Sylvan LaCue – Best Me

Apologies in advance jealousy ensues but I choose to understand

[Verse 1: Sylvan LaCue]
I sip slow think slower. Cause people love to judge, when they barely even know ya
I’mma say that again, I sip slow think slower. Because people love to judge, even when they barely even know ya
When I was 7 used to rock soldiers
Hotboys had it poppa from the Nolia
I needa project chick from tha corner, cousin had a friend she was like 10
Even then I used to buy her blow pops from the corner
Valintine cards, milk money by tha quarter
Fast forward, now it’s dumb girls Henny by the 5th. 20 pump 6 condoms and recorders
Fucking outta spite kinda sorta, got engaged now I’m thinkin bout a daughter
Spend a lotta time even tho I can’t afford her, please keep it coming with the brown water
Please (oooh) back when I had plans of being HOV , wanted floor change for the quarter-waters
When I was naive to these things, I really wanna follow what my heart shares
Money ain’t a thing, till it’s not there
And bitches ain’t shit till you need a queen, and niggas all the same till you meet a king
You know whatchu need when you dead broke
You know what you want when you see the dreams

All I wanna do is be the best me (x3)
All I wanna do is be the best me, best me possibly

[Verse 2: Sylvan LaCue]
Upset drunk on a late night, 2 shots out from a drake life
Nigga I remember those days when I used to bump, Day ‘N’ Nite
Scott said I was on my own, since then I been on my own
Nah nigga (x2)
I ain’t neva had a mothafuckin handout, a bunch of mistakes in my past now I’m tryna stick to a plan route
But that’s life my nigga, sometimes shit just don’t pan out
Lately I’ve been tryna bite my tongue, dawg I’ve been in a fight so long, so long, so long, so long, so long. Wit Myself
Mirror, mirror on the wall why is it always an act to attack on myself ?
I could use a little slack, for the wealth
But I’m too afraid to ask for the help
Still attached to the past, and it’s felt like way too strong I don’t ever wanna wait to long
But I know if I hold on, know you’ve grown, go and getcho dough baby
Hold on know you wrong, just don’t lose your soul baby
Hold on don’t you know, love won’t ever fall baby
Killing my, killing my, killing myself bet I could use some sound maybe

All I wanna do is be the best me (x3)
All I wanna do is be the best me, best me possibly

[Verse 3: Sylvan LaCue]
Step up in this bitch like, (woo!) look at what the cat dragged in
Used to call my crushes on my mommas house phone, 13 and youngin thought I had it mapped back then
I’mma be rich as fuck, lemme bring tha racks back in
Had to keep me motivated in a city full of traitors, drug dealers, blood killers
Keep it old fashioned, (two choices) I’ma be my own captain
Robert Frost Theory, nigga never had siri
Thank God for the vision, that was brought back then
No new phone, I’m just done with all the acts my friend
You ain’t adding to my life, then you subtractin
You ain’t gotta hit my jack or put the buzz back in
Nigga hold the phone, caught up in the late night
Can’t stay for the day ma, had to catch a red eye have a safe flight
20/20 tunnel vision through the hate my, intuition got me feeling like Draymond
Circumstances I been trippin over fakeness
No patience, but I think I think to much (still)
I think I lack confidence (still)
I think I want prominence, dominince good logic & common sense
But that starts with me

All I wanna do is be the best me (x3)
All I wanna do is be the best me, best me possibly

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