi Leray. Both songs are featured on Ka$h's latest project, Epiphany, released this past June. This music helped catapult him up the ranks of new young rappers making a name for themselves in the game.

Next up, Ka$hdami is releasing the upcoming mixtape Hypernova, both "beautiful" and "mind-boggling," according to him. Get to know Ka$hdami in XXL's The Break.

Age: 16

Hometown: Las Vegas

I grew up listening to: "A lot of Famous Dex, Diego Money, but when I was growing up though, I was listening to a lot of gospel. As a child, gospel was really in my face. It helped influence a lot of my melodies. So gospel, soul music, R&B, all that."

My style’s been compared to: "Tay-K and YBN Nahmir, DCTheDon, too. SoFaygo, BabySantana, Ski Mask The Sump God. The whole new underground scene. Basically, any young rapper. It's just weird to me, I can't control my voice."

I’m going to blow up because: "I always just stay in contact with my fans, I have group chats and I have Discords where I talk to them. I'm always getting their opinion on it, so they are like my direct source. They tell me whenever things be going on. That's why I fuck with my fans so much. They like family. We just talk. They'll let me know if they don't really fuck with a song or if they fuck with it a lot. They always tell me. I feel like they always point me in the right direction. And my team."

What’s your most slept-on song, and why?: "SoFaygo and my song called 'Laser Tag.' They slept on that. A lotta people don't even know we have a song. They slept on '50.' That's just me. Definitely 'Lysol,' that song crank, too. And 'Beep Freestyle.' I feel like those are all underrated. Those songs are older, so you really gotta search for ’em. The songs that everybody chooses to gravitate to, it's really interesting, for real."

My standout records to date have been: "Definitely 'Reparations,' then 'Look N The Mirror!'. Then after that, I'd say 'Public' or '14.'"

My standout moments to date have been: "I did this free show in L.A., and it was really crazy. The vibe in the room was spectacular. They knew all the words. There wasn't a single song they wasn't rapping with me. I'd say that was the craziest moment for me personally. I ain't know people fucked with my shit that much, where they know every single song. They over here screaming, telling me to play songs and all this shit. This was like two weeks ago. I was walking at Lyrical Lemonade through the crowd with no security, me and my manager, and my producer. We were just greeting fans, taking pictures with them. It was so fun. That was in Chicago."

Most people don’t know: "I'm vegetarian, which is a very random fact. People don't know that I've been doing this shit for how long I been doing it. I've had this same like 'The Plug' sound. I been doing this since I was a child, literally. I've really just grown up into this shit."

I’m going to be the next: "Ka$hdami?"

Follow Ka$hdami on SoundCloud and Instagram.



"Look N The Mirror!"



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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: October 6, 2021E. Jason Wambsgan, Getty Images

R. Kelly's official YouTube channels have been removed from the platform following him being convicted on all counts of racketeering and sex trafficking last month.

A rep from YouTube confirmed to XXL on Wednesday (Oct. 6) via a statement, which said, "We can confirm that we have terminated two channels linked to R. Kelly in accordance with our creator responsibility guidelines."

Per the platform's guidelines, if someone who owns a channel on YouTube is accused of an egregious crime, the channel may be terminated if the content is related to the crime and the owner of the channel has been convicted or found to be guilty. And pertaining to R. Kelly, the R&B singer was found guilty on all counts that he was facing—eight counts of sex trafficking and one count of racketeering.

YouTube additionally notes that Kelly poses widespread harm to the platform's community as well as damages the trust between creators and users of the site.

R. Kelly is also prohibited from using, owning or creating any other YouTube channels.

The Chicago native, who was found guilty in a Brooklyn courtroom on Sept. 24, faces between 10 years and life in prison. His next court date is set for May 4, 2022.

Kelly has additional sex-related cases in Illinois and Minnesota.

The crooner, born Robert Sylvester Kelly, who has maintained his innocence, was arrested back in 2019 and accused of organizing a criminal operation where he recruited underage girls and women and inflicted vile treatment on them, based on witness testimony.

R. Kelly's specific charges include bribery, kidnapping, forced labor, sexual exploitation of a child, sexual trafficking across state lines and racketeering involving six victims, all of which allegedly took place over a nearly 30-year time span.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Trent Fitzgerald”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: October 6, 2021Vivien Killilea / Frazer Harrison, Getty Images (2)

Drake and Chris Brown are being sued for allegedly stealing a singer’s song for their collaborative hit single, “No Guidance.”

According to a report on TMZ, published on Tuesday (Oct. 5), Brandon Cooper a.k.a. Mr. Cooper, and producer Timothy Valentine a.k.a. Drum'n Skillz, filed a copyright infringement lawsuit claiming that Drizzy and Breezy's 2019 single, “No Guidance," lifted elements from Cooper and Drum'n Skillz's 2016 ballad "I Love Your Dress."

In their suit, Cooper and Drum'n Skillz claim the beat, lyrics, hook and rhythmic structure from their song were allegedly copied or extracted for "No Guidance.” The singer and producer specifically point out that their lyrics, "She got it, she got it,” are repeated 16 times on their song, while Drake and C. Breezy’s "You got it, girl, you got it" are mentioned at least 11 times.

Cooper and Valentine also allege that Drake and Brown taunted them with the “Flew the coop” line, which Cooper claims is in reference to his nickname, Coop.

Cooper and Valentine are seeking monetary damages for the alleged infringement.

"No Guidance” is from C. Breezy’s Indigo album and is certified platinum. The song marks the first time the duo have appeared on a song together since their year-long on-and-off beef that ended in 2019. In November of 2020, during an interview on Fat Joe’s podcast, Brown alluded that a joint album was in the works.

"We got some songs. We definitely got some songs…," Brown told Joe when asked if a Drizzy and Breezy collaborative LP could happen. "It's definitely gon' be something that we're working on that's gon' be crazy."

Let’s hope it comes to fruition.

XXL has reached out to Drake and Chris Brown's teams for comment on this matter.

You can listen to Drake and Chris Brown’s "No Guidance" song and Mr. Cooper’s "I Love Your Dress" track and compare them for yourself below.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Robby Seabrook III”>Robby Seabrook IIIPublished: October 6, 2021Josh Brasted, FilmMagic

G Herbo, who turns 26 on Oct. 8, has pulled off the near impossible when it comes to hip-hop. He's stayed sharp and relevant at an art form that he started back as a teenager. The Chicago rapper turned his skill into a lucrative career. Coming onto the scene at 15 years old, Herbo, then known as Lil Herb, pulled eyes and ears in his direction with 2012's "Kill Shit," alongside his close friend and fellow Chi-town native Lil Bibby. That song set him on a path to success, with a current career trajectory that includes two Billboard 200 top 10 albums: 2020's PTSD and this year's 25.

While there have been several legal hurdles throughout his time in the spotlight, G Herbo has gained respect as one of the more talented young rappers and a fixture in Chicago hip-hop. In the nine years he's spent in the game, the MC has plenty of moments where he's displayed high-level lyricism.

The aforementioned "Kill Shit" is a good example of Herbo's early style. The track showcases his ability to rhyme fast and still enunciate clearly while getting his bars off. At the time, he was a drill rapper through and though, but also displayed traits of an artist who really wanted to make his lyrics count. Since then, the rhymer's elevation is apparent.

G Herbo began to round out into a complete artist as his career went on. He veered more toward making a statement with his music and his PTSD album features much of that energy. His platinum-selling 2020 single "PTSD" featuring Juice WRLD, Lil Uzi Vert and Chance The Rapper is a great example of this. Herbo's verse is strong as he centers on his fallen friends and the mental toll the streets have taken on him. "Gangsta's Cry" featuring BJ The Chicago Kid is in a similar vein. Herbo lets his guard down, and brings his listener closer to the pain he lives with.

He's had many stellar lyrical moments throughout his career on the solo front, but also a guest appearance on Nicki Minaj's "Chiraq" or the remix to Lil Eazzyy's "Onna Come Up" proves he brings the heat on other artists' tracks.

Check out the list below to listen to G Herbo's best lyrical moments.

  • “Kill Shit”G Herbo and Lil Bibby
  • “Retro Flow”G Herbo
  • “Yea I Know”G Herbo
  • “Break Yoself”G Herbo
  • “PTSD”G Herbo featuring Juice WRLD, Lil Uzi Vert and Chance The Rapper
  • “Really Like That”G Herbo
  • “Statement”G Herbo
  • “Stand The Rain (Mad Max)”G Herbo
  • “Sessions”G Herbo
  • “Chiraq”Nicki Minaj featuring G Herbo
  • “150/55″Sada Baby featuring G Herbo
  • “Gangsta’s Cry”G Herbo featuring BJ The Chicago Kid
  • “Gangbangin”G Herbo
  • “Bought A Tool”G Herbo
  • “FoReal”G Herbo and Southside
  • “On Yo Ass”King Von featuring G Herbo
  • “Onna Come Up (Remix)”Lil Eazzyy featuring G Herbo

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”C. Vernon Coleman II”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: October 6, 2021Johnny Nunez / 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards, Getty Images for BET

The Best Live Performer has been crowned by the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards.

Tyler, The Creator received the honor of Best Live Performer at the 16th annual awards show, which aired on Tuesday night (Oct. 5). He won the distinction over a stacked lineup of Busta Rhymes, Cardi B, DaBaby, Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion. Tyler has been headlining festivals and throwing his own for several years. This past July, he headlined Lollapalooza.

The Odd Future leader, who appears on the cover of XXL's fall 2021 issue, has been doing his thing over the past year, with a recent resume that includes his No. 1-selling album, Call Me If You Get Lost. Tyler, The Creator's Best Live Performer win follows Travis Scott, who took home the award at the 2020 BET Hip Hop Awards.

Tyler also took home a big win with the honor of the inaugural Rock The Bells Cultural Influence Award, which was presented to him by LL Cool J. During his speech, Tyler said, "…This thing that’s a hobby or a pastime or a passion for us, a lot of people here, that shit kept us out of trouble and it allowed us to change our family lives, our friends' lives, our lives… It’s like a pathway for a lot of us to really just go.”

In addition, the multiplatinum-selling MC was awarded with the Hip-Hop Album of the Year honor for his lauded CMIYGL album.

This year's show, which was filmed at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center just outside Atlanta, featured performances from Young Thug, Lil Jon, 2020 XXL Freshman Baby Keem, Gunna, TDE's Isaiah Rashad, Bia and Tobe Nwigwe. Comedians Karlous Miller, DC Young Fly and Chico Bean—of the 85 South podcast—hosted the event.

Nelly received the I Am Hip Hop award.

Major shout-out to Tyler, The Creator on his win.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Trent Fitzgerald”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: October 6, 2021Scott Legato, Getty Images

Lil Baby wins a coveted award at the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards.

On Tuesday evening (Oct. 5), Lil Baby was deemed Hip Hop Artist of the Year at the annual celebration of hip-hop, which aired from the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre just outside Atlanta. The ATL-bred rapper beat out fellow nominees Cardi B, Drake, J. ColeMegan Thee Stallion and Tyler, The Creator for the coveted trophy.

Baby wasn't present at the show, but that's likely due to him being on the road on his Back Outside Tour with Lil Durk, Coi Leray, his 4PF (4 Pockets Full) artist Rylo Rodriguez and Quality Control Music labelmate Bankroll Freddie.

The Quality Control artist has had a phenomenal year from a multitude of features and hit singles to his platinum album, My Turn, which arrived last year, and this year's No. 1 joint album, Voice of the Heroes with Lil Durk, which achieved gold status on Oct. 1.

Last year, none other than Hot Girl Meg took home the honor. However, there seemed to be mixed thoughts on Megan's 2020 win as many people expressed their outrage on social media and contended that Lil Baby should've taken home the prize instead.

While championing the Grammy-nominated rapper, fans also pointed out his RIAA stats, mentioning that he earned 13 platinum and 16 gold RIAA certified singles last year. Also, two of his LPs, Harder Than Ever and My Turn, sold over a million units platinum while Street Gossip and Too Hard went gold.

At the time, one person tweeted, "lil baby : 14 songs went gold this year without him being featured 10 songs went platinum without him being featured 2 albums went platinum (one went twice) 2 albums went gold Megan : 2 songs went platinum without her being featured 1 song went gold without her being featured."

Nevertheless, Megan brushed off the criticisms and celebrated her win on her Instagram page. In a post, the Houston native wrote: "HipHop Artist of the year, Hustler of the year, Best collaboration LETS GO HOTTIES REAL MF HOTGIRL SHIT thank you @bet."

Congrats to Lil Baby on his win for Best Hip Hop Artist at the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: October 6, 2021Cardi B via YouTube

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion shook things up last year with their No. 1-selling collab "WAP" and as a result, the two rappers were honored with of Song of the Year at the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards last night.

On Tuesday (Oct. 5), although they weren't in attendance, Bardi and Hot Girl Meg won the award for their Ayo and Keyz-produced track "WAP" at the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards, held at Atlanta's Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. They bested Pooh Shiesty's "Back in Blood" featuring Lil Durk and produced by YC, Roddy Ricch's "Late at Night," produced by MustardDrake's "Laugh Now Cry Later" featuring Lil Durk and produced by G. Ry, Cardo, Roget Chahayed and Yung Exclusive, Cardi B's "Up," produced by Yung DZA, Sean Island and DJ Swanqo; and Bia's "Whole Lotta Money (Remix)" featuring Nicki Minaj and produced By London Jae, Beatgodz and Tee Romano.

After dropping "WAP" in August of last year, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion topped the Billboard Hot 100 and earned 93 million streams within the first week of its release. "WAP" was the first female rap duet to top the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and was Cardi's fourth No. 1 while it brought Megan up to two No. 1s following the success of her "Savage (Remix)" featuring Beyoncé.

Last year, Roddy walked away with the Song of the Year victory at the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards for his Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 single, "The Box." The track peaked at No. 1 on Jan. 18, 2020, spent over 10 weeks at the top of the chart and remained on the Hot 100 for 38 weeks.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Trent Fitzgerald”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: October 5, 2021Leon Bennett / 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards, Getty Images

Tyler, The Creator is the big winner of the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards, earning the coveted Hip Hop Album of the Year award.

Tyler took home the award for his Call Me If You Get Lost LP at the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards, which aired on BET on Tuesday night (Oct. 5). He beat out several rappers in the category including Moneybagg Yo's A Gangsta’s Pain, Migos' Culture III, DJ Khaled's Khaled Khaled, Megan Thee Stallion's Good News, 21 Savage & Metro Boomin's Savage Mode II and J. Cole's The Off-Season.

During his acceptance speech, Tyler thanked rap music and his fellow peers in the genre. "Hey, man," he said. "Fuck, yeah. Rap music, man. It's T. Young Baudelaire's skin lookin' crazy. I look great. Two in a row. Thank you to Lupe [Fiasco], thank you to [Lil] Wayne, thank you to [Jay-Z]. Thank you to… I love rap music, I'm so hyped. I love everybody, here. Thank you, very much!"

The California-bred rapper, who also graces the cover of XXL's 2021 fall issue, earned a No. 1 opus with Call Me If You Get Lost in June. The album had a major impact on the music world, with fans arguing it's the best LP of the year. CMIYGL features Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla $ign, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Pharrell Williams, 42 Dugg and more.

In addition to winning one of the biggest awards of the night, the former Odd Future leader also received the first-ever Rock The Bells Cultural Influence Award, presented by hip-hop icon LL Cool J, and the Best Live Performer award.

Last year's Hip Hop Album of the Year award winner was 2019 XXL Freshman Roddy Ricch for his debut LP, Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial. The Compton native also won Song of the Year for his chart-topping single, "The Box."

Comedians Karlous Miller, DC Young Fly and Chico Bean—of the 85 South podcast—brought the laughs as hosts of the 16th annual awards ceremony, which was previously recorded at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center outside of Atlanta.

Additionally, Nelly was honored with the I Am Hip Hop award. The St. Louis rhymer joins the list of previous honorees including Master P, Lil' Kim, Lil Wayne, Luther Campbell, Scarface, Doug E. Fresh, MC Lyte, Rakim, LL Cool J, Salt-N-Pepa, Russell Simmons, Ice Cube, KRS-One and Grandmaster Flash.

Congrats to Tyler, The Creator for winning the Hip-Hop Album of the Year trophy.

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J. Cole lands the top honor for the Lyricist of the Year at the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards.

The 16th edition of the annual awards show aired today (Oct. 5), and was previously filmed at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center just outside Atlanta last Friday. J. Cole won the Lyricist of the Year award and edged out some stiff competition including Benny The Butcher, Drake, Lil Baby, Nas and Megan Thee Stallion.

The Dreamville leader's credentials for the year include releasing his latest album, The Off-Season. Cole is also up for two more awards including Hip-Hop Artist of the Year. Last year's Lyricist of the Year award was won by Rapsody.

Others taking home gold at the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards include Nelly, who received the I Am Hip Hop award and Tyler, The Creator, who is currently on the cover of XXL's fall issue, was honored with the first ever Rock The Bells Cultural Influence Award. LL Cool J bestowed the award to Tyler. “I am proud to honor Tyler, The Creator, with the first-ever Rock The Bells cultural influence award, which celebrates an artist who continues to break down the conventional boundaries of hip hop culture,” LL Cool J said about the honor.

This year's show, hosted by comedians Karlous Miller, DC Young Fly and Chico Bean–of the 85 South podcast—features performances from Young Thug, Lil Jon, 2020 XXL Freshman Baby Keem, Gunna, Isaiah Rashad, Bia and Tobe Nwigwe.

Congrats to J. Cole on winning the Lyricist of the Year honor. It’s well-deserved.

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The best hip-hop newcomer has taken home the crown at the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards.

Tonight (Oct. 5), the annual hip-hop celebratory event aired from the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre outside of Atlanta and Yung Bleu walked away with the Best New Hip Hop Artist Award. Also in the category are Blxst, Coi Leray, Don Toliver, Morray and Pooh Shiesty.

The win for the Alabama singer is no surprise as he dropped hits like "You’re Mines (Still)" featuring Drake, which peaked at No. 18 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart back in March, and "Love Scars," which made him one of the people's favorites. In June of this year, Bleu dropped his debut album, Moon Boy.

At the 2020 BET Hip Hop Awards, the late Pop Smoke was posthumously awarded the honor following the success of his now-multiplatinum debut album Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon and his gold effort, Meet the Woo 2.

Other big awards this evening were presented to Tyler, The Creator, the current cover star of XXL's fall issue, who was honored with the inaugural Rock The Bells Cultural Influence Award, presented to him by LL Cool J. Nelly received the I Am Hip Hop award for his career accomplishments. Comedians Karlous Miller, DC Young Fly and Chico Bean of the 85 South podcast hosted and offered endless laughs throughout the night.

Awards aside, there were a number of captivating performances from Bia, Gunna, former 2020 XXL Freshmen Baby Keem and Latto, TDE's Isaiah Rashad, Young Thug and more.

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Dave Chappelle thinks DaBaby’s homophobic remarks at the 2021 Rolling Loud Miami festival were worse for his career than the rapper's 2018 Walmart shooting incident that killed a man.

On Tuesday (Oct. 5), TMZ shared a clip from the comedian’s Netflix stand-up special, The Closer, where he offered his commentary on the fallout from DaBaby’s Rolling Loud Miami set back in July.

If you recall, during the North Carolina rapper’s RL set, he told the audience: "If you didn't show up today with HIV, AIDS, any of them deadly sexual transmitted diseases that'll make you die in two to three weeks, put your cell phone light in the air. Ladies, if your pussy smells like water, put a cell phone light in the air. Fellas, if you ain't suckin' dick in the parking lot, put your cell phone lights in the air."

DaBaby eventually apologized to the LGBTQ+ community for his anti-gay remarks on social media shortly after his RL performance, but the damage was done. After outrage by musicians and celebrities, the 2019 XXL Freshman was booted off of several music festivals, including the Governors Ball and Lollapalooza. In August, GLAAD announced that DaBaby sat down with several HIV/AIDS awareness organizations for an educational meeting about his misinformed comments.

On the comedian's Netflix special, Dave juxtaposed DaBaby’s getting canceled by the LGBTQ+ community with the rhymer's 2018 shooting case.

"A lot of the LGBTQ community doesn’t know about DaBaby’s history,” Dave detailed in his special. “He once shot a nigga and killed him in Walmart. Oh this is true, Google it. Nothing bad happened to his career. Do you see where I’m going with this? In our country, you can shoot and kill a nigga, but you better not hurt a gay person’s feelings."

To be clear, DaBaby was never charged with the killing of 19-year-old Jalyn Craig inside a Huntersville, N.C. Walmart in November of 2018. In June of 2019, the North Carolina artist was found guilty of carrying a concealed firearm in connection to the shooting incident and was sentenced to one-year of unsupervised probation.

However, DaBaby did go on his Instagram Live to confirm his involvement in the fatal shooting, which authorities say stemmed from a fight between "several individuals" in the department store. In the clip, DaBaby didn't admit to firing or carrying the weapon, but claimed that he was shopping with his family when two men approached him and allegedly tried to rob him.

In the first portion of the livestream, the Kirk MC explained, "If them gunshots ain't go off, nigga, my fuckin' daughter could've got hit, son could've got hit, me. Fuckin' lawyers telling me not to say something and shit, fuck all that. Two niggas walk down on you and your whole muthafuckin' family, threaten y'all, whip out on y'all, nigga, let me see what y'all gon' too. You feel me? I wasn't in no muthafuckin' produce section, I wasn't grocery shopping, I was buying my baby some more winter clothes, nigga, it's cold outside, nigga.

He continued: "These niggas see me buying baby clothes and these niggas wanna come and show me how tough they is and shit. Come on my nigga, quit playing. I really don't give a fuck how y'all feel, a nigga tried to take my life in front of my 1-year-old daughter."

Dave Chappelle's nuance of DaBaby’s 2018 shooting incident and the backlash for his homophobic comments will certainly spark polarizing conversations on social media.

Check out the hilarious trailer to Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special The Closer below.

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Elton John has spoken on his experience working with Young Thug after meeting Thugger a few years ago.

During a recent interview with Billboard on Monday (Oct. 4), the British music legend spoke on the amazement he felt when witnessing Thug freestyling in the studio for their track "Always Love You" with Nicki Minaj and Gunna on John's upcoming album, The Lockdown Sessions, which will be released on Oct. 22.

Elton John said that he was "blown away," while seemingly comparing Thug to Eminem.

"I mean, I've seen Marshall [Mathers] do it in Detroit, but I've never seen someone like Thug come in and do that," he continued. "In the end, I had to leave because I think he felt a bit intimidated that I was there and I just wanted him to relax. But it's just an amazing moment in my musical life… I have no understanding of how rap records are put together and it's fascinating to watch."

The 74-year-old singer-songwriter also shared the advice he offered to Young Thug after they met in 2018 when Thugger sampled John's "Rocket Man" for his track "High."

"He wanted to meet me…and we shot the breeze for 40 minutes," Elton John told the publication. "He said, 'What do you think? What advice would you give me?' I said, 'Did you sing in the choir?' And he said, 'Yeah, of course I sang in the choir. Gospel choir.' I said, 'Sing more. Don't just rap, sing more, because the mixture of rap and musicianship and melody is what really makes rap take off.' And he's doing that now."

As for Young Thug, his rock-influenced album, Punk, is expected to arrive on Oct. 15.

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All of your favorite rappers have delivered quotable lyrics throughout their careers, but can you figure out which words rhymers repeat the most in their lyrics?

There’s a new website called Repeeted that has counted every word a rapper has uttered in their lyrics and gives you the results within seconds. So far, the word cloud generator has analyzed nearly 300 million words from 985,119 songs by 22,119 artists from different genres including rock, pop and country. Rappers from the hip-hop world are featured in their database as well.

Among them is Eminem. Out of the 236 songs analyzed, the cloud results show that the Detroit rhymer likes to repeat words such as “shit,” “fuck,” “bitch,” “yeah” and “now."

Meanwhile, Playboi Carti’s word usage is pretty basic. Out of the 209 songs analyzed, the 25-year-old rapper’s most repeated words are “yeah,” “ooh,” “bitch," "aye” and "nigga."

But when it comes to Jay-Z’s word cloud results, things are a little interesting. Out of the 165 songs analyzed, Hov’s most used words are “nigga,” “niggas,” “back,” “y’all,” “love” and “life.”

Fellow rapper Lil Uzi Vert’s results out of 189 songs analyzed show that the Philadelphia native repeats “yeah,” “aye,” “niggas,” “woah,” “fuck,” “money” and “diamonds” a lot in his songs.

Overall, is a fun website to see an artists' wide-ranging vocabulary. You may be surprised by a rhymer’s most repeated words in their song lyrics. Check out several rappers' word clouds below.

Check out the gallery below.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Robby Seabrook III”>Robby Seabrook IIIPublished: October 4, 2021G.O.O.D. Music / Def Jam Recordings / AWGE / Interscope Records / M.A Music / 3D / OVO / Fifth Amendment / Entertainment One / SpotemGottem

When a rap song is taking off regionally or worldwide, other artists take notice. Fellow rappers give props to the creator of the track, use the song as a soundtrack to their posts on social media or drop footage of themselves enjoying the track. In other cases, artists love a buzzing single so much that they want to reinterpret it in their own style. Enter the remix. Songs getting remixed is a common practice in hip-hop for decades now. Due to the speed of the internet, the part of it that has changed is that it's much easier to find out about a song that's picking up across the country, even easier to get into the studio and rework it and then release it on a DSP of choice. Over the last decade, hip-hop remixes are even more popular. XXL highlights some of the songs that have been remixed the most often in the lat 10 years.

Playboi Carti's 2017 breakthrough hit, "Magnolia," which peaked at No. 29 on the Billboard Hot 100, introduced the world to the Atlanta rapper. The song's production was unlike anything else out there at the time thanks to the work of Pi'erre Bourne. The beat along with Carti's popularity helped the track grow further than the artist himself may have anticipated. A Hot 100 hit helped put "Magnolia" on a lot of rappers' radars. Lil Wayne jumped on the instrumental, as did K Camp and several other rhymers.

In more recent times, Florida rapper SpotemGottem's 2020 song "BeatBox" is easily the most remixed recent rap hit. The beat, produced by Damn E, is full of bass, and the flow Spotem uses on it is unique. The TikTok takeover followed and the JuneBug challenge to the sounds of "BeatBox" was everywhere. Rapper after rapper wanted their swing at it. The first official remix with Pooh Shiesty kicked things off then DaBabyLattoDreezy, NLE Choppa and more put their best lyrics forward. All the official and unofficial remixes helped SpotemGottem's original track climb to No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100.

From Blueface's "Thotiana" to Desiigner's "Panda" and more, check out the list below for the most remixed hip-hop songs of the last decade.

  • Playboi Carti’s “Magnolia”

    Remixes/Unofficial Freestyles

    Lil Wayne

    Remixes/Unofficial Freestyles

    Juelz Santana


    K Camp

    2 Milly

  • Young M.A’s “Ooouuu”

    Remixes/Unofficial Freestyles

    50 Cent

    Yo Gotti


    The Game

    Meek Mill

  • Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N*gga”

    Remixes/Unofficial Freestyles

    G Herbo

    French Montana and Rowdy Rebel

    Lil Wayne


  • Desiigner’s “Panda”

    Remixes/Unofficial Freestyles

    Joyner Lucas

    Lil Mama

    Montana of 300


  • Blueface’s “Thotiana”

    Remixes/Unofficial Freestyles


    Cardi B

    Young M.A

    Nicki Minaj

  • O.T. Genasis’ “Cut It”

    Remixes/Unofficial Freestyles

    Shy Glizzy

    Dave East

    Lil' Kim

    Young Scooter

  • Pop Smoke’s “Welcome To The Party”

    Remixes/Unofficial Freestyles

    Rico Nasty


    Nicki Minaj

    Fivio Foreign, Jay Dee, P-Gutta and Yung Drama

  • Drake’s “Lemon Pepper Freestyle”

    Remixes/Unofficial Freestyles



    Yung Bleu

    Meek Mill

  • DaBaby’s “Suge”

    Remixes/Unofficial Freestyles

    Bow Wow

    Nicki Minaj


  • SpotemGottem’s “BeatBox”

    Remixes/Unofficial Freestyles

    Pooh Shiesty




    NLE Choppa

  • Capella Grey’s “Gyalis”

    Remixes/Unofficial Freestyles

    Chris Brown and Popcaan

    French Montana

    TJ Porter

    A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”C. Vernon Coleman II”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: October 3, 2021Scott Legato, Getty Images

Lil Durk has people confused with a recent Instagram caption that references Drake and Kanye West's new albums.

On Sunday (Oct. 3), Durkio posted a series of photos of himself on his Instagram page. The caption of the post has people scratching their heads. "Ask my bitch I was a CLB before it was a DONDA," he wrote, referring to Aubrey and Yeezy's recently released No. 1 LPs. The statement without context left many people confused. Was it a shot at Kanye? A notice of alignment with Drake amidst he Drizzy and Yeezy's latest fallout?

"What do this nigga be talking bout," someone commented along with two crying laughing emojis.

"Lmao wtf kinda caption is this like what does this mean," another person added.

"Ye boutta remove him from DONDA," another post read, pointing to Durk's appearance on the Donda track, "Jonah."

"That caption make no sense," another confused fan posted.

The last picture in the slide is the same photo Durk recently posted on his Twitter page announcing a collab with Lyrical Lemonade. So, there's a chance the Chicago rapper could be alluding to that in the IG caption. But without more context it's hard to tell.

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A post shared by DURKIOOO (@lildurk)

Durk is definitely feeling himself at the moment. Earlier this month, is was reported that he had the most Billboard Hot 100 entries of any artist in 2021. He is tied for the lead for most nominations at the upcoming 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards (nine), which airs on Tuesday (Oct. 5), including nods for Sweet 16: Best Featured Verse, Best Collaboration, Best Hip Hop Video, Best Duo and more.

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The brawl that broke out onstage during Boosie BadAzz's recent performance in Atlanta has resulted in the rapper being removed from upcoming shows on the Legendz of the Streetz Tour, according to Boosie.

Last night (Oct. 2), Boosie updated his fans via a video on social media. "Greensboro, I'm on the way," Boosie announced in the clip. "They say they ain't letting me perform on the tour tonight. But I'm at the afterparty. Yeah, bitch, we still getting it. We still at the afterparty. Thug life, nigga."

Boosie went on to explain that tonight's show (Oct. 3) is in question. "Might not let me perform in Baltimore, either," he added. "But Ima be in Baltimore. You got me fucked up if you think I ain't in Baltimore. I mean that. I'm in them bricks. You best believe that."

He captioned the video, "THEY TRYIN TO BAN ME FOR ME PROTECTING MY LIFE #godgotme ‼️😉THAT TOUR NEED THIS LEGEND😎IF NOT I AINT TRIPPING “IM GREAT 👍 NEXT FILM 10/17-10/20 but MY boosiefans don’t play they go want a refund"

XXL has reached out to Boosie's team and We Are Live Entertainment, the company responsible for putting the tour together, for comment.

The Legendz of the Streetz Tour, which also features Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Fabolous, Jeezy, Gucci Mane, Trina and more, kicked off on Oct. 1 in Atlanta at State Farm Arena. However, Boosie's set was cut very short when a brawl broke out onstage while he was performing. The Louisiana rapper stopped and got involved in the melee. The show ended shortly afterward due to the disruption. According to Fox5 Atlanta, Atlanta police are investigating Boosie's entourage for vandalism as a result of the brawl.

The Legendz of the Streetz tour has eight more dates including stops in New Orleans, Houston and Miami.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”C. Vernon Coleman II”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: October 3, 2021Robin Marchant / BG020/Bauer-Griffin, Getty Images (2)

Drake and Kanye West may be currently at odds, but it looks like they are coming together for a common cause.

Yesterday (Oct. 2), Rap-a-Lot CEO J Prince gave an update on his mission to help free Larry Hoover, the co-founder of Chicago's infamous Gangsta Disciples gang. Apparently, Aubrey and Yeezy are lending their star power to the effort. Prince posted a photo to Instagram that shows him standing along with Kanye, Hoover's wife, Winndye Jenkins, and Hoover's son, Larry Hoover Jr. In the caption he wrote, "IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN YOU PLAN TO FAIL. Good plans in the making to free our brother Larry Hoover with the support of @champagnepapi and @kanyewest."

Kanye also posted a photo of the foursome along with the caption, "they done let the GD’s in the [door]," referencing a lyric from Freddie Gibbs' remix of Drake's "Champagne Poetry."

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A post shared by J Prince (@jprincerespect)

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A post shared by ye (@kanyewest)

Hoover is credited with co-founding the Gangsta Disciples in Chicago in the early 1970s. He was convicted of murder in 1973. While serving a life sentence, he was accused of still operating the gang from inside of prison and found guilty of drug conspiracy, extortion, and continuing to engage in a criminal enterprise in 1997, and sentenced to additional multiple life sentences. Hoover has since renounced gang activity and works to promote peace in the Chicago streets. He's tried to rebrand the GD name as meaning "Growth & Development."

Kanye has stuck up for Hoover in the past. He tried to convince former president Donald Trump to pardon Hoover when Kanye visited the White House in 2018. Kanye recently featured Hoover's son, Larry Hoover Jr. on the Donda tracks, “Jesus Lord” and “Jesus Lord, Pt. 2,” speaking on the impact of his father's incarceration and flaws in the U.S. criminal justice system.

Kanye and Drake haven't been able to agree on much recently, with their beef taking center stage. It is unclear what role Drake is playing in helping the cause.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”C. Vernon Coleman II”>C. Vernon Coleman IIPublished: October 2, 2021TMZ

Boosie BadAzz's set at a recent stop on the the Legendz of the Streetz Tour was cut short when it ended in violence.

The tour played Atlanta on Friday (Oct. 1), at State Farm Arena, where Boosie shared the stage with the likes of Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Fabolous, Lil' Kim and more. Unfortunately, fans there to see Boosie only got a very shortened performance. According to TMZ, the Louisiana rapper only got about two minutes into his show before a fight broke out onstage behind him. It is unclear what sparked the altercation. In video obtained by the celebrity news site, Boosie stops performing and gets into the middle of the melee. The altercation eventually moves to the side of the stage. Someone can be seen pushing a large speaker off the stage for no apparent reason.

Concertgoers are audibly upset when it is clear the fight ended the show. "That's cause he shouldn't have had all them muthafuckers on stage with him," a woman can be heard venting in the background.

"Boosie, you better bring your ass back up on this stage. Ain't nobody hurt," someone else adds.

In video captured from a different angle, Boosie can be seen in the middle of the fray being held back by security. The show reportedly ended due to the skirmish.

Boosie is on the heels of releasing his new film, My Struggle, on Sept. 24. Unfortunately for the polarizing rap star, his promotional efforts were snagged when Instagram deleted his account for the third time. As a result, Boosie sought help from Drake in getting the word out about the new film.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: October 1, 2021Prince Williams, Wireimage / Scott Olson, Getty Images

Akon sees a light at the end of the tunnel for R. Kelly, who was found guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking charges earlier this week.

Yesterday (Sept. 30), TMZ caught up with the Senegalese-American rapper, who thinks that Kelly needs to do some self-reflecting, but feels it's possible that he can overcome his current grim circumstances.

"I believe that God makes no mistakes," Akon began. "People can debate back and forth all day but if it’s happening to him, it’s supposed to happen to him, for whatever reason. Now, that’s something that he has to have within himself to re-evaluate his whole life, his way of being, because to get caught up in a situation like that, whatever happens, [it’s] between him and God."

He continued: "There is always a way to redeem yourself, but you have to first accept the fact that you’re wrong. People aren't here to hate each other for a reason. Everyone's gonna make a mistake and everyone has the right to redeem themselves from those mistakes. Even him [R. Kelly]. He has the right to try to make right by those he hurt."

The Konvict Muzik founder added that the individuals that Kelly hurt also have the right to decide whether or not they want to forgive him.

Akon's opinion isn't necessarily an unpopular one based on what people have said when weighing in via Twitter.

One person wrote: "AKON … trying to say R.Kelly deserves a second chance… he just gets dumber by the day I guess… R.Kelly is a predator and he needs to be in Prison… or he will do it again."

Another said, "Akon says R Kelly should be able with to redeem himself??? Is it crack?????"

As previously mentioned, on Monday (Sept. 27), a jury of seven men and five women found the Chicago singer guilty of all counts of racketeering and sex trafficking—nine in total—after they began deliberating on Fri., Sept. 24.

Kelly faces 10 years to life in prison and his sentencing is scheduled for May 4.

In addition to R. Kelly being found guilty and convicted in his New York City case, he has two other sex-related cases pending in Illinois and Milwaukee.

Check out Akon speaking on R. Kelly's conviction below.

Scroll down to see more reactions to Akon feeling that R. Kelly should be able to redeem himself from his crimes.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Robby Seabrook III”>Robby Seabrook IIIPublished: October 1, 2021Paras Griffin / Joseph Okpako / Prince Williams, Wireimage (2), Getty Images

Week in and week out, there are plenty of brand new rap songs, no matter the time of year. It can be really difficult to stay aware of what's out and also what's hot, so XXL decided to make things much easier for you. Instead of sorting out nearly everything that released this week, we've narrowed it down to strictly the best of the week, saving you plenty of time.

Expect to see selections from the established stars, the next wave of new talent, the up-and-comers and everyone else in between. If your song is fire enough to beat the competition, it'll take one of the weekly spots. You can trust us on this one; follow our lead and you'll never get laughed off of the aux cord again. Your friends will finally trust you with playlists; it'll be wonderful. In addition to that, you can check back every week for the latest and greatest tracks. You'll always have somewhere to turn to each week, being sure to find some songs you'll dig.

Enjoy this week's list, featuring new songs from Wale ("Poke It Out" featuring J. Cole), Meek Mill ("Me (FWM)" featuring ASAP Ferg), Key Glock ("Ambition For Cash") and more. See you next week.

  • “Poke It Out”Wale featuring J. Cole
  • “Me (FWM)”Meek Mill featuring ASAP Ferg
  • “Ambition For Cash”Key Glock
  • “Lemme Find Out”Bino Rideaux featuring Roddy Ricch
  • “For The Record”Yo Gotti
  • “Facetime”Kodie Shane featuring Rick Ross
  • “Hazard Duty Pay!”Jpegmafia
  • “Feelin’ Like Tunechi”Lil Wayne and Rich The Kid
  • “I Like Dat”T-Pain featuring BIA and Kehlani
  • “365”Chase B, Babyface Ray, GT, Zonaman
  • “Footstep”YoungBoy Never Broke Again
  • “Mudd Baby”Icewear Vezzo
  • “Gyalis (Remix)”Capella Grey featuring Chris Brown and Popcaan

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”XXL Staff”>XXL StaffPublished: October 1, 2021M.C. W.A.R.

Hip-hop fans can get a front-row seat to watch Vado and Saigon & Charlie Clips and Oun-P compete at the New World Order III battle rap event this Sunday.

On Sun., Oct. 3, Harlem rhymer Vado and Brooklyn MC Saigon with DJ Kay Slay will take their talents to Center Stage in Atlanta at 3 p.m. to battle each other in a lyrical showdown. The two rappers are set for the challenge, which will last three rounds. The event, presented by M.C. W.A.R., will feature a day of 11 live battles and 22 battle rappers. Tickets are available to see the event in-person here or you can purchase a virtual ticket via pay-per-view for $49.99 here.

While Vado, Saigon, Charlie Clips, and Oun-P headline as the main event, other New World Order III battles include Big T vs. E Ness, Swave Sevah vs. Bigg K, Marv Won vs. Chef Trez, Snake Eyez vs. Young Kannon, J Murda vs. Uno Lavoz, Lotta Zay vs. JP Cali Smoov, LL Coogi vs. Reggie P ADV, Floss Da Boss vs. LI The Mayor and AR16 vs. P.A.Y.N.E. Da Squad Boy.

New World Order III will be commentated by New Jersey-bred lyricist Rah Digga and legendary mixtape and radio personality DJ Holiday, hosted by veteran MC and pioneer in the battle rap culture Poison Pen, and will feature a performance by Philly's own Beanie Sigel.

M.C. W.A.R., battle rap’s oldest league, has been producing battle rap events and content since 2002, including the Keith Murray vs. Fredro Starr battle. Their mission is to inspire rappers to be masters in their community.

Check out New World Order III this Sun., Oct. 3 at Center Stage in Atlanta or pay-per-view. Watch Vado and Saigon prepare for the New World Order III battle rap event below. Stay up to date with the event at @MCWARLLC Instagram and Twitter.

This editorial advertisement is presented by M.C. W.A.R.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: October 1, 2021Young Money Records Inc. / Rich Forever Music / EMPIRE / Maybach Music Group LLC / Atlantic Records / Reach Records / Miner League

Your soundtracks for the weekend have arrived and this week, there's quite a few playlist additions on deck.

Nearly three years have passed since Meek Mill released a full album, but the wait is over. The Philadelphia MC drops his latest, Expensive Pain, today (Oct. 1). After teasing the abstract, NSFW album artwork, done by artist Nina Chanel Abney, via social media a little over two weeks ago, and unleashing a couple of singles, including "Sharing Locations" with Lil Baby and Lil Durk, the former 2011 XXL Freshman is back to claim his lyrical crown. The offering contains guest appearances from Moneybagg Yo, Young Thug, the late Nipsey Hussle, Brent Faiyaz, Kehlani, Dreamchasers Records' own Vory and more. And according to Meek, "What ever you expect out of me as a artist … I’m tryna give you that times 20 on expensive pain."

Lil Wayne and Rich The Kid have joined forces for their new mixtape, Trust Fund Babies. The Atlanta rapper announced the release date of the tape on Sept. 23, with an image of the artwork, which features Rich and Tunechi as cartoon babies. The offering's first single, "Feelin' Like Tunechi" arrives today as well, and was teased on Weezy's Instagram page, accompanied by a clip of Wayne's hilarious 2012 deposition from his lawsuit against Quincy Jones III over a documentary on the New Orleans artist.

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Lil Wayne (@liltunechi)

And after a slight delay, Andy Mineo's Never Land II has arrived. Initially slated for a Sept. 17 release date, the 14-track LP contains the joints "Nobody's Coming" and "It Could Be Worse," which hit DSPs prior to the full album being available on streaming platforms. Mineo's viral TikTok hit, "Coming in Hot" with Lecrae, appears on the album as well. The quick-spitting New York City native also has a feature from close friend Wordsplayed and much more.

Other new releases from the likes of Booka600, Icewear Vezzo, Lonr. and more can be found below.

  • Expensive PainMeek MillMaybach Music Group LLC / Atlantic Records
  • Trust Fund BabiesLil Wayne and Rich The KidYoung Money Records Inc. / Rich Forever Music / EMPIRE
  • Never Land IIAndy MineoReach Records / Miner League
  • Ttb: The Streets Chose MeThouxanbanfauniTTB
  • Land of Nothing Real 2Lonr.Neverheardofyah / Epic
  • Rich Off Pints 2Icewear VezzoIced Up Records
  • Smile, You’re AliveBenji and Spillage VillageSinceThe80s, LLC
  • LoyalBooka600Loyal Bros / EMPIRE
  • SolidifiedPhilthy RichSCMMLLC / EMPIRE
  • Affable With Pointed TeethYungmorpheous and EyedressLex Records Ltd.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: September 30, 2021Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Looks like the NFL is creating an unforgettable moment for hip-hop as they've announced some heavy-hitters to hold down the performance stage for the Pepsi Super Bowl LVI halftime show.

Dr. Dre tweeted an image this afternoon (Sept. 30), featuring himself, Kendrick Lamar, EminemSnoop Dogg and Mary J. Blige—in a stance similar to the Avengers film—in promotion of the annual show set to take place next year at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif. on Feb. 13, 2022.

In the social media post, Dre wrote: "I’m extremely excited to share the stage with my friends for the #PepsiHalftime Show. This will introduce the next saga of my career…Bigger and Better than Ever!!! @NBCSports @Pepsi @NFL @RocNation #SBLVI."

The trailblazing producer also said in a statement: "The opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime show, and to do it in my own backyard, will be one of the biggest thrills of my career. I’m grateful to JAY-Z, Roc Nation, the NFL, and Pepsi as well as Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar for joining me in what will be an unforgettable cultural moment."

The NFL and Pepsi's partnership for the live event also supports the launch of Regional School No. 1, a magnet high school in South Los Angeles that is expected to open its doors to students next fall. The school is also centered around the USC Iovine and Young Academy program, founded by Interscope Records' cofounder, Jimmy Iovine, and Dr. Dre, which will offer a "unique educational model focused on the theme of Integrated Design, Technology, and Entrepreneurship."

K-Dot, Em, Snoop and MJB all tweeted the promo announcement as well.

Kendrick shared information on the location and date of the forthcoming event. He typed, "Los Angeles, 2.13.2022 #PepsiHalftime show."

Em also wrote, "Dre day in February 🌴🏈? I’m there! #PepsiHalftime Show @NBCSports @Pepsi @nfl @rocnation #SBLVI."

As for Snoop, he posted: "Lets go! Super Bowl LVI. Inglewood!!🎙 ‼️ #PepsiHalftimeShow
@NBCSports @pepsi @nfl @rocnation #SBLVI."

One of the Queens of R&B, Mary J, typed this afternoon, "Let's Go! #PepsiHalftime Show @NBCSports @pepsi @NFL @RocNation #SBLVI."

Perhaps the surprising news of Dre, Kendrick, Em, Snoop and Mary all hitting one stage in about five months or so is the work of Jay-Z, who announced back in 2019 that he had inked a multi-year deal with the NFL to oversee the league's live game experiences and their social justice endeavors.

The billionaire mogul made a statement about the performance as well: "On February 13, 2022, at the Super Bowl LVI in Inglewood, CA, in the new SoFi Stadium, Dr. Dre, a musical visionary from Compton, Snoop Dogg, an icon from Long Beach and Kendrick Lamar, a young musical pioneer in his own right, also from Compton, will take center field for a performance of a lifetime. They will be joined by the lyrical genius, Eminem and the timeless Queen, Mary J. Blige. This is the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show. This is history in the making."

The 2022 Super Bowl halftime show broadcast, scheduled to air on NBC, Telemundo and will livestream on Peacock, will be produced by DPS in conjunction with Roc Nation and Jesse Collins, who will executive produce the production. Hamish Hamilton will serve as the event's director while Roc Nation holds the role of strategic entertainment advisors.

This past February, The Weeknd commandeered the Super Bowl halftime stage. He actually performed at the sporting event and opted out of appearing at the Grammy Awards after calling out the awards show for snubbing him for a nomination.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Trent Fitzgerald”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: September 30, 2021Dimitrios Kambouris / Johnny Louis, Getty Images (2)

Lil Wayne celebrated his 39th birthday earlier this week with a lavish party that included several members of his Young Money Entertainment family such as former labelmate and protégé Drake and label president Mack Maine. As clips of the event began circulating on social media, one prominent person on the YM roster, their First Lady Nicki Minaj, was noticeably absent.

On Wednesday (Sept. 29), Nicki saw the photo Mack Maine uploaded, which featured a number of her counterparts, and slid into the comment section to make a snide remark. “I had so much fun,” she wrote, adding a question face emoji. The Queen artist also mentioned Tunechi, Drake and Mack’s IG names for good measure.

Mack replied, “@nickiminaj Lawwwdddd don’t do it like that Nicketo! This shit was so last minute. We could run it back deaux. It wasn’t complete without you.”

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A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom)

Prior to Nicki calling out her teammates, Mack Maine jumped on his Instagram page and shared photos of all the partygoers at Weezy’s B-Day shindig. Not pictured in any of the photos was Nicki, who is undoubtedly one of Young Money’s megastars.

“Dope ass times…dope ass vibes!!” Mack wrote in the caption.




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A post shared by Mack Maine (@mackmaine4president)

Nicki had every right to feel a little slighted. Wayne has been the biggest supporter of Nicki's lyrical talent and business acumen. So it’s only right that she should be there.

But don’t fret, Nicki was only joking when she made the comment.

On Thursday (Sept. 30), while Nicki was celebrating her son’s 1st birthday, she went on her Instagram Story to tell everyone in the media to relax.

“Can’t even joke nomo chile,” she wrote in her post. “These blogs so thirsty to post smthn for y’all to hate under. The obsession is a diff kinda real. We weren’t even in the same state. Just a lil jokey joke between me & my boo Mack."

Nickiminaj via Instagram

“Have a blessed day y’all. I sure will. That’s why ya’ll pressed," she added, along with the hashtag #HappyPapaBearDay. For those who don’t know, Nicki affectionately refers to her son as "Papa Bear."

Nicki’s comments aside, we want to wish Lil Wayne a belated 39th Happy Birthday!

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Trent Fitzgerald”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: September 30, 2021Jeremy Deputat

Eminem surprised his “Stans” by pulling up to the grand opening of his new Detroit-area restaurant, Mom’s Spaghetti.

On Wednesday (Sept. 29), Em made an unannounced appearance at the eatery and spent several minutes working the walk-up window of his pasta shop. While serving up cartons of spaghetti to stunned customers, he also obliged many with selfie photos.

According to the Detroit News yesterday, the 48-year-old rhymer signed a few customers' takeout cartons as well. "This has been my dream my whole life," Erin Farrer told the newspaper. Em signed her container of Mom's Spaghetti, took a selfie pic with her and hugged her. “And I bawled my eyes out," added Farrer on meeting her rap idol.

Of course, Mom’s Spaghetti is named after the Oscar Award-winning 8 Mile track “Lose Yourself,” which features the barf-related line, “His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy/There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti."

Last week, commercials for the new restaurant began airing on local Detroit television station WXYZ. The jokey 30-second ad featured Slim Shady upchucking cartons of spaghetti. The clip also unveiled the dishes the restaurant will be serving, including pasta, meatballs and the spaghetti sandwich.

Detroit News reported that there’s also a merchandise shop at the eatery called "The Trailer." The shop has some unique merch like Eminem sports-related T-shirts, vinyl albums, cassette tapes, hoodies and limited-edition photo prints for sale. Additionally, there's a pair of extremely rare Eminem Air Jordan IV custom sneakers and a Slim Shady beat machine—unfortunately, neither of the two are for sale.

As for how the spaghetti tastes? One die-hard Em fan, Derek Yeutich, gave it a thumbs up. "It's pretty good, I would say. They know what they're doing in there," he told the newspaper.

Watch Eminem interact with customers at his Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant below.

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href=”//” rel=”author” title=”Aleia Woods”>Aleia WoodsPublished: September 30, 2021ykosiris via Instagram

Drake and YK Osiris might be peers in the rap game, but apparently, they are competitors on the basketball court.

Yesterday (Sept. 29), Drizzy shared an image of the Jacksonville, Fla.-bred crooner, trolling him after they played a few games of ball with a several others. In the pic, Osiris is sitting near the court's "bench," and appears to be either fatigue or engaged.

"Zero games won face ass bye go home ur shit word to showtime and MK we dog walked B2K Osiris on a light Wednesday run," the 6 God wrote on the image, comparing Osiris to 2000s singing group B2K.

champagnepapi via Instagram

The "Worth It" singer, who shared via IG that he was in Miami, which is where the games presumably took place, also posted his own videos of the seemingly friendly game.

In the first clip, Drizzy is seen playfully lifting YK up while they're on the court and jokingly tosses him a short distance. The other shows Drake guarding the R&B star and has a caption that said: "This man not like that fr lol @champagnepapi good game doe," including several laughing emojis.

In the videos, Drake also hits a few fadeaway jumpers. It's unclear how many games were played, but in the end, YK hopped back on his IG Story to inform his fans and followers that "them boys suck," likely referring to Drizzy and his crew.

It's clearly all fun and games between the Toronto artist and YK Osiris as they've engaged in friendly banter on previous occasions. In fact, last June, YK challenged Drake to a boxing match, which Drizzy laughed off.

Check out more footage of the basketball match between Drake, YK Osiris and their crews below.

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