Snoop Dogg Appears Confused When Man Proposes to His Girlfriend

href=”//” rel=”author”>Trent FitzgeraldPublished: June 19, 2022@ianvaughn0 via TikTok

Snoop Dogg has had his fair share of awkward moments in his lifetime, but recently the rap veteran appeared confused when a man proposed to his girlfriend in front of him.

In a May TikTok video shared by user @ianvaughn0 that has recently gone viral, Snoop Dogg is at his meet-and-greet when a man drops to one knee and proposes to his girlfriend right in front of the rapper.

“Would you make me the best man in the world right next to Snoop,” the man asked his ladylove, to which she said, “Oh shit! Hell, yeah!” Awkwardly, the man tried to dap his girl up with a handshake, but she doesn't see it.

Even more awkward was Snoop, who appeared to be confused by the man’s gesture until he saw the man holding an engagement ring and was taken aback. “Wow,” the Doggfather said as he looked at the woman, who was equally shocked as well. All three eventually formed a group hug before the video cuts off. Watch it below.

@ianvaughn0 Guy proposes to his girl during his Meet and Greet with @snoopdogg ♬ original sound – Ian Vaughn

Although the video appeared on TikTok in May, it’s currently getting traction on social media. The clip has generated mixed reactions from people. Some felt the man’s proposal was tacky, while others found Snoop Dogg’s reaction to the proposal hilarious.

"Worst proposal ever," wrote one person in the comment section of a blog post about the viral Snoop video.

Another person commented, "He was too high for all that," referring to Snoop’s reaction to the man proposing to his girlfriend. The fan added a cry-laughing emoji and a melted face emoji as well.

Another person wrote, "Lol he said wowwww. & then looked around for an exit," again referring to Snoop’s weird reaction to the situation.

Snoop Dogg comment@theneighborhoodtalk via Instagramloading…snoop dogg comment man proposes to girlfriend@theneighborhoodtalk via Instagramloading…snoop dogg comment man proposes to girlfriend@theneighborhoodtalk via Instagramloading…

Overall, Snoop Dogg didn’t know what to expect from this now newly-engaged couple.

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